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Gold Medal Time: USA vs. Canada – 2.28.10

February 28, 2010


– Check out Paul Gaustad’s interview from Friday with the boys from WGR with Paul Gaustad. Goose gives his thoughts about Miller’s breakout Olympics and assorted other topics, such as how the break was good not only for the athletes themselves, but also for the fans. I definitely agree with the latter, as the Olympics have totally rejuvenated my batteries when it comes to the Sabres. You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? I think it definitely did in this case. I needed a break from the Sabres in order to appreciate them more and gear up for the last 22+ games.

Sully’s article in today’s News mentions that the Sabres haven’t decided whether to send Miller directly to Pittsburgh for Tuesday’s game, or let him come home and get some rest. No one has asked me (and we all know Sabres management and the blogosphere are like THIS [show fingers close together]), but if I were management, I’d call up Enroth for Tuesday’s game and let Miller come home and get a good solid night and day of sleep in his own bed.

– Watching the CTV pregame show, I’m adding the following to the Hockey-Game-Drinking-Game:

  • Zach Parise is the son of JP Parise.
  • Brooks Orpik was named after Herb Brooks.
  • Truculence

These new terms join the following:

  • Ryan Miller/Michigan State
  • The Staal brothers and their parents sod farm
  • Sidney Crosby’s dryer

– We know Miller has arrived when The Onion picks up on his awesomeness. I think the shopping cart and toilet unsticking ones are my favorites. You know that those goalie sticks might come in handy when someone drops a massive deuce in the locker room.

First Period

– The crowd is chanting “Miller…Miller.” Isn’t it customary to chant when the team is ahead, and not when there’s a tie game?

– I swear, I’ve heard “Oh Bla Dee, Oh Bla Dah”by the Beatles more times in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. Who decided that was a great song for a hockey game?

– Doc and Edzo report that Dany Heatley was assisted into the US bench and the US players did nothing to soften his fall into the bench.

– What was with the gentleman waving the Russian flag and wearing a Russian hoodie near the glass? Did he get lost? Last time I checked, there’s no Russians playing in this game.

– Toews manages to get one past Miller. 1-0, Canada.

Bobby Ryan gets called for tripping Heatley. I wouldn’t go that far to call it a trip. It was more like they got entangled together and simultaneously fell down.

– The period ends with CoreyPerry punching Jack Johnson in the back of the head. Because really, that’s what grownups and professionals do in the Olympics.

Second Period

– I know it’s a serious matter, but Khabibulin being brought up on charges of “extreme drunken driving” makes it sound like he’s prepping for an X-Games event and not committing a crime.

– Nice sell by CoreyPerry when Ryan Malone gets his gloves up around his face. Drury blocks a shot off his hand on the ensuing penalty kill. One thing I have noticed this tournament is that Drury is not afraid to fling his body in front of the puck.

– Do we have to keep reiterating that this is the home ice of the Vancouver Canucks and that [Name of Player] plays for [Name of NHL Team]? That’s getting a wee bit redundant and annoying. And I get that this game isn’t being called for hockey fans, but is instead being called for a mass audience.

– Shit. CoreyPerry pokes a bad Ryan Whitney deflection past Miller. Oh well, that silver medal will still make a nice accessory to the USA uniform. 2-0, Canada.

– So POTUS is betting a case of Yuengling on this game?

– One thing I wish the Sabres would take away from this game is that you don’t stop playing until you hear the whistle. Sometimes I feel like they give up the pressure a little bit too early. Also, the way these players are going all stabby, pokey and shovey in the crease after whistles, I half expect a rumble between the Jets and the Sharks to break out.

– You know what’s going to suck if the US loses this game? That Ryan Miller is probably going to blame himself for this loss. I don’t think I could handle that interview.

– WHOOO! Kane gets a wackydoodle shot past Luongo, which Kesler may or may not have deflected. 2-1, Canada.

– Stat box tells us that the US is losing the turnover battle, as they have given up the puck 10 times to Canada’s 5. I have a feeling that is going to be the significant stat of the day.

Third Period

– The blogging degree of difficulty this period has been increased. I am now eating a sandwich while trying to blog. This…may not end well.

– As Doc is waxing poetic about Miller’s goalie prowess, Canada rips a shot off the post.

– Why is Doc having such problems pronouncing Luongo’s name? It seems that U is bumfuzzling him.

– Miller makes a save on Heatley, which is nice to see, considering that Miller is usually Dany Heatley’s bitch.

– Comment from dad: “If you’re not really paying attention when they say ‘Getzlaf’ you might think they’re saying ‘bitchslap’ and do a double take.”

– Oh jeebus, Miller is “puck handling” behind the net. I feel the need to cover my eyes and whimper.

– At least the US is being a spunky bunch of players and not rolling over and playing dead this period.

– Doc: “Pronger bashed it in a bit further.” Is he talking about the puck or someone’s head?

– I hope Luongo realizes that his high level of play in these Olympics will continue to be expected in the NHL season (especially by those who own Mr. Luongo on their fantasy teams).

– Nice backchecking on Kane to prevent Crosby putting one in on a breakaway.

– Lindy appears to be giving Team Canada a pep talk during a timeout. I can summarize it as thus: “Don’t eff this up.”

– I was searching on MSNBC and found this article about Miller and how this is his teammates’ first real chance at getting to know him. I love how this team is so superstitious that they eat at the same restaurant in the same seats each time. Speaking of Miller and his teammates, has any article said who Miller was rooming with in the village? I had read before that Jack Johnson was crashing in a suite with Langenbrunner, but never heard who our feckless goalie was rooming with.


– So I guess the Canadians decided to be like the Sabres and NOT listen to Lindy Ruff’s pep talk. That was a fucking it up of epic proportions.


– The media geek in me wonders what the ratings are going to be for this game on both sides of the border. For all intents and purposes, Canada probably was shut down between 3 and 6. I’m predicting a 10 rating for the US, but am hoping for higher. I’ll have to wait and see what the e-newsletters say in the morning.

– Canadian racer Paul Tracy wins the best post-Parise goal Tweet competition: “Well, fuck me dead.” That about sums it up for the Canadians, doesn’t it?

– After spending way too much time in the US zone, Crosby beats Miller. 3-2, Canada.


Miller appears to be crying. Whatever Lindy says to him in the handshake line at least gets him laughing. I hope it’s some variation of “get drunk, sleep, eat, get laid and come back and see me on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

– Burke is sitting on the US bench looking like he’s going to cut a bitch.

– Miller’s eyes are killing me. They look so sorrowful and sad. But Parise’s sad expression is almost comical in that his body language is saying pouty five-year-old who didn’t get his way.

– I love that the Canadian fans are cheering Miller and Kesler. The Kesler cheer I get, but the Miller cheer is greatly appreciated.

– Lindy won something! I didn’t think Sabres or Sabre related personnel were allowed to win things.

– I really hope that the Sabres fans give Miller a great reception on Wednesday night. The man deserves it.

Well, that ends our recap of the Olympics. Now back to your regularly scheduled Sabres hockey programming.


USA vs. Finland – 2.26.10

February 26, 2010


– To recap the past days events: Ryan Miller is a media darling. Pat Kane and Phil Kessel need to start scoring. The Canadian women sullied the good name of Canadian women and brought beer and cigars onto the ice at Canada Hockey Place after winning the gold. (Hockey players – even those underage and of the female gender – enjoying a beverage or two? I’m shocked. Really, I am. Pearls are clutched and everything. /sarcasm)

First Period

– Al Michaels has a voice made for hockey. It’s such a shame that he’s stuck with the sideshow that is Roenick and Milbury. And what on earth did we do to deserve Pierre McGuire on this broadcast? Can I say it now and get it over with: SHUT UP PIERRE! I feel better now.

– Kipprusoff comes waaaay out of the net to play the puck and because of some great pressure applied by Kesssel, Kipper gives the puck away to Ryan Malone who fires the puck into a wide open net. 1-0, USA.

– The shiny puffy vest is not a flattering look on you, Pierre.

– It looks like there’s plenty of good seats still available in the lower bowl of Canada Hockey Place. But then again, with all the Canadian red sweaters in the crowd, it kind of blends in and doesn’t look too bad on the TV.

– Zach Parise continues to be adorable as he scores just under the crossbar to make it 2-0, USA. On the replay, it looks like Parise’s shot may have gone in off of Kipper’s stick as he slid across to try and make the save.

– WHOOO! Kipper is not doing well, as he mishandles the puck. USA wins the puckhandling battle and Eric Johnson rips the puck past him. 3-0, USA.

– DOUBLE WHOO! Pat Kane scores to make it 4-0, USA. And Kipper takes this opportunity to remove himself from the Finnish crease. He then stomps down the hall to the locker room to feel shame. He’s replaced by Niklas Backstrom.

– Newsflash: Ryan Miller went to Michigan State.

– I’m watching the garbage men argue with a dog and his owner on my street and Kane scores again. 5-0, USA.

– I have no idea what happened, but Stasny scores so it’s now 6-0, USA.

– Are we sure Miller is still awake at the other end of the ice? Throw a beach ball at him and see what happens.

– I wonder if Ron Wilson will say eff the shutout and get Tim Thomas in net for the rest of the game? Get him some playing time and give Miller a rest. I’m sure Miller won’t initially take too kindly to being pulled, but in the big picture, it might be good for him.

Second Period

– I had to fetch the garbage can from outside. The score there was Garbage Can 1, Amy 0. It’s hard to drive one of those cans in the snow.

– Really, NBC? The sordid saga of Paterson dropping his re-election campaign is worthy of a news break during the hockey game?

– Nice promo job by Versus reminding fans that the season starts again in March.

– Dear USA – don’t turn off the jets just because you’re up by 6. Play hard, play well, play your game.

– Newsflash: Brooks Orpik was named after Herb Brooks.

– Toni Lydman gets an up-close-and-personal shot on Miller, but Miller makes the stop.

– Jarkko Ruutu ends up on top of Ryan Miller in the crease. As a result, Ruutu gets 2 minutes for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct. Bad Finn. Is very bad to sit on US goalie.

– Edzo brought up a good point. Since there us no fighting during Olympic games, the way the US gets back at Finland for roughing up Miller is to continue to run up the score. It’s using the philosophy of “since we can’t literally hit you, we’ll hit you where hurts.”

– I wonder how much pressure is going to be put on Drury to keep up his Olympic level of performance once he is back with the Rangers?

– Newsflash: Ryan Miller plays for the Buffalo Sabres.

– Ryan Malone is so badass that he doesn’t wear a shirt under his jersey. I can see hints of his shoulder ink peering out at me.

– The link between the Wounded Warriors organization and the US Hockey Team has to be one of Burke’s better ideas. It gives the players a personal link to a soldier and serves to remind everyone that there are bigger things outside of hockey. From what I have read, each of the players have seemed genuinely appreciative of the gifts that the wounded soldiers have sent them.

– Backes sends a shot towards the net which is blocked away, but the Finnish player ends up in the net. Can that count?

– Aww, the story about David Backes and the animals is just too cute. Long story short, Backes and his wife had a stray boxer show up on their doorstep, about to give birth. Between the Backes family and the humane society, 12 puppies and one mama dog were all adopted.

Third Period

– Shut up, Gary Bettman. The league coming back to the Olympics in 2014 is not the same thing as NBC deciding whether to broadcast the 2014 Games.

–  Why is it that at every other Olympic event we see the shots of [Athlete X’s] mom/dad in the crowd, but we don’t see that for hockey games? It can’t be that they can’t find the families in the cavernous crowd of the hockey arena, because NBC was able to find that Turkish figure skater’s dad in the upper bowl of the arena last night.

– Backstrom gets called for an interference penalty after clearing Pat Kane’s discarded glove away from his crease area. Doc and Edzo are having fun comparing this letter-of-the-law call to getting pulled over for speeding when you’re the only car on the road early in the morning.

– With slightly over 11 minutes left in the game, Wilson pulls Miller and the entire team stands up to give him an ovation.

– Oh dear sweet lord, now Doc is explaining to us that the Vezina is the trophy given to the best goaltender as voted on by the general managers. That’s like borderline hockey for dummies here. I know the game is live across the country on NBC, but we don’t need to treat the viewers like they’re idiots.

– I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miller look this smiley and relaxed on the bench before. Pierre reported that Bobby Ryan snuck off to get a puck and they’re going to give it to Miller as a surprise commemoration of his shutout tonight. Edzo starts freaking out that Pierre said the S word. You never say the S word in hockey!

– Bobby Ryan is sitting on the bench with a bag of ice on his head as he took a puck off his ear. That had to hurt.

– So it’s not technically a “Ryan Miller Shutout”  if Tim Thomas gives up the goal, but Finland scores to make it 6-1, USA.

– Miller and Ron Wilson are having quite a lengthy chitty-chat at the end of the bench. Pierre reports that they’re discussing the end boards and the wacky bounces that come off of them.

– I love the end of game handshakes and the big hug and grin between Lydman and Miller. Again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger grin on Ryan Miller at any point during the Sabres season.

– Good job, USA! Now onto the Canada/Slovakia winner on Sunday.


What I Did On My Winter Vacation

February 24, 2010

Remember when you were in grade school and you had to write essays about what you did on your summer vacation? What if our favorite Sabres had to do the same thing for this Olympic break, just to prove to Darcy that they were behaving themselves? Here’s a small sample of what would result, gathered through SuperSecretSpy methods.

By “The Goose”


(Editor’s Note:  Google Translator says “Instead of stewing in my bitterness over not making Team USA, I decided to re-dedicate myself to saving the planet, and watched old episodes of Captain Planet. He’s a hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero.”)

By “Drew Stafford”

I went home. I needed to spend more time refining my hybrid Minnesotanadian accent….and have mama do some laundry. Do you know how much laundry has piled up since I was last home? My ride back to Buffalo was diverted to Newark when some little mutant started screaming and its mother wouldn’t shut it up. Since I was already in Jersey, I tried to find that chick from Jersey Shore that looks like Littlefoot. No luck there. Since I was mad, I toilet papered Parise’s front yard to make me feel better. And just so you don’t think I’m a total ass, I fed his pet turtle. Can’t let the pets die while he’s off chasing glory.

By “Derek Roy”

I went to NY Fashion Week. The clothes, the glamour, the lights, the stars. Ooh, it was just the best! I got to meet Michael Kors and Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum! Kors is nearly not as orange in person as he is on Project Runway. I also saw Tyra and the Jays. They were fierce. Tyra told me that I need to work on my smizing. She says smizing is an essential skill. I can already see the signs at HSBC: “Smize for me, Roy-Z!”

Editors Note: I’m sad that Miss Jay will not be at panel on this season of Top Model. Whatever will we do without his giant gimmicks to count down the number of hamsters remaining?

By “Nathan Paetsch”

I updated my resume. I’m not stupid. I’m the eighth defenseman on a seven man rotation. I’ve spent more time this season getting to know the press box staff than skating on the ice.

By “Thomas Vanek”

I spent time playing with my young son. Who knew kids toys had so many parts? And who knew that little parts hurt when you stepped on them. My wife just says be thankful they’re not Barbie shoes. Can someone please tell me what is this Yo Gabba Gabba? And how can a kitchen sponge live under the sea with a squirrel?

By “Chris Butler”

I wanted to make a recipe I saw on The Barefoot Contessa. But was thwarted by not being able to find The Good Vanilla at the grocery store. Why does no one carry this brand? Can I substitute another brand of vanilla? I want to bake, damnit!

By “Tyler Myers”

I grew three more inches and my feet bust through my bedroom wall while I was sleeping. Mairsy and Patty came over to see if they could help me fix the wall, but Mairsy misfired the nail gun and shot a nail through his foot and Patty had to take him to the hospital. Does anyone know a good contractor?

Editor’s note: On a serious note, does anyone know a good contractor in Buffalo? SOtC Estates needs a bathroom reno and needs a quality trustworthy contractor that can install a shower, upgrade some electrical, add an exhaust fan and potentially do some tile work. Drop me an e-mail if you’ve had the good, the bad or the ugly.



February 23, 2010

A couple random tidbits

– Ryan Miller is a bad ass motha who is now coming to the attention of the mainstream media. You know you’ve arrived when you’ve been interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. Was I hearing things or was Miller accusing a Buffalo reporter of blowing his mask situation out of proportion? A Buffalo reporter blowing something out of proportion? Hard to believe.

On the plus side, at least Seacrest is more intelligent sounding than certain twitbrains at certain local radio stations.

– Can someone tell me why I am getting so many results in my traffic report for “Alexander Ovechkin?” Have I really talked about Ovie that much? More importantly, have I referred to him that much as “Alexander Ovechkin?” I seem to recall calling him Great8, Ovie or GrapeApe a heck of a lot more.

– Is it more shocking that Ryan Miller (Hollywood girlfriend) or Mike Comrie (Hollywood fiancee and alleged recipient of a bj on a hotel balcony) have made the tabloids in recent days? I didn’t link the Comrie story because you’re all big boys and girls and can find that story via Google or Twitter if you’re so inclined. But Congratulations, Crunchy. You’ve finally arrived on the big stage. You’re an international sports darling and now you’ve made the tabs. I just hope you’re still allowed to shop at Wegmans in peace.

– This Miller article from the town where he went to high school is kind of sweet.

– Tomorrow’s US game is on again at 3pm. I have a webex scheduled to end at that time tomorrow, just in time for a stop in the kitchen to refill my water bottle, grab a snack and catch a little bit of the game before returning to the insanity that is my desk.

– I’d love to see Germany knock off Canada tonight, but I work with a Canadian, and it will be unbearable tomorrow if they lose. At least let them make it to the quarterfinals to lose against Russia. On the other hand, Russia going down would be entertaining as well. I’m so torn!

– And the Sabres start practicing tomorrow. WHOO! I’ve almost forgotten about the ones not named Ryan Miller.


US vs. Canada – 2.21.10

February 21, 2010


– The Team USA locker room is definitely not the cushy space that Miller is used to at HSBC Arena. How can two goalies and their requisite puffy selves fit on those benches with two other teammates?

– Kadooz to Entertainment Weekly for naming The Ryans of Team USA the Olympic Studs of the Day. Double Kadooz for including the link to Ryan Whitney’s photo album for the OC Register. I really like this type of behind the scenes access.

– Patrick Kane appears to have embraced his inner Twenty-Centness and revealed a pre-game playlist consisting of a good chunk of rap songs. I can remember to singing along to “Hot in Herre” in Frisch with the Canisius Orientation Staff back when the song first came out.

First Period

– I find it amusing that the Roenick, Milbury and Other Guy are wearing suits and ties while Doc and Edzo are wearing polos and windbreakers. Did Doc and Edzo not bring enough formal wear to Vancouver or are they going with the flow of the press box?

– Rafalski lets a shot rip from the point and it gets past Marty. That took some wind out of the pro-Canada crowd, which was just winding up into the Go! Canada! Go! chant. The replay also shows that the puck went in off Sid’s stick while he was ole’ing across the ice to try and stop the puck.  1-0, USA

I’d also like to point out again that Sid’s intimidating face makes him appear constipated. Probably not the look he’s going for. And really, it’s not like Mario isn’t going to lock him out of Chez Lemieux if he doesn’t come back from Vancouver with a gold medal. Oh wait, maybe he will, since Mario has one of his own.

– Hey, did you all know that Ryan Miller went to Michigan State? /sarcasm.

– And did you know Broduer and Hasek had a dual shutout (almost wrote shitout, which would have been a whole different story) and sawed the puck in half? I love how the anecdotes and tidbits that the announcers work off of don’t ever change.

– Staal scores on a deflection of a Seabrook point shot to tie it at 1.

– Hold the phone, Parise dumps in the puck . Rafalski picks up the rebound and puts it past Marty on a screen by Langenbrunner. 2-1, USA.

Hold the phone again: Doc and Edzo have actually referred to Corey Perry as just “Perry” and not “CoreyPerry.” I thought it was a broadcaster rule that Corey Perry must be referred to as CoreyPerry at all times.

– I like seeing goalies coming out to play the puck without the restrictions of the trapezoid, but at the same time, adjusting rules to give goalies more opportunities to puck handle might not end well for the Sabres. I love Miller, but his “puck handling” skills at times can be kind of wonky.

– And now we have the obligatory “Zach Parise is the son of JP Parise” mention that seems to permeate every national game the Devils play in.

– Will Babcock ask Lindy to pull out a trademark Lindy rant during the first intermission or is it going to be a quiet and mellow pep talk?

– Why were they playing “Dueling Banjos” over the arena loudspeakers? Also, who decided that “Hava Nagila” would be a great song to play at sporting events?

Second Period

– Jim Craig (yes, that Jim Craig), reports on Twitter that he is sitting with the Miller family tonight. Aww.

– I hope the Sabres defense is paying attention to how the US defense is getting all pissy if someone so much as looks at Miller the wrong way. The thing with the Sabres defense is that they’ll get pissy for a period or two and then they retreat back into their shells for a good long while.

– Heatley scores on a wide open net to the right of Miller to tie the game at 2.

This game is slowly getting a vibe of some late Sabres games, where Miller is the last line of defense as players rely on their goalie to bail them out after spending a long shift in their own zone.

– Why are we having the Sweet Caroline sing-a-long at this point in the second period? Isn’t the tradition that it’s sung when the home team has the game clearly in hand? That ain’t happening here yet.

– Hey, the Millers all played for Michigan State? Who knew? /sarcasm.

– Brodeur takes a puck off the mask on a knuckle puck from just inside the blue line. While adjusting his mask afterward, he looks kind of pissed.Whether he’s pissed at the shot or pissed at his play tonight remains to be determined.

– CoreyPerry is shaken up as Eric Staal crashes into him. The event is compounded as Pronger trips over the two of them as they are sprawled out on the ice. Dear lord, is Pronger a big guy. And not just a big guy, but a big solid guy. Like that’s what I see Tyler Myers being in a couple of years if he can put on some serious poundage.

– Drury scores as Marty gets caught out of the net on a wackadoodle play. That goal definitely woke up the USA portion of the crowd, as you can now hear the USA chants echoing amongst the Go Canada Go chants. 3-2 USA.

– Holy mother of pearl, this game is bananas. The teams trade breakaways as Dustin Brown, Joe Thorton and Bobby Ryan all trade breakaways.

– Jack Johnson had the opportunity to shoot the puck at the end of the period and doesn’t, as the horn goes off. That’s a smart decision, a sign of respect for the goalie. However, Niedermayer gets all pissy and slams Johnson into the end boards afterward. No idea what the hell that was all about, but it was kind of douchy.

– As we head to commercial break, we see Miller and TimTom talking before heading off the ice. Miller does his loop de loop and is the last player off the ice. Do we think that he had to explain to his teammates that it’s his thing and he has to do it? And how do you even broach the topic of crazy goalie superstitions with your (temporary) teammates?

– I love the Carl Edwards and Aflac Duck commercials. I also love the P&G moms ads. It’s kind of a risk for P&G to do corporate ads instead of brand ads in such a large buy, but the ads are adorable. Also high on my list are Visa’s “Go World” ads. But with the quick turnaround on some of their ads (I’m thinking of the nordic combined ad), there must be an art directory and copywriter at their agency that are ready to pull their hair out during these two weeks.

Third Period

– Congratulations league broadcast partner on missing the first fifteen seconds of the period. Is your technical staff made up of American wimmins who are engrossed in the ice dancing?

– Rafalski rips a shot from the point on USA’s fourth power play and Langenbrunner gets the tip. 4-2, USA.

Holy hockey playing baby Jesus, Miller left a wide open net, the puck was in the crease, he flopped on it and his defense bailed him out. That was a gorgeous display of goaltending and teamwork.

– Getty Images tells me that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are at the game tonight. As is Jon Hamm from Mad Men. When you couple that with what’s on the ice, there’s a heck of a lot of pretty in the building tonight.

– Sidney Crosby goes ass end over teacup on Miller. Can we please not break the goalie? Please? Is that really asking for too much?

– LMAO at the PA playing the Beatles “Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da” while the mess in front of Miller’s crease was sorted out. Is it a subliminal message to the Canadian fans that life goes on no matter the results of a hockey game?

– Miller is playing his ass off tonight. That’s the story, my friends.

– Oh come on. This Crosby goal is the equivalent of the lone goal in a “Ryan Miller shutout.: 4-3, USA.

– And Doc, there’s no need to keep telling us that the crowd is chanting for Canada. If they randomly changed it to “Crosby Sucks,” then you can let us know.

– Edzo: “This has been tremendously tremendous.” Well said there, Edzo. Well said.

– WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kesler puts it into the empty net. 5-3, USA.

I’ve resisted writing this either on the blog or on Twitter until now, but DO YOU BELIEVE IN MILLERCLES? YES!!!!

– What an awesome game.


– Miller looks a little tired. Can he have a couple days of solid sleeping and eating to recover? He also looks completely shocked that this win actually happened.


Separated at Birth

February 18, 2010

CNN’s NHL Olympians “Separated at Birth”.

Miller is one of the included pairs, where he’s determined to be separated from Milo Ventimiglia. It’s not really a bad comparison. One has a wonky brow. The other has a wonky speaking affection.

If you scroll through the rest of the featured players, can it really be a good thing that you’re separated at birth with Mr. Bean? My favorite comparison is the one comparing Sid to one of the Jonas brothers.


A Bit Of This, A Bit of That

February 16, 2010

– These past couple weeks have been filled with blogger meetings and reunions. First there was the Sabres blogger meeting at Casa for the Sabres/Pens game, and then this past Sunday I met up with Katebits (from The Willful Caboose), Heather (from Top Shelf), Pookie & Schnookie (from Interchangeable Parts) and mcguffers (from comment sections blogosphere over) for a night of Olympics watching. Both meetings had a lot of laughs, great people and good conversation. It’s nice to be able to put names with faces.

– The USA Hockey Media Guide is a treasure trove of information. One of Ryan Miller’s hobbies is philosophy. Where was he when I was in college and needed to figure out a way to relate my professor’s beagle back to Aristotle in essay form? I also am drooling over the list of Brooks Orpik’s favorite foods: steak, strawberries, coffee ice cream and gnocchi. Yum-O. In other news,  Zach Parise is afraid of spiders and heights, and enjoys playing tennis and cribbage. Dear god, he sounds like a real-life Abercrombie or J.Crew model. Tim Thomas likes to eat a cheeseburger the night before every game. Would he gladly pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today?

– I’m not a fan of NBC requiring cable system verification before I can watch a live Olympic event online. Excuse me for not wanting to share my billing details with the network and my office IT staff. I just want to listen to the US Hockey games while I’m at the office. It avoids me having to take awkward strolls past the kitchen to check on the score of the game. There was a group of us doing that today, so I suppose it’s allowed and accepted.

– Good on the IOC for letting the tribute to Miller’s cousin remain on his mask. I do think it’s a bit of a pissy move that he had to cover up the MSU logo on the bulldog, however. Is the MSU “S” advertising or is it propaganda? Also, why is the IOC pitching a fit about personal designs, but allowing the Reebok and Bauer logos to remain on the goalies’ pads and gloves? Since Nike is the official sponsor of USA Hockey, it would seem to be a bit of a faux pas having their biggest competitor remain labeled on the goalies’ gear.

– I was watching CTV and they were heavily promoting tonight’s Canada vs. Norway game by using shots of the Canadian players looking intimidating. Someone should tell Crosby that his “intimidating” face looks more like a “constipated” face. I don’t think that’s the look he was going for.

– And David Canary is retiring from All My Children? What are they going to do on that show without Adam Chandler? That’s like dropping Victor Newman from Y&R.

– Should I be ashamed that I *like* two of Ryan Miller’s worst hockey movies ever? Those would be “The Cutting Edge” and D2. Cutting Edge is just so deliciously cheesy and quotable. And D2 was popular in my youth. And hello, Joshua Jackson?!


Sabres vs. Sharks – How Not to Turn Into Chum

February 13, 2010


– We’re being treated to a ceremony honoring the Sabres Olympians. The little kids interacting with the players were so adorable. I know that they had to give Lindy a jersey to keep the flow of the ceremony going, but how funny would it have been if they would have given him a tie to commemorate his role as a coach during these games?

Now smile for the birdie…

(Bill Wippert/Getty Images)

First Period

– Mother of pearl, why didn’t Lalime play tonight for the Sabres? Give Miller a night off before he’s got to go cross country and play nearly every other day for two weeks.

Deadspin has screencaps of the look of total panic on the Great One’s face as the Fortress of Solitude cauldron was delayed in opening. I think I saw those same panicked looks on his face while he was coach of the Coyotes, only then he was wearing a sweater vest instead of a tracksuit. (Disclaimer: while this story is SFW, you never know what ads and headlines may pop up above and around the story. It is Deadspin after all.)

– Vanek has been noticeable tonight. He had one opportunity where he shot straight at the net and another one where he tried to be fancy dancy and it went nowhere.

– It was nice that the Sabres Sled Hockey players had their USA sweaters presented to them tonight as well, but why were they shunted off to the press room at the arena? They should have been recognized on the ice as well. Sure, they’re not “name” players like Miller and Co., but they do deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments all the same.

– And we have a new participant in the “Let’s Fine Tyler Myers Every Time I Get Asked About Him” game. It’s the Goose! According to this article on Fanhouse, Goose gets $20 every time he answers a Myers question. I was going to say that they need to take it easy on him, but then I checked and Myers is making $1.3 mil this year. At this rate, he may end up forking up enough cash to buy the team dinner…or several rounds of drinks.

This was probably my favorite Q&A from the interview:

Which teammate of yours would you like to be for one day?

I like my teammates a lot, but I’m happy being myself.

In other words, I know too much about these guys to even consider trading places with them, even if it is for a day.

Second Period

– Rivet has a puck go off his stick inches in front of Miller with Heatley and Thornton within striking distance. Miller bails out his captain by falling on the puck.

– WHOO! Goose scores off a nifty pass from Hank! Goose didn’t really have to shoot that puck, it was more of a two-foot tap-in for birdie. 1-0, Sabres.

– Did anyone else notice that Hank jumped into Goose’s arms when the goal went in?

– The good thing about having a fantasy team comprised entirely of Western Conference players? You can still log in at 8pm and set your lineup. Not that this was the first time today I thought about the team or anything.

– Vanek FINALLY scores tonight. That’s his 18th goal of the season and is a backhand shot on a rush off the right wing. 2-0, Sabres.

– It sure sounded to me like RJ just suggested that Roy might want to take a dive and go down while wrapping around the San Jose net on a penalty kill. Not that young Roy-Z has a reputation as a diver or anything.

– Pommers gets credit for a pretty wacky goal that actually goes in off Wallin in the Sharks crease. 3-0, Sabres.

– Who the eff are these Sabres and where have they been the past two weeks? Fans were this close to putting them on milk cartons and/or sending the lot of them out of town for a roll of half used tape and a printer cartridge. I know the Sharks are a dangerous team and I shouldn’t be counting my chickens before they’ve hatched, but I can’t help but feel optimistic.

Third Period

– What happened to Stafford on Twitter? Has social media been banned by the team? Did the furries steal his phone?

– All hell breaks loose behind Nabokov as Lil Timmy gets roughed up by Mitchell for daring to breathe the same air as Nabokov. Mair rushes in to defend Kennedy and the rest of the Sharks and Sabres on the ice jump in to the fun as well. What made it funny was that while two of the refs were working to separate Kennedy and Mitchell, the other ref was standing there yelling that all the other players need to move to away from the action and to the other side of the ice. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

– San Jose scores on an odd man rush as Huskins shot goes in under Miller’s arm on the short side. 3-1, Sharks.

– It’s been a long time since I’ve heard Sweet Caroline played at the arena.

– The U-S-A! U-S-A! chant coming from the fans while the play goes on in the San Jose zone is something else. What a nice encouragement for Miller.

– At least they didn’t go 0-for-February!


– Hey, at least the Sabres aren’t in 5th anymore. 3rd place has a much better ring to it.

– If I may wade into the shallow end of the pool for a moment, Miller appears to have gotten a very flattering pre-Olympic haircut. It works for him.

– With the next game not until March 2nd, it might be quiet around here, unless all hell breaks loose at the Olympics or one of our little darlings does something stupid over break and it makes the news. K-Syl was reading my mind and snarked that if something happens, we’ll find out about it on YouTube. (That’s not a hint or a request, boys.)

– Rayzor reports that the players are off until a week from Wednesday (which is the 24th), where they will then start practicing without Lindy and any players that are still in Vancouver. I think this is the first confirmation we’ve had from anyone about what the official Olympic break timeline is.


Sabres vs. Hurricanes – 2.11.10

February 11, 2010

Randomness from tonight’s game

– Who lit a fire under Roy-Z’s ass these past couple of games? And will the guilty pyromaniac please go light a fire under the defense, offense and goaltender? As CJ Cregg once said, set fire to the room. Do it now.

– One thousandth of a second? Are you effing kidding me? The Canes score to tie the game with one-thousandth of a second left in the period? Is that a sign for how the rest of the night is going to go?

– This interview with the four European Sabres Olympians is kind of adorable. Hank and Toni are dressed like twins with the Sabres hoodies and shorts ensembles. I’d like to sit down and have a conversation with those four. They were all so happy and smiley.

– Continuing with the Olympian theme, this video of the Miller family from the Lansing  State Journal is ridiculously precious. I know I have some bad childhood photos in my closet (I think it’s a prerequisite to be considered a child of the 80s), so I’m sure Ryan is oh so thankful that his family popped open the photo albums for this video. And Miller’s little cousins are adorable. However, Ryan’s bobblehead is effing creepy.

– I know this might be sacrilegious for a Buffalo fan to say, but that stuffed Stormy the Ice Hog on the commercial lead in to the third period is a little bit cuter and more realistic looking than the stuffed Sabretooth dolls that the Sabres sell.

– Myers has hit everything but the net tonight. C’mon kiddo, you can do it!

– Montador…you’re fired. That is all.


It’s a point, I guess

February 9, 2010

And that sums up my analysis of the Sabres/Bruins game.

Though I do have to give the little effers credit for coming back from two goals down. I left the office late, and when I flipped on WGR on the ride home and heard it was 2-0 in the first intermission, I was not looking forwards to watching the game.

Can someone please give Tyler Myers a cookie or something for playing over 28 minutes AND taking a shot to the neck?

The second period whip discussing the trade deadline was relatively interesting. Ray said that three quarters of NHL players are mentally unstable and can’t handle the trade rumors. Apparently, NHL players gossip like a bunch of high school girls. I think Ray’s percentage is a bit high. And I get what he’s trying to say, but mentally unstable was probably a poor choice of words. But as I think about it, we as fans sometimes forget that these guys just aren’t names on a roster, they’re actual people with emotions. It’s got to be tough to for them to hear that the fans and/or management want them run out of town on a rail.

They also discussed whether general managers look to the internet for trade suggestions. I’m sorry, that may be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard on a Sabres broadcast. If that were the case, the Sabres would have received thirteen players in exchange for Toni Lydman (per Eklund’s collection of rumors) or Darcy would have traded half the team (but not Roy-Z) in exchange for a Zamboni battery and a case of Labatts. Darcy has a brain in his head (and feet in his shoes). He doesn’t need us telling him how to do his job.

But this is the internet, so we’re going to keep doing it anyways.