More Olympic Talk

January 31, 2010

Yahoo and other media outlets did a wonderful job of introducing Ryan Miller’s Olympic mask on Friday. WGRZ just added an update to the story with Miller’s thoughts on the patriotic symbol selection. The tribute to Jim Craig is especially poignant, since it was thirty years ago that USA won gold in Lake Placid.

And while I’m speaking about Miller, CTV has a Miller photo gallery up in their Olympic section. Looking at photo number three, either Miller bulked up since his wee baby days, or his equipment has gotten larger (that’s what she said).

I’m starting to head into full-on Olympic dork mode. Those NBC promos are really starting to get to me.

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t wait to see how the Phaneuf deal shakes out for the Leafs. How is Burke going to cap wrangle and free agent shop when $22 million is tied up in five players? Also, anyone want to make a bet on who the first player in the Eastern Conference to get Phaneuf’d?

Finally, if anyone is looking for a new TV show to get into, Life Unexpected is surprisingly good. And for the ladies in the audience, Kerr Smith has gotten way better looking since his Dawson’s Creek days. Way better looking.

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