Sabres vs. Coyotes – 1.18.10

January 18, 2010

First Period

– Tonight’s broadcast crew includes Harry Neale, Rob Ray and Kevin Sylvester. Let’s see how the three man booth works out.

– I admire anyone with the chutzpah to get up and sing the National Anthem in front of a crowd, but this poor chippie singing in Phoenix tonight may have just shattered glass and made dogs howl.

– I have no idea who the guilty party is, but I heard an “aw fuck” come from ice level. Hee. Random swearing from ice level is one of my favorite things about the sport.

– Tyler Myers rips a shot past Bryzgalov. 1-0, Sabres.

– Is it wrong that I started a mid-Olympic break doldrums blog entry already? The idea came to me in the middle of a long (but necessary) meeting this afternoon and I had to run with it before the idea left my brain. Of course, I may look at it in three weeks and wonder what kind of crack I was on at the time, but the thoughts are there at least.

– Buffalo has been really dominant in the Phoenix end, but they just can’t get the puck past Bryzgalov.

– For some reason, I have “Would I Lie to You” running through my head. Get it out!

– Upshall gets in on a two-on-chaos and clanks one off the goalpost after Miller sprawls to leave a wide open net.

Second Period

– Not hockey related, but I think I just sprained my eyeballs from rolling them after reading about Tim Tebow’s Focus on the Family ad that will air during the Super Bowl. Do we really need to have an issue ad during the Super Bowl? And especially an ad that’s likely to focus on such a controversial issue as a woman’s choice? I predict this one will land in the Bottom 5 of the ad rankings just because it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb amongst the boobs, horses, boobs and whatever else. Then again, this might make all of the ruckus surrounding the Chrysler ad look like a day at the beach.

– Butler takes a beautiful back pass from Vanek and Butler’s shot dribbles past Bryzgalov and barely into the corner of the net. 2-0, Sabres.

– I’m reading Television Without Pity’s recap of the Golden Globes, and I suddenly hear K-Syl shouting in a tone of voice similar to one that would be used if one just spilled a hot beverage on oneself. Turns out that all drinks are safe, but Kaleta took a bad angle shot and Bryzgalov completely whiffed on it. 3-0, Sabres.

– Bryzgalov gets the hook and LaBarbara comes in to be the next Sabres goalie victim.

– What the eff just happened there? Miller is out of the crease and gets half tackled by Shane Doan, who then goes on to put the puck in the net. Memo to Sabres skaters: your goalie is not a tackling dummy. Got it? 3-1, Sabres.

– Pommers answers the use of Miller as a tacking dummy by ripping one into the Phoenix net. 4-1, Sabres.

– Who are these gentlemen and what have they done with the slacker-ish Sabres we all know and love? Hecht weaves the puck through traffic and past the goalie. However, Pommers is credited with the goal after he apparently deflected it.  5-1, Sabres.

– The goal is later given back to Hect about midway through the third period.

Third Period

– Miller makes a couple of great saves on Mueller.

– Stafford passes to Vanek who’s about three inches away from the crease. 6-1, Sabres.

– Oh holy moly, Miller charges out of the net to the faceoff circle to prevent Upshall from getting in any further on him with the puck. Miller leaps to avoid the trip and Upshall goes flying along the ice towards the end boards. Interesting play that could have ended badly.

– I’m glad to see that Lindy isn’t a mess of mismatched stripes tonight. The dark cinnamon tie is nicely offset by his black suit coat.

– Vrbata sneaks one past Miller. 6-2, Sabres.

– Rob Ray has been dismissed from the press box and sent to the locker room to handle post game duties.

– WHOOO! Pommers gets his second of the night. 7-2, Sabres.

– If I were watching this game as a newbie hockey fan, you would have a hard time convincing me that the Coyotes were currently 5th in their conference. They just weren’t very good at hockey tonight.

– Speaking of being very good at hockey, did anyone else think that the Sabres would be leading the Eastern Conference at this point in the season?

One comment

  1. When I saw/heard it, I thought the “Aw fuck” came from the linesman who was dodging the puck. 😀 I could be wrong, but the timing worked.

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