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More Olympic Talk

January 31, 2010

Yahoo and other media outlets did a wonderful job of introducing Ryan Miller’s Olympic mask on Friday. WGRZ just added an update to the story with Miller’s thoughts on the patriotic symbol selection. The tribute to Jim Craig is especially poignant, since it was thirty years ago that USA won gold in Lake Placid.

And while I’m speaking about Miller, CTV has a Miller photo gallery up in their Olympic section. Looking at photo number three, either Miller bulked up since his wee baby days, or his equipment has gotten larger (that’s what she said).

I’m starting to head into full-on Olympic dork mode. Those NBC promos are really starting to get to me.

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t wait to see how the Phaneuf deal shakes out for the Leafs. How is Burke going to cap wrangle and free agent shop when $22 million is tied up in five players? Also, anyone want to make a bet on who the first player in the Eastern Conference to get Phaneuf’d?

Finally, if anyone is looking for a new TV show to get into, Life Unexpected is surprisingly good. And for the ladies in the audience, Kerr Smith has gotten way better looking since his Dawson’s Creek days. Way better looking.


Sabres vs. Bruins – 1.29.10

January 29, 2010

First Period

– Welcome back, RJ! While many have tried to keep your pillow warm recently (and done an acceptable job), it’s so nice to hear you again.

– WHOO! Tallinder flips a beee-yoootiful wrist shot past Rask to make it 1-0, Sabres.

– RJ breaks out the SAT words with the use of the word “kerfluffle” to describe a meeting of the minds along the boards. Kerfluffle is no cromulent, but it will do.

– I really want a Miller Team USA #39 jersey (the one with USA in diagonal across the chest), but a $180 price tag is a bit out of my price range at the moment

– WHOO! Vanek gets one past Rask on a beautiful spin move right in front of the net. 2-0, Sabres.

– My father and I just did point/counterpoint on what country Rask is from, which somehow led into a discussion of how Tallinder is from Sweden. While we’re having our geography lesson, Lucic goes after Tallinder, which pisses off Gaustad who then goes after Savard. I guess geography is a touchy subject for them as well.

– The Bruins are incredibly pissy tonight. I know they’ve had a horrible record lately, but they’re carrying on like some little simpering blond twit was sleeping in their beds and eating their porridge.

Second Period

– The Bruins are currently last in the NHL in goals scored. #FunFactFriday.

– It’s a spunkier Bruins team that has taken the ice in the second period. They’ve spent a good portion of time in the Sabres end. Usually when this happens, the opponent comes from behind to tie the game and we head to overtime. Here’s hoping we don’t go that way tonight. This overtime nonsense is getting old.

– Lucic gets one past Miller to make it 2-1, Sabres.

– RJ, Harry and Rob are discussing Tyler Myers and whether he will ever catch up to Chara. RJ feels that he’s only a baby and is still growing, but that he will. Hasn’t it been widely reported that Myers always has food nearby, that he’s a bit of a human hoover? If he keeps that up, then he’ll gain weight easily.

– Chara ends the period by firing the puck wide and into the Sabres zone well after the horn sounds. No Sabre does anything about this, with the exception of Miller’s eye roll and “bitch please” expression.

Third Period

– I love my family, really I do. My mother is insisting that it’s not really RJ calling the game, because “it doesn’t sound like him.” *headdesk*

– Canisius beats Niagara for the 2nd time in 14 recent attempts. Go Griffs! (FWIW, the last time the Griffs beat Niagara was on Brian Dux night a couple of years ago.)

– You know what’s the best part of this article about Tyler Myers? It’s that Lindy isn’t letting him get too big for his britches. Speaking of that, I wonder what Rivet’s fine pool for Myers is up to now?

– Dear Roy-Z, stop taking dumbass penalties. They don’t help matters, especially when Zdeno freaking Chara can fire away at your goalie at will.

– Now the Sabres have suddenly gotten cranky. Staffy’s stomping around out there like he just found out he was grounded and can’t go see Schnookie out at Pure tonight.

– Lindy’s on the bench screaming and gesticulating like his life depends on it in order to get the proper player positioning on the ice for a faceoff in the Buffalo end with 10 seconds left. Gaustad wins the draw and the game is won and the villagers all rejoice.


– I wonder if anyone thought at the beginning of the season that putting Tallinder and Myers together would rejuvenate one career and kick start the other one? The Blondies have been the most consistent defensive pair for the Sabres this year, and Myers has pushed Tallinder’s level of play back to where it was before he became Pansy Hank after all those injuries. I just hope it’s not the dreaded “contract year” play out of Tallinder, that as soon as he signs in Buffalo (or elsewhere) this summer, he’ll be back to the Hank that we were all frustrated with and wanted to pitch off the Skyway.

– Question for Sabres management: can we see what photos are on the walls of the Sabres locker room? There was a big to do that these photos of important Sabres and critical Sabres moments were being posted, but can’t you throw up on the website a gallery of what the photos are along with a caption of who/what/where/when?

– Ray bopping Tallinder in the mouth with the mic when he asks “is this live” was ridiculously cute. It’s almost like Hank realized he got into the weeds regarding the question and desperately wanted to get back on track and was praying that this wasn’t live and/or being recorded for posterity. But it was nice to see smiley, laughy Tallinder in the interviews. I feel like smiley hockey players are limited to a monthly quota for apperances in the postgame show.

– Now onto Monday versus Sid and the Penguins on Versus. Please let Doc Emrick be calling that game. If it’s Joe Beninati, I may throw something at the set. DRIIIIIIIVE tops Joe B’s inane commentary.


Sabres vs. Devils – 1.27.10

January 27, 2010

Random Thoughts From Tonight

– I’m incredibly sleepy, even though I got a good night’s sleep and did not have a very taxing day at the office. Please keep that in mind as you read this tonight.

– I was thinking about Pat Kane’s unfortunate photo situation at the office today while waiting for a software program to load. Sure, being photographed half naked in a limo with your half naked teammates and some ladies is probably something that should be kept private and/or shared with a few close personal friends. However, photos and situations such as this are going to become increasingly commonplace when TMZ Sports gets up and running. Are we all going to be ready for the next photo of a Sabre drunk off his ass on Chippewa? Or, god forbid, if one of them pulls an Oden and the thrill is revealed? I know these guys aren’t choir boys, so we all need to be prepared for more of these type of photos to leak out.

– Since RJ is still off on vacation, Steve Kouleas is doing the play-by-play tonight. Neale and Ray are in their usual roles of straight man and third banana. Kouleas isn’t a bad announcer, but he’s not RJ.

– Montador and Lydman are scratched tonight and Sekera and Patches are in. This is kind of a shocker, as Lindy is usually a man who uses press box exile as a last resort.

– It’s nice to have a game at HSBC again for the following reasons: HD broadcasts and the sight of Sabretooth frolicking behind the Devils net.

– The leggings, high socks, sneakers and hockey jersey is a look that few can pull off, but I think Rivet does an admirable job of it.

– I was watching American Idol last night, and I think the strangest reality show crossover ever may have happened. Daniel Franco of Project Runway Seasons 1 & 2 was auditioning for Idol. Never mind the fact that he’s too old for the show; he got camera time, as he described himself as a cross between Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert. We’re not going to go any further into his self-comparison, but in no way did I ever expect to see a Project Runway contestant on Idol. But I guess his appearance does answer the age-old question of “Daniel Franco, where did you go?”

I dare you not to have that stuck in your head. :p

– Awesome technical oopsie during the first intermission, as we’re seeing an interview with Adam Mair, but hearing Roby break down a play.

– Congrats to Kevin Sylvester and his wife on the birth of their new baby!

– The Devils theme tonight must be “two-on-one.” The Devils have gotten approximately eleventy seven two-on-ones tonight and it’s impressive that they didn’t convert on any of them. (Rolston’s goal was more of a breakaway-ish kind of goal.)

– Dear Mr. Langenbrunner. You’re officially on the list for that elbow you gave Miller. I don’t care if it was incidental, you don’t elbow a goalie in the head. Especially one goalie who’s going to be your teammate in a couple of weeks. That’s not good Captain America behavior.

– If Miller has unhappy thoughts about Gomez (I direct you to his throat slashing quote earlier this season), what would an elbow to the head do to his thoughts about Langenbrunner?

– Kouleas really likes the phrase “get good wood on it.” My inner twelve year old is giggling.

– I wonder how many times the State of the Union is going to be interrupted for applause? I say 37 times.

– Can someone please check Miller’s head? He’s running his hand through his hair like he’s checking to see if there’s a lump suddenly sprouting.

– I really think this shooutout was one of the more entertaining ones this season. There was so much that was good: Miller stoning Parise with his leg, Pommers putting the game away or Hecht getting Marty to commit to a bad poke check. I think the Hecht/Marty moment was my favorite. He made Brodeur look like a fool, which doesn’t happen very often to a player of Marty’s caliber. (Although it has happened before…in Buffalo…in a shootout, no less.)

– All in all, it was a good night.


West Coast Round-Up

January 24, 2010

Like I mentioned before, this West Coast road trip is not exactly conducive to orderly blogging and game thoughts. I will admit that I have dozed off at a couple points during the past three games, but have woken up to always see the end of the game. The Sharks game was the best I did, making it through all but 5 minutes of the second period. Anyways, there’s a few things I want to say…

– I can only imagine what this is going to do to my search terms, but furry conventions combined with hockey players is really a gift that keeps on giving. I’m getting a vague “prep school” vibe out of Miller in his photo. Maybe it’s the backpack combined with the dress pants, nice coat and tie, but the boy looks like an older version of what I dealt with at St. Joes and Canisius back in the day. (That made more sense in my head, honest.)

Also, with regards to the furries, I wonder who wanted pictures with who first. Was it a case of the furries being all “holy crap, there’s famous hockey players in our midst?” Or did the Sabres want pictures with the furries just to prove that they actually wandered into this situation, in case no one believed them. Because really, when Staffy tweeted about a furry convention on Friday, how many of us thought he was making that up or speaking in Staffy code?

– These past couple of games have been an eye opener as far as announcing teams go. Admittedly, we’re spoiled in Buffalo because of RJ and Harry, but seeing what other teams have to deal with makes me appreciate them even more. The Ducks announcers were horrible in all their CoreyPerry glory, not deviating from their pre-approved talking points of “Tyler Myers is tall” and “Ryan Miller is really good at hockey.” The Kings announcers were slightly more cromulent, bringing an excitement and knowledge to the game. But the Sharks announcers – and game presentation – were the best of the three. The announcers acknowledged the Buffalo fans watching the game in Western New York, even going so far as to offer an homage to RJ after Pommers scored to tie the game at 2. I also liked the addition of the player photos to the lineup rollouts. It helps personalize the teams that you’re playing against, especially when it’s a team that you’re not exactly familar with. (And it’s a much better in-game graphic than the Ducks powerpoint-y idea of putting Ryan Miller on the moon.)

I’m excited to see how the Canucks broadcast handles the game with the Sabres tomorrow night. I’ve watched a couple of their games on Center Ice and they appear to be a good combo. I do like how they call the Sedin twins just by their first names.

And for all of your Canucks blogging needs, stop by Canucks Hockey Blog. I’m still giggling at the amazing synchronicity of the Sedin twins with their gatorade bottles (but I’ve heard the Ukranian judge only gave them a 2 for that performance).

– I’ve had a couple of entertaining search terms this past week, including “Dr. Derek Roy, Tim Connolly on a boat, and Ray Emery Emcee of the Grand Ole Opry.” I think the Emery one is my personal favorite.

– I’m kind of sad that the NHL players won’t be marching in the opening ceremonies at the Olympics because I wanted to see these guys dressed in whatever sort of ridiculous outfit Ralph Lauren has decided that they will wear. If it’s anything like the Closing Ceremony duds, it could be a doozy.

– Public service announcement time: Twitter gadgets like Echofon and Twitterrific only allow you to refresh/interact with the service 150 times per hour. I was locked out of Twitter for a portion of last night’s game.

– I’m watching the Pens/Flyers game on NBC, and really, the Flyers fans chanting “asshole” at the ref is just a wee bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

– I’ll be so happy when the games get back on to a “normal” schedule. And yes, that is my East Coast bias showing.


What I’ve Learned

January 20, 2010

After watching last nights Ducks/Sabres game, this is what I’ve learned…

– Ryan Miller was apparently the first goaltender to visit the moon. He also apparently can defy all known knowledge of the moon and still be alive without having an oxygen mask over his face. The Ducks win the award for most ridiculous graphic ever used during a hockey game.

– The Ducks and the Sabres both have someone named “Ryan” playing for Team USA next month. Their Ryan (Bobby) says that our Ryan  (Miller) is really good and carrying our team. I’ll co-sign on the former, but disagree slightly with the latter. Last night did show the Sabres being somewhat bailed out by Miller’s calming kickass presence. But normally, his brilliant play is offset by a balanced scoring attack.

– Ooops. Getzi’s nose fell off thanks to his own teammate. And that poor ice girl having to clean off Getzi’s trail of blood. Ew.

– The Ducks apparently like to give food away to their fans. They can get free wings at Hooters with a five goal Ducks night and free cheesy-bread something or other if there’s a Ducks power play goal. And the amount of cheese on that cheesy bread was obscene. It would be like having a block of cheese sitting in your stomach. Yum-O, as Rachel Ray would say.

– The Anaheim broadcasters were brutal. I know I’m spoiled by RJ & Harry, and even K-Syl and Paul Hamilton, but Center Ice has shown me that there’s a lot of good broadcasters out there. The Ducks…not one of them. Did they even acknowledge that they were being seen in Buffalo tonight? Hell, did they even know? You would think that if they knew, they would be less likely to look like a bunch of idiots when it comes to the Sabres. They honestly reminded me of that line in Major League, when the Indians training camp roster is being revealed: “who’re these effing guys.” I’m sorry we only have Ryan Miller for you to build your pregame happy talk around. Do some research and you’ll find some other stuff out. Like how the Sabres have multiple Olympians on their team, a leading contender for rookie of the year, a lot of local boys doing well…something, anything.

– Alert the media: Tyler Myers is really tall.

– Jason Pominville is no good at hanging onto the puck. No cookie for you.

– Alert the media again: According to the Ducks broadcast, Derek Roy is the diving-y-est diver that ever dived. Their outrage at Roy drawing a penalty was ridiculous.

– Lindy Ruff apparently did not crack any skulls during the first intermission, as everyone showed up to play in the second. I still would love to know what exactly was said during that first intermission, and who said it. Lindy? Miller? Grier? Rivet? Gaustad?

– Finally, why the heck is CoreyPerry always called by his first and last name? Will he wander astray if he’s ever just called Perry?

These late games do not serve either blogging or an office job well. And yes, that is my East Coast bias talking.


Sabres vs. Coyotes – 1.18.10

January 18, 2010

First Period

– Tonight’s broadcast crew includes Harry Neale, Rob Ray and Kevin Sylvester. Let’s see how the three man booth works out.

– I admire anyone with the chutzpah to get up and sing the National Anthem in front of a crowd, but this poor chippie singing in Phoenix tonight may have just shattered glass and made dogs howl.

– I have no idea who the guilty party is, but I heard an “aw fuck” come from ice level. Hee. Random swearing from ice level is one of my favorite things about the sport.

– Tyler Myers rips a shot past Bryzgalov. 1-0, Sabres.

– Is it wrong that I started a mid-Olympic break doldrums blog entry already? The idea came to me in the middle of a long (but necessary) meeting this afternoon and I had to run with it before the idea left my brain. Of course, I may look at it in three weeks and wonder what kind of crack I was on at the time, but the thoughts are there at least.

– Buffalo has been really dominant in the Phoenix end, but they just can’t get the puck past Bryzgalov.

– For some reason, I have “Would I Lie to You” running through my head. Get it out!

– Upshall gets in on a two-on-chaos and clanks one off the goalpost after Miller sprawls to leave a wide open net.

Second Period

– Not hockey related, but I think I just sprained my eyeballs from rolling them after reading about Tim Tebow’s Focus on the Family ad that will air during the Super Bowl. Do we really need to have an issue ad during the Super Bowl? And especially an ad that’s likely to focus on such a controversial issue as a woman’s choice? I predict this one will land in the Bottom 5 of the ad rankings just because it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb amongst the boobs, horses, boobs and whatever else. Then again, this might make all of the ruckus surrounding the Chrysler ad look like a day at the beach.

– Butler takes a beautiful back pass from Vanek and Butler’s shot dribbles past Bryzgalov and barely into the corner of the net. 2-0, Sabres.

– I’m reading Television Without Pity’s recap of the Golden Globes, and I suddenly hear K-Syl shouting in a tone of voice similar to one that would be used if one just spilled a hot beverage on oneself. Turns out that all drinks are safe, but Kaleta took a bad angle shot and Bryzgalov completely whiffed on it. 3-0, Sabres.

– Bryzgalov gets the hook and LaBarbara comes in to be the next Sabres goalie victim.

– What the eff just happened there? Miller is out of the crease and gets half tackled by Shane Doan, who then goes on to put the puck in the net. Memo to Sabres skaters: your goalie is not a tackling dummy. Got it? 3-1, Sabres.

– Pommers answers the use of Miller as a tacking dummy by ripping one into the Phoenix net. 4-1, Sabres.

– Who are these gentlemen and what have they done with the slacker-ish Sabres we all know and love? Hecht weaves the puck through traffic and past the goalie. However, Pommers is credited with the goal after he apparently deflected it.  5-1, Sabres.

– The goal is later given back to Hect about midway through the third period.

Third Period

– Miller makes a couple of great saves on Mueller.

– Stafford passes to Vanek who’s about three inches away from the crease. 6-1, Sabres.

– Oh holy moly, Miller charges out of the net to the faceoff circle to prevent Upshall from getting in any further on him with the puck. Miller leaps to avoid the trip and Upshall goes flying along the ice towards the end boards. Interesting play that could have ended badly.

– I’m glad to see that Lindy isn’t a mess of mismatched stripes tonight. The dark cinnamon tie is nicely offset by his black suit coat.

– Vrbata sneaks one past Miller. 6-2, Sabres.

– Rob Ray has been dismissed from the press box and sent to the locker room to handle post game duties.

– WHOOO! Pommers gets his second of the night. 7-2, Sabres.

– If I were watching this game as a newbie hockey fan, you would have a hard time convincing me that the Coyotes were currently 5th in their conference. They just weren’t very good at hockey tonight.

– Speaking of being very good at hockey, did anyone else think that the Sabres would be leading the Eastern Conference at this point in the season?


Sabres vs. Islanders – 1.16.10

January 16, 2010

First Period

– DiPietro makes his triumphant home return tonight for the Islanders. And he most certainly is pretty. That hasn’t changed from when he first entered the league. But he makes Timmy’s past health issues look like child’s play.

– I had a bit of trouble finding the HD feed for this game, as silly me thought that the HD feed would actually be on the MSG HD channel and not on the regular Sabre Channel.

– K-Syl is a perfectly cromulent play-by-play guy, but he’s a little bit dryer than RJ. It’s not bad, it’s just different.

– My left knee is killing me, as I spent most of the morning crouched down, painting the lower half of my living room wall. Pops was handling the ladder work. Thankfully, I did not end up with green paint in my hair. I don’t care if it’s latex paint, it still would have been GREEN PAINT IN MY HAIR!

– Tavares scores on a pokey little glove rebound from Miller. 1-o, Islanders.

– The Sabres have spent a good chunk of this period hemmed in their own end. They’re a particularly crazy flurry where the puck is ricocheting around, bodies are flying and Miller’s flailing around in the crease. Thankfully, the puck does not go in the net.

– Aww, the Islanders have a jar of Dubble Bubble on their bench. I can only hope that the gum is for the coaches. Players chewing bubble gum on the ice seems like a recipe for disaster.

– Did Lindy get dressed in the dark tonight? Navy pinstriped suit, blue vertical striped shirt and a red diagonal striped tie do not a pleasant outfit make. I thought the weird, non-matchy wardrobe combinations weren’t supposed to happen until the end of the road trip, when clean clothes are theoretically at a premium. Which brings me to another thought: just how much luggage does each player bring along for a long roadtrip like the Sabres current one? I know what I pack for a week, and I always bring too many clothes, so does my “overpack” for one week equal their “perfect pack” for two weeks? Why can’t we get a “how to prep for the long road trip” feature? Or are they saving that up for when the Sabres get kicked out of HSBC during the World Juniors in December?

Second Period

– Marty Beer-on? Oh Islanders broadcasters, I thought you were better than that.

– My mother got a hold of my iPod touch and tried to type things into a note. Let’s just say that it did not go well.

– On Twitter the other night, Anne of Queen City Sabres brought up the idea of the penalty boxes being stocked with all sort of enticing goodies like adult magazines, video game codes or the solution to the Where’s Waldo puzzle that’s been bugging them for weeks. I’m beginning to think this isn’t too far off track. Why else would the Sabres continue taking a ridiculous number of penalties each game (3 so far tonight and 8 in the last game against the Thrashers).

– In another broadcast mixup, we’re talking about Tyler Myers while showing a picture of Butler on the bench. While they do play the same position, the two guys are hardly interchangeable.

– I think we all can agree Miller is playing his ass off tonight. It’s a shame he’s not getting the help and support such a level of play deserves.

– Bergenheim scores on Miller on a tip from the point. 2-0, Islanders.

– The Sabres answer the Islanders goal with one of their own, as Grier tips in a Timmy shot. 2-1, Sabres.

Third Period

– Harry chimes in to report that DiPietro handled the puck 11 times in the second period. Of those 11, Pretty Ricky gave the puck to the Sabres three times. I think he needs to work on his sharing skills.

– All hell suddenly breaks loose behind Miller’s net as Tallinder starts mixing it up and everyone piles in. The highlight is Grier getting tackled by Comeau and continuing to grapple with him from the ground. Miller just calmly stands by his net watching the fracas. It must not have been anything worth him getting all hepped up about.

– Park scores for the Isles, but the goal is immediately waved off because Sutton was interfering with Miller. It’s still 2-1, Isles, but the Isles coach is getting increasingly red in the face as he protests the ruling.

– Al Trautwig interrupts to tell us the score of the Rangers/Blues game. Should we start wringing our hands and clutching our pearls over the fact that the Rangers haven’t scored a goal in 2.5 games?

– WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stafford gets his 12th goal of the year as Butler’s point shot is fumbled by Pretty Ricky. We’re tied at 2, my friends. And the Islanders coach looks like he wants to cut a bitch.

– I was reviewing my search terms, and I kind of don’t want to know what the person who was looking for “Toni Lydman Ruff Daughter” was looking for.

Overtime/Skills Contest

– This is the 18th overtime game this season for the Islanders.

– There’s some decent scoring chances for either side in OT. The Sabres are unable to convert on a power play at the end of overtime.

– Schremp (wasn’t Schremp one of the Three Stooges?) scores backhand on Miller.

– Timmy is stopped by Pretty Ricky.

– Nielsen misses.

– Pommers scores five hole.

– Bailey goes wide after Miller cuts the angle.

– Vanek goes wide.

– Moulson beats Miller over his pad.

– Staffy scores five hole on Pretty Rickety.

– Weight misses on another cut angle.

– Roy-Z curls and misses.

– Tavares flips it five hole past Miller. There’s a lot of five hole work going on tonight.

– Hecht goes water bottle on DiPietro, who can’t believe he didn’t catch that one.

– Okposo is stoned by Miller.

– C-Mac is poke checked by DiPietro. At this point, Harry is worried about catching their flight to Phoenix in the morning.

– Hunter goes top shelf on Miller. Why do I feel like Miller is being less than himself in this shootout? He’s let in some shots that normally he stops cold. Is he tired from all of the flopping and flailing he did earlier tonight?

– I’m sorry…Kaleta is now shooting? That was a gamble that didn’t work out well.

– At least the Sabres got a point, considering how lousily they played at points tonight. However, these 16 shooter shootouts are getting a little old. Can’t we just win a game in regulation or plain old overtime when necessary?


Sabres vs. Thrashers – 1.13.10

January 14, 2010

Random thoughts from tonight’s epic Sabres/Thrashers battle…

– PLENTY of good seats are still available. It’s scenes like this that make me sad to be a hockey fan. Neither team deserves to play in front of a half empty arena.

– I’m going to extreme northeast Indiana in early May for my cousin’s college graduation. I have convinced my mother that a trip to the Vera Bradley outlet in Fort Wayne is a neccessity. I know I need another purse like I need a hole in the head, but Vera Bradley stuff is just so cute and functional.

– I wonder what Rivet is going to do with his ever growing wealth, courtesy of Tyler Myers? And I sure hope that the media doesn’t pile onto this bandwagon just to make the kid cough up more money.

– I’m kind of glad I didn’t activate Selanne off the IR for the Two Eyed Pea Brains. I’d just be putting him back on today.

– Can someone tell me what Bucci was thinking while he was writing his most recent column? While the idea of what each team should give up for Kovalchuk is a good one, some of the ideas he’s throwing out there are so far down the left field line, they’re in the second level of the grandstands. Do we as Sabres fans think that Darcy would be looney tooney enough to give up Vanek, Kassian and a first round pick to get first negotiating dibs on an (allegedly) tempermental UFA? Come on. Does anyone also really think the Flames would give up Phaneuf or the Devils would mortgage the farm to get Kovalchuk?

– So Goose is apparently wearing the A on the road. Did Lindy flip flop the home and away letters? Are those things really attached with Velcro? Can I stop writing this blog in question format?

– Lindy gets a cookie from me for making the call to put Kaleta in the lineup. It’s a shame Ellis had to sit, but someone had to. Darn NHL rules.

– I also enjoy Kaleta’s goofy goal celebrations.

– I’m beginning to think that Tyler Myers is like Chuck Norris. Tyler Myers plays defense. Tyler Myers blocks shots. Tyler Myers bails out his goalie. In a few years, you won’t be able to stop Tyler Myers, you can only hope to contain him.

– Butler has been in the box enough times to warrant his own water bottle and personalized bench cushion. There would be something slightly ironic about a seat cushion labeled “Butts.” Just me?

– The Sabres fan / Thrashers fan ratio in Phillips Arena has to be at least 2.5:1.

– Rivet was on the news today saying that it’s great the team can get out on the road and “bond,” but by the end of the trip, they’re all ready to kill each other. I have this image of a frazzled Lindy exiting the plane at the end of the trip, ready for a moment away from his little darlings and their incessant bickering/illness/jokes/pottymouths/card games, etc. I wonder how many video game systems were snuck along for the ride?

– It’s flipping awesome that the cell phone/Twitter campaign for Haiti has raised $5 million so far. My media geek is just amazed at how popular this has become.  For those of you that don’t play the mobile game, Wegmans is allowing you to make checkout donations to the Red Cross that will be directed to the Haiti recovery efforts.

– I enjoy a good penalty kill as much as the next girl, but the Sabres really need to learn how to do things in moderation.

– I would have liked a nice regulation win, but Roy’s overtime power play goal was pretty nifty.


Turning The Brain Off

January 11, 2010

Sabres Edge today looked at Lalime’s recent play and record and included this little nugget from Ryan Miller regarding Lalime’s success:

“It is good for me, too. I get to go get a workout in and turn my brain off for part of a day just knowing Patty has my back.”

So while our little goalie is chilling out on the bench with his mind off, what could be running through his head?

– “Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow”

– “Could I pull off the Paulie D. blowout?”

– “What exactly is the situation with The Situation? And if The Situation was on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, wouldn’t that be one hell of a situation?”

– “Damn you Staffy, for getting me hooked on this damn show!”

– “Who cut the cheese?”

– “Dance your cares away, worries for another day. Let the music play. Down at Fraggle Rock.”

– “I wonder how many more hockey players I can indirectly call a pussy in the media and get away with it”

– “When is General Hospital’s Sonny going to figure out that Dante/Dominic is his son? And really, just how many times is Sam going to get kidnapped and rescued by Jason? Kidnapped, saved, smoochied. Lather, rinse, repeat. And what the hell kind of name is Lucky, anyway?”


– “High on the hill was a lonely goatherd. Yay yodelay, yodelay, yoo-hoo!”

Tune in next time for more from the bench of the Sabres.


Sabres vs. Avalanche – 1.9.10

January 9, 2010


– Looks like the NHL is reminding teams that this is a gentleman’s league and everyone needs to mind their manners. So the next next freaking cork soccer that shoots off his farging mouth will have their boils tied up in a farging sling…or some other to be determined penalty. Are we clear?

Also, the phrase “actions detrimental to hockey” is just as ridiculous sounding as the ever-popular NASCAR sanction of “actions detrimental to stock car racing.” Does anyone else see the wrongness in cracking down on profanity (of all things) when hits to the head or hits from behind that can actually injure someone are ignored?

First Period

– Lalime is in net tonight, trying for his career win #200 and the Sabres seventh straight win.

– This Montador and McLeod fight is pretty epic. The whole thing starts after Lydman gets smushied by McLeod and Montador leaps to his teammate’s defense. The fight starts to the left of Lalime along the boards, works it’s way out to the faceoff circle and finishes off near the boards.  On a shallow note, this is a fight between two gentlemen with excellent hair. McLeod’s a ginger kid and Montador has that floppy, yet controlled style that few can pull off.

– This is the last home game before a seven game road trip. When the late, late West Coast games happen, blogging around here will resort to after the fact blogs. I’m not blogging until 1am or so and then getting up for the office in 5 hours. I love my blog, but I love sleep more. 🙂

– Tallinder commits the final turnover of a giveaway filled Sabres shift, which leads to a Colorado goal. 1-0, Avs.

– Goose gets a breakaway towards the end of his shift, but gets checked off the puck due to temporary lack of gas in the tank.

– Lalime goes down to make a save and Duschene taps the puck over Lalime’s leg. Both teams are playing their second game in two nights. Ray snarks that the Sabres are playing like a bunch of lazy bastidges (or words to that effect) while the Avs are speedy and quick. 2-0, Avs.

– Continuing the snark, RJ remarks that there’s a fair lot of Avs that are under the age of 21 and as such have to go to McDonalds when they’re out for dinner on the road. Harry continues the snark by saying that at least they all can afford to go to a place like that and could even split the bill if needed.

– Quincey accidentally high sticks Lil Timmy while trying to lift his stick. The two minute power play (as Lil Timmy was unable to conjure blood on demand) is a dud. However, Lil Timmy does go to the locker room to get checked out.

– This first period was like a bad replay of last night’s third period.

Second Period

– In case you care, my snack tonight is Polish cheesecake. It’s much better than this game.

– Lindy’s yelling and gesticulating on the bench. Ray reports that its out of frustration that only one line – Mair/Gaustad/Ellis is actually working hard tonight and matching Colorado’s efforts.

-In other news, I bought a Camp Anawanna shirt at Urban Outfitters today. I grew up with Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains It All, The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Roundhouse. Why are these shows not out on DVD yet? They’d be a gold mine for Nickelodeon.

– WHOOO! Staffy scores a power play goal from the slot. 2-1, Sabres.

– Colorado’s Yip answers Stafford’s goal with one of his own. 3-1, Avs.

Third Period

– Harry Neale-ism of the night: “It’s not the team with the best players that wins, it’s the players with the best team.”

– So since this game blows, I was flipping through the Sabres photo archives and came across this photo from the Sabres/Devils game in early December. This may become my default Miller bitch face photo.

He’s either pissed off, constipated or practicing for 2010’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I can’t decide. And I am cutting him a break on the photo, because I cannot take a photo where my eyes are open and I’m smiling. It’s either one or the other.

– Wow. I think the discussion of the environmental impact of wood sticks versus composite sticks has to be some sort of new benchmark for inane topics during a game.

– WHOO! Vanek picks up his own rebound and puts it past a sliding Anderson. 3-2, Sabres.

– WHOOOOOOOO!! Jochen Hecht flings the puck at the net and places it Top Shelf to tie the game at 3. While the crowd was pumped after the goal, some of their noise is taken away after a lengthy goal review. No one is really clear why the goal is being reviewed, as all Sabres sticks were below the crossbar and all skates were not making a distinct kicking motion.

Overtime/Skills Competition

– My mother is insistent that the Sabres players should have to coordinate their mouth guards to the teams colors, that having lime green or red guards is a bit much. I just smile and nod as the boys can have whatever color chew toys mouth protection they want to have.

– The overtime was exciting, with plenty of scoring chances and good saves on both sides.

– Stafford is up first in the shootout and is denied on the backhand.

– Hedjuk is up for the Avs and scores.

– Timmy scores.

– Wolski loses the puck on a beautiful pokecheck by Lalime.

– Pommers misses wide. No kibble for you, sunshine.

– Stewart fires wide and ends up crashing into the boards. He loses both on shot execution and style points.

– Vanek scores.

– Duchesne scores.

– Roy-Z is stopped by Anderson.

– Stasny is stopped by Lalime.

– Myers loses control of the puck at the last second. If he would have kept control of the puck, he had Anderson beat.

– Yip rips it off the crossbar. We’re now heading into the point of the game where players are hiding under the bench to avoid being chosen.

-MacArthur shoots wide.

– Tucker is stopped by Lalime. I fully expect to see Miller having to take a shot at some point.

– Hecht scores after Anderson doesn’t get all of the five hole closed.

– O’Reilly scores.

– Mair is stopped by Anderson.

– Liles is stopped by Lalime.

– Kennedy is stopped by Anderson.

– The next Colorado player misses wide.

– Tallinder was stopped.

– Hendricks scores after Lalime went down.

– That shootout was completely wackadoodle.  As was the fact that the team even made it to a shootout at all. I do have to wonder of there is anything in the rule book about what happens if a shootout goes through all available skaters on each side. Do they let the backup goalies grab a stick and try or is the lineup recycled? I know it’s the NHL and the likelihood of that ever happening falls into the slim to none category, but nothing is impossible these days. Admit it, seeing Miller coming off the bench in a shootout would be awesome, ridiculous and hilarious all at the same time.

A night that started off kind of crappily turned out not so bad after all, eh?