Sabres vs. Laffs – 1.8.10

January 8, 2010

A mishmash of thoughts from tonight’s game.

– I’m glad I made it here in time for the game. A late dinner plus working late equals chaos before the game.

– A Hecht breakaway is a truly rare event. It’s a shame that the puck didn’t go in the net, but oh well.

– Miller is apparently getting quite upset as he’s getting bumped and disrespected in his crease. I enjoy when Miller gets feisty. Even though it can knock him off his game, just seeing him go over the edge brings another element to his game. It’s the total opposite of his Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected persona that he shows 99.9% of the time. He even took a penalty tonight, after whapping the snot out of Stajan for invading his personal space. Is that Miller’s way of saying “if you chuckleheads won’t keep the crease clear, I’ll do it myself”? If his teammates were Dustin Penner, that would be translated as

“So Ryan, what you’re saying is that you want us to keep your crease clear?”

Miller: “Yes.” (death glare)

– Ewww. I can’t believe Timmy thought he could take a faceoff with that trail of blood on his face. That’s just gross. And that’s from someone who had no problem with the earwax candle myth on Mythbusters.

– Broadcast Oops Award: during the opening shot of the first intermission, Roby’s cup of Timmy’s is clearly on display. It’s obviously not a product placement, as it’s not seen for the remainder of the evening.

– My eyebrows shoot about six inches into the air as RJ starts screaming “backdoor! backdoor! backdoor!” when Myers scores the second Sabres goal. That’s a little inappropriate, RJ. But then again, it’s another entry in the “list of hockey terms that sound dirty but aren’t.”

– Just when I thought nothing could top the hilarious badness that was Soupy’s hyperhydrosis commercials, along comes the Toshiba commercial filmed at the arena. Oy, it’s bad. I know it was probably filmed with real Toshiba employees in the ad, but they can’t act to save their lives.

– For all the puffery written stating that Chris Drury and his intangibles are the hockey gods gift to USA Hockey, there’s something a tiny bit ironic about him not being named captain of this year’s Olympic team.

– The Whip in the second period intermission is actually pretty good. They discuss the whole Wilson/Kessel/media debacle. Roby comes down on the side of players are men and can take a nice dressing down like grown adults. Rayzor goes off on this statement about how players these days are fragile and will go into slumps and/or start crying in the shower. I’m really not sure where he was going with that one, as I really can’t picture anyone sobbing in the shower at the Arena.

– Is someone from the Kiss 98.5 demographic controlling the music tonight? So far, I’ve heard “Single Ladies” and that stupid song by Keyshia. While I do enjoy a good sing-a-long to Single Ladies, I have a hard time reconciling it with hockey.

– Dear Toronto fans: your team scored a goal. This is hardly reinventing the wheel. No need to carry on as if it is.

– Who the heck peed in Timmy’s cornflakes today? He’s been incredibly feisty tonight.

– Miller has to have faced at least 50 shots tonight. Have the Sabres forgotten how to do this little thing called shot blocking? I mean, I know it goes against human nature to willingly step in front of a flying rubber projectile, but give your goalie a break already and block some shots.

– Whatever Lalime said at the end of the game had to be pretty effing good, as they were leaning in and whispering for a long time and Miller was laughing.

– A six game winning streak is nice, but I’m going to be a greedy fan and say “we want seven!” (Watch the wheels completely fall off the wagon tomorrow night against the Avs.)

– Related to my earlier comments about feisty Miller, he’s annoyed postgame with the Leafs saying in their pre-game comments that they’re going to rough him up. It’s not that he has a problem with them roughing him up, it’s that he has a problem with them announcing to the free world like a bunch of big tough guys that they’re going to take a run at the scrawny little goalie. I did like his comment about how if someone is going to cross check him in the back of the head, the very least he could do is take the punch like a man. (Stajan did sell the punch a bit by rolling around on the ice like a wimp.) It’s like Miller turned into hockey’s version of Miss Manners or Emily Post during his interview.

– There are no words to describe Lindy’s tie tonight. No effing words.


One comment

  1. There are no words to describe Lindy’s tie tonight. No effing words.

    The first time I saw it I thought there was something wrong with the video. Damn. All I can surmise is that it is Lindy’s visual representation of his feelings towards the Leafs. Or something.

    Dear Toronto fans: your team scored a goal. This is hardly reinventing the wheel. No need to carry on as if it is.

    When the team you’re cheering for is Toronto, it is.

    Kudos to Crunchy for his, um, outburst (and apparently, Drew Stafford is still the go-to penalty box bitch) and his extremely pissy postgamer was hilarious. But this has to make things kind of awkward between him and Ron Wilson now, no? Hmmm.

    Btw, any idea why Roy & Hecht were wearing the As tonight? I saw they were against Tampa too, but I didn’t notice who had them in Montreal. Did Lindy just decide to flip the road/home As or what? The idea that he might’ve pulled Goose and Doodle’s As and left Roy with his is boggling.

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