Sabres vs. Laffs – 12.18.09

December 18, 2009

First Period

– So was Goose a little overeager to get back into the lineup? He was quite frisky on the opening face off.

– Three minutes into the game, and the Leafs are already on the board. Miller leaves his five hole wide open. (That’s what she said.) 1-0, Laffs.

– The next team to play in Ottawa may just want to consider bringing an exorcist along for the ride. First, the Sabres get food poisoning. Now the Minnesota Wild’s equipment truck catches fire destroying most of their equipment. The photo of the goalie mask covered in soot and ash is completely haunting, but when you look at the photo independent of the circumstances, it’s beautiful. I wonder if the league will postpone the game to a later date to allow the Wild players to get whatever gear they need so that they can play the game safely? With how particular players are about their equipment, playing a game tomorrow night with unfamiliar equipment or without essential custom equipment could be detrimental to the safety of the Wild players.

– The first period was a bit of  a dud. There wasn’t a lot of brilliant play on either side. When the Sabres first shot doesn’t happen until the 12:40 mark of the period, you know this isn’t going to be an epic battle.

– Can we all have a collective HONK of appreciation for all of the Goose love that is being shown around the league these days? First Versus makes a case for him to make the Olympic team and then Mike Harrington steps up to the plate to further reinforce the idea. Let the Goose loose in Vancouver, Burkie!

Second Period

– Misspeak of the night by K-Syl: “blue and green make gold” is apparently the new tagline of the Sabres Green Team.

– Roy-Z ties up the game on a beautiful shot from just inside the blue line. Staffy found him with a nice pass and Yo-Yo was creating a diversion in front of the Toronto goalie.

– After Roy-Z’s goal, the theme of the period temporarily switches to “let’s spend as much time as humanly possible in the Sabres end.” Someone should tell the little angels that their game plan needs some tweaking.

– What the fuck was that? Lydman shot the puck from half a stride inside the blue line, Toskala flubbed the catch and it just trickled into the net. I love goals where you can hear the disbelief in RJ’s voice as he calls the puck crossing the line. 2-1, Sabres.


– Whoo! Tim Kennedy and Mike Grier work to make a give and go turn into a take and went. 3-1, Sabres.

– Wow, I think RJ’s call tonight may just be the first time I’ve heard Luke Schenn referred to simply as “Schenn.” LukeSchenn is like the Eastern Conference version of CoreyPerry. Watch a Ducks game sometime. It’s always CoreyPerry this, CoreyPerry that. It’s never just Perry.

– Double Whoo! Tyler Myers goes coast to coast, passes the puck to Ellis who rips it past Toskala. The Ellis goal is Toskala’s cue to exit the game, as Wilson gets out the cane to yank the goalie for giving up 4 goals on 10 shots. Wowies. That’s going to kill someone’s fantasy hockey stats for the week.

Third Period

– I wonder if Lindy’s rant to the team after the first period (assuming there was one, because as Roby pointed out, there were veins popping out of Lindy’s neck at one point on the bench) included a threat to have THAT restaurant in Ottawa cater a team meal at some point. Heh.

– What is it about Sabres games that attracts so many commercials for law firms? Did Cellino and Barnes start a trend? I miss the days of hyperhydrosis and that damn talking fish.

– I just noticed that the Leafs sweaters color coordinate with the ad of whatever company buys the ad space behind the visitors bench (New Era?).

– WHOOO! Vanek pulls off a nifty wraparound goal. He manages to make it from the face off circle to the other side of the net completed untouched by a Leafs player. When you couple that with Gustavsson’s delay in making it across the crease, of course the puck is going to end up in the net.

– Tonight’s statbitty goodness is courtesy of the Sabres Twitter feed. The Sabres are 14-0 when leading after 2. The Leafs are 0-15-4 when losing after 2. (The Devils lead the league at 16-0 when leading after 2).

– Stempniak makes it 5-2 with 19 seconds left as Miller gives up his traditional end of game oddball goal. That said, he’s played a pretty nice game tonight, stopping about 40 shots. I hope Lalime puts on just as good of a performance tomorrow night.



  1. RJ is such a trendsetter.

    The Sens SO have an arsonist and a poisoner on their payroll. They are just that evil.

  2. They took a page from the Roman Senators playbook. Trust me, a stabbing is next.

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