Sabres vs. Islanders – 1.16.10

January 16, 2010

First Period

– DiPietro makes his triumphant home return tonight for the Islanders. And he most certainly is pretty. That hasn’t changed from when he first entered the league. But he makes Timmy’s past health issues look like child’s play.

– I had a bit of trouble finding the HD feed for this game, as silly me thought that the HD feed would actually be on the MSG HD channel and not on the regular Sabre Channel.

– K-Syl is a perfectly cromulent play-by-play guy, but he’s a little bit dryer than RJ. It’s not bad, it’s just different.

– My left knee is killing me, as I spent most of the morning crouched down, painting the lower half of my living room wall. Pops was handling the ladder work. Thankfully, I did not end up with green paint in my hair. I don’t care if it’s latex paint, it still would have been GREEN PAINT IN MY HAIR!

– Tavares scores on a pokey little glove rebound from Miller. 1-o, Islanders.

– The Sabres have spent a good chunk of this period hemmed in their own end. They’re a particularly crazy flurry where the puck is ricocheting around, bodies are flying and Miller’s flailing around in the crease. Thankfully, the puck does not go in the net.

– Aww, the Islanders have a jar of Dubble Bubble on their bench. I can only hope that the gum is for the coaches. Players chewing bubble gum on the ice seems like a recipe for disaster.

– Did Lindy get dressed in the dark tonight? Navy pinstriped suit, blue vertical striped shirt and a red diagonal striped tie do not a pleasant outfit make. I thought the weird, non-matchy wardrobe combinations weren’t supposed to happen until the end of the road trip, when clean clothes are theoretically at a premium. Which brings me to another thought: just how much luggage does each player bring along for a long roadtrip like the Sabres current one? I know what I pack for a week, and I always bring too many clothes, so does my “overpack” for one week equal their “perfect pack” for two weeks? Why can’t we get a “how to prep for the long road trip” feature? Or are they saving that up for when the Sabres get kicked out of HSBC during the World Juniors in December?

Second Period

– Marty Beer-on? Oh Islanders broadcasters, I thought you were better than that.

– My mother got a hold of my iPod touch and tried to type things into a note. Let’s just say that it did not go well.

– On Twitter the other night, Anne of Queen City Sabres brought up the idea of the penalty boxes being stocked with all sort of enticing goodies like adult magazines, video game codes or the solution to the Where’s Waldo puzzle that’s been bugging them for weeks. I’m beginning to think this isn’t too far off track. Why else would the Sabres continue taking a ridiculous number of penalties each game (3 so far tonight and 8 in the last game against the Thrashers).

– In another broadcast mixup, we’re talking about Tyler Myers while showing a picture of Butler on the bench. While they do play the same position, the two guys are hardly interchangeable.

– I think we all can agree Miller is playing his ass off tonight. It’s a shame he’s not getting the help and support such a level of play deserves.

– Bergenheim scores on Miller on a tip from the point. 2-0, Islanders.

– The Sabres answer the Islanders goal with one of their own, as Grier tips in a Timmy shot. 2-1, Sabres.

Third Period

– Harry chimes in to report that DiPietro handled the puck 11 times in the second period. Of those 11, Pretty Ricky gave the puck to the Sabres three times. I think he needs to work on his sharing skills.

– All hell suddenly breaks loose behind Miller’s net as Tallinder starts mixing it up and everyone piles in. The highlight is Grier getting tackled by Comeau and continuing to grapple with him from the ground. Miller just calmly stands by his net watching the fracas. It must not have been anything worth him getting all hepped up about.

– Park scores for the Isles, but the goal is immediately waved off because Sutton was interfering with Miller. It’s still 2-1, Isles, but the Isles coach is getting increasingly red in the face as he protests the ruling.

– Al Trautwig interrupts to tell us the score of the Rangers/Blues game. Should we start wringing our hands and clutching our pearls over the fact that the Rangers haven’t scored a goal in 2.5 games?

– WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stafford gets his 12th goal of the year as Butler’s point shot is fumbled by Pretty Ricky. We’re tied at 2, my friends. And the Islanders coach looks like he wants to cut a bitch.

– I was reviewing my search terms, and I kind of don’t want to know what the person who was looking for “Toni Lydman Ruff Daughter” was looking for.

Overtime/Skills Contest

– This is the 18th overtime game this season for the Islanders.

– There’s some decent scoring chances for either side in OT. The Sabres are unable to convert on a power play at the end of overtime.

– Schremp (wasn’t Schremp one of the Three Stooges?) scores backhand on Miller.

– Timmy is stopped by Pretty Ricky.

– Nielsen misses.

– Pommers scores five hole.

– Bailey goes wide after Miller cuts the angle.

– Vanek goes wide.

– Moulson beats Miller over his pad.

– Staffy scores five hole on Pretty Rickety.

– Weight misses on another cut angle.

– Roy-Z curls and misses.

– Tavares flips it five hole past Miller. There’s a lot of five hole work going on tonight.

– Hecht goes water bottle on DiPietro, who can’t believe he didn’t catch that one.

– Okposo is stoned by Miller.

– C-Mac is poke checked by DiPietro. At this point, Harry is worried about catching their flight to Phoenix in the morning.

– Hunter goes top shelf on Miller. Why do I feel like Miller is being less than himself in this shootout? He’s let in some shots that normally he stops cold. Is he tired from all of the flopping and flailing he did earlier tonight?

– I’m sorry…Kaleta is now shooting? That was a gamble that didn’t work out well.

– At least the Sabres got a point, considering how lousily they played at points tonight. However, these 16 shooter shootouts are getting a little old. Can’t we just win a game in regulation or plain old overtime when necessary?



  1. Are you kidding me? The fans love the shootouts.
    It’s edge of your seat suspense where games a one and lost in the blink of an eye. And it can make a boring 1-1 game leave you with a notion of excitement when it’s all over.
    Great shootout.

  2. If a game is played by *teams*, the results of that game should not come down to individual performances. Play a 10 minute 4-on-4 OT and let the game end in a tie if no once scores.

    I just fear that shootouts will make their way into the playoffs. That would be a horrible thing. One of the best things about the playoffs is those 2-3 OT thrillers.

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