Sabres vs. Blues – 12.27.09

December 27, 2009

Random thoughts from tonight’s rare Sunday game…

– Nice job of Rivet in stepping in to take on Crombeen who was going after Kaleta. The funny thing is that I don’t think Kaleta had even done anything to warrant being chased around by Crombeen. But it was nice to see Rivet step up for a teammate.

– Speaking of stepping up for a teammate, the Sabres seemed to have stopped doing that recently. Where was the outrage from the boys over Roy’s smushie last night? I hope it doesn’t take Miller getting run over AGAIN for some outrage to show up.

– Good to see Chris Butler back on the ice, especially back in his hometown. Butts has 40 people in a suite cheering him on.

– I’m not sure if you’ve gotten the memo (sent in triplicate by Heather B), but Henrik Tallinder has made the Swedish Olympic team. This is the first time in his career that he’s played for the Swedish Olympic Team, as that “unfortunate incident” (yes, I’m being polite here) in 2005 led to his ineligibility for the Torino games. For whatever reason, Tyler Myers has brought out the best in Hank this season. It’s like old, non-pansy Hank has shown up for the Sabres this season. Is there some way they could turn Myers Swedish for the Games so he could continue to play with Hank?

– The Conk is a member of my fantasy hockey team, The Two-Eyed Pea Brains, who are currently ranked 4th in their league. So I’m torn between wanting Conk to help out the Pea Brains and have a good game and wanting Conk to become a human sieve and help the Sabres out. Looks like Sieve Conk came out to play tonight after all.

– How funny was Hecht not knowing that he scored and diving out to get the rebound from his goal to try and put it in again?

– I enjoy Kaleta’s balls to the wall style, but I will admit to showing concern when he went crashing into the net and landed awkwardly in the net against the boards. There are times I wish he would just rein it in a little bit.

– It’s the holiday season and Sabres broadcasts have featured the MSG holiday promos where the MSG NYC studio staff and assorted Knicks players wish us a happy holiday season. Whatever happened to the in-game promos where players, their wives & kiddos and/or puppy dogs wished us happy holidays?

– According to the box score, Stafford has been scratched. Is it sad that it wasn’t until midway through the second period that Stafford was scratched? Is Lindy exhibiting some tough love with young Staffy?

– Awesome of the Sabres/MSG to show the entire row of soldiers in uniform at tonight’s game. 🙂

– Did Lindy and James Patrick get their ties at the same time from the same place? They’re the same striped pattern, just in different colors.

– Wowies, who woke up Timmykins tonight? Two goals for him. His second goal was a gorgeous shorthanded combination play between him, Myers and Grier. I wonder if there is something to this “internet bitching about the players” phenomenon. First, there was bitching about Lalime. And he turned it around. Then Vanek. Now Timmy’s turning it around. Should we start bitching about Staffy next?

– Was Miller supervising the repair of Lalime’s mask towards the end of the third or just being overly concerned that he might have to make an emergency entrance into the game in case the repair went on too long? (Inner monologue: “Son of a… Can’t these guys play one single game without me?”)

– All in all, this was definitely better than the Bills game. Now off to watch The Sound of Music.

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