West Coast Round-Up

January 24, 2010

Like I mentioned before, this West Coast road trip is not exactly conducive to orderly blogging and game thoughts. I will admit that I have dozed off at a couple points during the past three games, but have woken up to always see the end of the game. The Sharks game was the best I did, making it through all but 5 minutes of the second period. Anyways, there’s a few things I want to say…

– I can only imagine what this is going to do to my search terms, but furry conventions combined with hockey players is really a gift that keeps on giving. I’m getting a vague “prep school” vibe out of Miller in his photo. Maybe it’s the backpack combined with the dress pants, nice coat and tie, but the boy looks like an older version of what I dealt with at St. Joes and Canisius back in the day. (That made more sense in my head, honest.)

Also, with regards to the furries, I wonder who wanted pictures with who first. Was it a case of the furries being all “holy crap, there’s famous hockey players in our midst?” Or did the Sabres want pictures with the furries just to prove that they actually wandered into this situation, in case no one believed them. Because really, when Staffy tweeted about a furry convention on Friday, how many of us thought he was making that up or speaking in Staffy code?

– These past couple of games have been an eye opener as far as announcing teams go. Admittedly, we’re spoiled in Buffalo because of RJ and Harry, but seeing what other teams have to deal with makes me appreciate them even more. The Ducks announcers were horrible in all their CoreyPerry glory, not deviating from their pre-approved talking points of “Tyler Myers is tall” and “Ryan Miller is really good at hockey.” The Kings announcers were slightly more cromulent, bringing an excitement and knowledge to the game. But the Sharks announcers – and game presentation – were the best of the three. The announcers acknowledged the Buffalo fans watching the game in Western New York, even going so far as to offer an homage to RJ after Pommers scored to tie the game at 2. I also liked the addition of the player photos to the lineup rollouts. It helps personalize the teams that you’re playing against, especially when it’s a team that you’re not exactly familar with. (And it’s a much better in-game graphic than the Ducks powerpoint-y idea of putting Ryan Miller on the moon.)

I’m excited to see how the Canucks broadcast handles the game with the Sabres tomorrow night. I’ve watched a couple of their games on Center Ice and they appear to be a good combo. I do like how they call the Sedin twins just by their first names.

And for all of your Canucks blogging needs, stop by Canucks Hockey Blog. I’m still giggling at the amazing synchronicity of the Sedin twins with their gatorade bottles (but I’ve heard the Ukranian judge only gave them a 2 for that performance).

– I’ve had a couple of entertaining search terms this past week, including “Dr. Derek Roy, Tim Connolly on a boat, and Ray Emery Emcee of the Grand Ole Opry.” I think the Emery one is my personal favorite.

– I’m kind of sad that the NHL players won’t be marching in the opening ceremonies at the Olympics because I wanted to see these guys dressed in whatever sort of ridiculous outfit Ralph Lauren has decided that they will wear. If it’s anything like the Closing Ceremony duds, it could be a doozy.

– Public service announcement time: Twitter gadgets like Echofon and Twitterrific only allow you to refresh/interact with the service 150 times per hour. I was locked out of Twitter for a portion of last night’s game.

– I’m watching the Pens/Flyers game on NBC, and really, the Flyers fans chanting “asshole” at the ref is just a wee bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

– I’ll be so happy when the games get back on to a “normal” schedule. And yes, that is my East Coast bias showing.



  1. Maybe it’s the backpack

    Over the summer when I was at The Refinery, the girl working was saying how Dean left something in his backpack and then she was like, “I don’t know what it is with the Miller boys…but they all carry around backpacks!”

    I know in the summer my brother uses a backpack to carry around his beer…

  2. I thought for sure Drew was just kidding with the furry convention on Twitter Friday night, but I guess not. I kind of wish he was, haha.

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