Sabres v. Laffs 2 – Electric Boogaloo

December 21, 2009

First Period

-I’m glad that I was able to read Mirtle’s article on Ryan Miller. It definitely made up for having to see  Ovie and his tramp stamps on Yahoo this afternoon. Is it me, or do the tramp stamps make it look like his ass is sprouting wings? But anyway, back to Miller. I enjoy how snarky and humorous he is in his interviews. And the humor is what keeps his words from drifting over the thin like from snarky to downright bitchy. His lines about the goalie workout going Hollywood and looking like a heroin addict were classic.

– WHOO! Patches lets a shot go that slips through Gustavvson’s five hole and trickles toward the net. Mair is chilling out along the side of the net to make sure the puck makes it all the way in. What makes the goal funny is that the Versus announcers were waxing poetic about Gustavvson immediately before the puck went into the net. 1-0, Sabres.

– Newsflash from Versus: Tyler Myers is still tall. (Memo to Versus: he was tall on Friday. He’s still going to be tall tonight. I wonder if he’ll share his protein bar recipe with Miller so that our little goalie can put some weight back on.)

– Versus, you know I love hockey. I think the idea of a New Year’s Eve hockey special is a good one, but I won’t be watching. New Year’s Eve is spent with Seacrest and Dick Clark. It’s like a rule.

– Stempniak gets in on a breakaway on Miller, but the goalie shuts him down on the backhand.

– I do have to say that Ron Wilson is looking very dapper tonight in his three piece suit. It’s not a look that many can pull off, but Wilson is doing a pretty good job of it.

–  First period fun clip can best be described in two words: Schweddy Balls.

Second Period

– Toronto ties up the game just shy of four minutes into the period as the Sabres try to get fancy in the Toronto zone, but really just end up turning the puck over. Real good boys, real good.

– I’m amused that these Versus guys have suddenly discovered that Miller is a superstitious sort, what with the pregame visualization and the having to pirouette once before being the last one to leave the ice. I’m sorry, it’s not like Miller just dropped down into the NHL from outer space. He’s been in the league for a good long time.

– Tyler Myers has Gustavvson beat and rings the shot loudly off the crossbar (shoutout!).

– Newsflash. Tyler Myers is young.

– Ian White scores to make it 2-1, Laffs.

– Newsflash: Lindy Ruff is the longest tenured coach in hockey.

– Miller again pulls off two rapid fire saves, one full one square to the shooter and a second one a diving save to the right side with the stick sprawled to the post. (Speaking of amazing saves, how funny [in hindsight, of course] was Fleury’s little pokecheck on Roy-Z during the skills competition on Saturday? Poor little Roy-Z never knew what hit him.)

– Second period fun clip (because really, you need a fun clip at this point in the game) is two more words: Forever: The Office.

Third Period / Overtime

– Memo to the Sabres: stop with the fancy dancy plays and just play some good old fashioned basic hockey. Don’t overthink the shit. To paraphrase a line from Miracle: PASS, SHOOT, SCORE! It really is that simple.

– I’m also amused that Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s engagement is a story on NHL.com. How often do you see a story break on both NHL.com and TMZ? Will the same coverage happen if Mike Comrie gets engaged to Lizzie McGuire, I mean, Hillary Duff?

– Gaustad is still leading the league in face off percentage. It’s not the sexiest of stats, but it’s still an important one. The Versus crew tells us that Lil Timmy is 0-6 on draws tonight and has the worst face off percentage in the league. Sounds like it’s time for Goose to step up those face off tutoring sessions with Lil Timmy.

– Newsflash: Lindy is disappointed in the Top 6. Welcome to the club, Lindy. We had t-shirts made.

– Seriously, that bumper with Myers wishing us a happy holiday was adorable.

– Toronto fans, you’re really not heckling Miller with your team only up by one goal? One head removed from a sphincter on the Sabres and the game is tied.

– Tonight is Gaustad’s 300th NHL game. Congratulatory HONKs all around!

– WHOO! The Leafs turn the puck over in their own zone, Stafford whiffs, but Hecht is there to pick up the rebound and put it past a fumbling Gustavvson. Remember Leafs fans what I said about the removal of heads from sphincters leading to goals? Yeah, that just happened. The game is tied at 2.

– Newsflash: In overtime, the first goal wins the game. You think, Versus broadcasters? *headdesk*

– WHOOOOOOO!! Roy-Z’s left all alone twiddling his thumbs in front of the net and puts the puck past a floundering Toronto goalie. 3-2, Sabres.

– End of game fun clip: Bust A Move.



  1. I dont understand the explaination of OT either. I guess VS commentators are talking to the non-existant New NHL Fans in the audience.

  2. I dont understand the explaination of OT either. I guess VS commentators are talking to the non-existant New NHL Fans in the audience.

    PS: Did I Mention Tyler Myers was TALL??
    Just in case you weren’t Paying Attention.

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