Sabres vs. Devils – 1.27.10

January 27, 2010

Random Thoughts From Tonight

– I’m incredibly sleepy, even though I got a good night’s sleep and did not have a very taxing day at the office. Please keep that in mind as you read this tonight.

– I was thinking about Pat Kane’s unfortunate photo situation at the office today while waiting for a software program to load. Sure, being photographed half naked in a limo with your half naked teammates and some ladies is probably something that should be kept private and/or shared with a few close personal friends. However, photos and situations such as this are going to become increasingly commonplace when TMZ Sports gets up and running. Are we all going to be ready for the next photo of a Sabre drunk off his ass on Chippewa? Or, god forbid, if one of them pulls an Oden and the thrill is revealed? I know these guys aren’t choir boys, so we all need to be prepared for more of these type of photos to leak out.

– Since RJ is still off on vacation, Steve Kouleas is doing the play-by-play tonight. Neale and Ray are in their usual roles of straight man and third banana. Kouleas isn’t a bad announcer, but he’s not RJ.

– Montador and Lydman are scratched tonight and Sekera and Patches are in. This is kind of a shocker, as Lindy is usually a man who uses press box exile as a last resort.

– It’s nice to have a game at HSBC again for the following reasons: HD broadcasts and the sight of Sabretooth frolicking behind the Devils net.

– The leggings, high socks, sneakers and hockey jersey is a look that few can pull off, but I think Rivet does an admirable job of it.

– I was watching American Idol last night, and I think the strangest reality show crossover ever may have happened. Daniel Franco of Project Runway Seasons 1 & 2 was auditioning for Idol. Never mind the fact that he’s too old for the show; he got camera time, as he described himself as a cross between Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert. We’re not going to go any further into his self-comparison, but in no way did I ever expect to see a Project Runway contestant on Idol. But I guess his appearance does answer the age-old question of “Daniel Franco, where did you go?”

I dare you not to have that stuck in your head. :p

– Awesome technical oopsie during the first intermission, as we’re seeing an interview with Adam Mair, but hearing Roby break down a play.

– Congrats to Kevin Sylvester and his wife on the birth of their new baby!

– The Devils theme tonight must be “two-on-one.” The Devils have gotten approximately eleventy seven two-on-ones tonight and it’s impressive that they didn’t convert on any of them. (Rolston’s goal was more of a breakaway-ish kind of goal.)

– Dear Mr. Langenbrunner. You’re officially on the list for that elbow you gave Miller. I don’t care if it was incidental, you don’t elbow a goalie in the head. Especially one goalie who’s going to be your teammate in a couple of weeks. That’s not good Captain America behavior.

– If Miller has unhappy thoughts about Gomez (I direct you to his throat slashing quote earlier this season), what would an elbow to the head do to his thoughts about Langenbrunner?

– Kouleas really likes the phrase “get good wood on it.” My inner twelve year old is giggling.

– I wonder how many times the State of the Union is going to be interrupted for applause? I say 37 times.

– Can someone please check Miller’s head? He’s running his hand through his hair like he’s checking to see if there’s a lump suddenly sprouting.

– I really think this shooutout was one of the more entertaining ones this season. There was so much that was good: Miller stoning Parise with his leg, Pommers putting the game away or Hecht getting Marty to commit to a bad poke check. I think the Hecht/Marty moment was my favorite. He made Brodeur look like a fool, which doesn’t happen very often to a player of Marty’s caliber. (Although it has happened before…in Buffalo…in a shootout, no less.)

– All in all, it was a good night.

One comment

  1. I wish they wouldn’t leave it to the shootout so often. I’m not getting any younger and it’s hard on the old ticker.

    Miller might have picked fleas from those furries.

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