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Sabres vs. Habs – 1.3.10

January 3, 2010

Well, that was fun! Not much to say about today’s game, other than I was a little reluctant to flip over to the game because the Bills game was so much fun to watch.

– Miller played his ass off tonight. And it wasn’t a normal “Miller plays his ass off to save his team’s collective ass” effort, it was a “Miller plays his ass off while his teammates play consistently in front of him” effort. I was slightly intrigued by a comment he made during his postgame interview with K-Syl. Miller mentioned that tonight’s game was him backing up what he said in the room the other night. It’s been pretty well documented that Miller was one of the more vocal players during Friday’s postgame meeting, but I can’t help but wonder if one of his teammates made a comment questioning Miller’s right to speak up, considering Miller has let in three goals early in the last two games. If that was the case, then Miller did back up his comments. If that wasn’t the case, and I’m reading into things, then we’ll just pretend the last paragraph never happened and I have a really active imagination.

– Montreal fans booing Rivet equals Buffalo fans booing Drury and Briere. Hockey fans never forget.

– Does anyone know if the upcoming long road trip for the Sabres means that RJ is going to take his annual vacation? Or is he holding on the vacation until the Olympic break?

– Since this is the official halfway point of the season, did anyone else really think the Sabres would be leading their division, let alone second in the conference? And look at how they’ve done it: a Top 6 that isn’t necessarily firing on all cylinders at the same time, injuries to key players (Vanek, Gaustad, Butler, Roy), and a couple games with Patches/Sekera playing forward. They’ve also had the benefit of Ryan Miller playing out of his mind, Lalime finding his confidence buried in his equipment bag, and Adam Mair discovering that being waived sucks and he’s going to put his heart and soul into being a hockey player again.