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Sabres vs. Bruins – 1.29.10

January 29, 2010

First Period

– Welcome back, RJ! While many have tried to keep your pillow warm recently (and done an acceptable job), it’s so nice to hear you again.

– WHOO! Tallinder flips a beee-yoootiful wrist shot past Rask to make it 1-0, Sabres.

– RJ breaks out the SAT words with the use of the word “kerfluffle” to describe a meeting of the minds along the boards. Kerfluffle is no cromulent, but it will do.

– I really want a Miller Team USA #39 jersey (the one with USA in diagonal across the chest), but a $180 price tag is a bit out of my price range at the moment

– WHOO! Vanek gets one past Rask on a beautiful spin move right in front of the net. 2-0, Sabres.

– My father and I just did point/counterpoint on what country Rask is from, which somehow led into a discussion of how Tallinder is from Sweden. While we’re having our geography lesson, Lucic goes after Tallinder, which pisses off Gaustad who then goes after Savard. I guess geography is a touchy subject for them as well.

– The Bruins are incredibly pissy tonight. I know they’ve had a horrible record lately, but they’re carrying on like some little simpering blond twit was sleeping in their beds and eating their porridge.

Second Period

– The Bruins are currently last in the NHL in goals scored. #FunFactFriday.

– It’s a spunkier Bruins team that has taken the ice in the second period. They’ve spent a good portion of time in the Sabres end. Usually when this happens, the opponent comes from behind to tie the game and we head to overtime. Here’s hoping we don’t go that way tonight. This overtime nonsense is getting old.

– Lucic gets one past Miller to make it 2-1, Sabres.

– RJ, Harry and Rob are discussing Tyler Myers and whether he will ever catch up to Chara. RJ feels that he’s only a baby and is still growing, but that he will. Hasn’t it been widely reported that Myers always has food nearby, that he’s a bit of a human hoover? If he keeps that up, then he’ll gain weight easily.

– Chara ends the period by firing the puck wide and into the Sabres zone well after the horn sounds. No Sabre does anything about this, with the exception of Miller’s eye roll and “bitch please” expression.

Third Period

– I love my family, really I do. My mother is insisting that it’s not really RJ calling the game, because “it doesn’t sound like him.” *headdesk*

– Canisius beats Niagara for the 2nd time in 14 recent attempts. Go Griffs! (FWIW, the last time the Griffs beat Niagara was on Brian Dux night a couple of years ago.)

– You know what’s the best part of this article about Tyler Myers? It’s that Lindy isn’t letting him get too big for his britches. Speaking of that, I wonder what Rivet’s fine pool for Myers is up to now?

– Dear Roy-Z, stop taking dumbass penalties. They don’t help matters, especially when Zdeno freaking Chara can fire away at your goalie at will.

– Now the Sabres have suddenly gotten cranky. Staffy’s stomping around out there like he just found out he was grounded and can’t go see Schnookie out at Pure tonight.

– Lindy’s on the bench screaming and gesticulating like his life depends on it in order to get the proper player positioning on the ice for a faceoff in the Buffalo end with 10 seconds left. Gaustad wins the draw and the game is won and the villagers all rejoice.


– I wonder if anyone thought at the beginning of the season that putting Tallinder and Myers together would rejuvenate one career and kick start the other one? The Blondies have been the most consistent defensive pair for the Sabres this year, and Myers has pushed Tallinder’s level of play back to where it was before he became Pansy Hank after all those injuries. I just hope it’s not the dreaded “contract year” play out of Tallinder, that as soon as he signs in Buffalo (or elsewhere) this summer, he’ll be back to the Hank that we were all frustrated with and wanted to pitch off the Skyway.

– Question for Sabres management: can we see what photos are on the walls of the Sabres locker room? There was a big to do that these photos of important Sabres and critical Sabres moments were being posted, but can’t you throw up on the website a gallery of what the photos are along with a caption of who/what/where/when?

– Ray bopping Tallinder in the mouth with the mic when he asks “is this live” was ridiculously cute. It’s almost like Hank realized he got into the weeds regarding the question and desperately wanted to get back on track and was praying that this wasn’t live and/or being recorded for posterity. But it was nice to see smiley, laughy Tallinder in the interviews. I feel like smiley hockey players are limited to a monthly quota for apperances in the postgame show.

– Now onto Monday versus Sid and the Penguins on Versus. Please let Doc Emrick be calling that game. If it’s Joe Beninati, I may throw something at the set. DRIIIIIIIVE tops Joe B’s inane commentary.