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Sabres vs. Hurricanes – 2.5.10

February 5, 2010


– Best wishes to Mike Robitaille, who is out until after the Olympics due to a car accident.

– This week has seen three interesting search terms be used to find my blog:

  • “What kind of cheese is Brodeur?” Well, he’s a goalie, and goalies are bendy and stretchy, like mozzarella. But what do I know of the Devils and cheese? Is there even a cheese that sounds like Brodeur?
  • “Is it alright to slap your Staffy?” That depends. Has he taken a stupid penalty? Played bad defense? Hit on your best friend at the bar? If any of the above are true, then yes, you may slap your Staffy.
  • “Lindy Ruff weight gain.” You’ve seen how the Sabres have been playing lately, right? I wouldn’t blame him if he turned to my old friends Ben & Jerry for consolation.

First Period

– Yo, MSG HD. Get thee some sound, please. I’m stuck watching this game on the SD channel until you get it figured out. How the heck did we watch hockey before HD came along? The picture differences are amazing.

– Manny Legace is starting despite taking a slapshot to the neck in warmups. Yeoch.

– The Sabres and the Hurricanes trade penalties in the early going as Grier and Staal both go off for hooking within seconds of each other.

– @BNHarrington reports that the NHL fixed the broken HD camera at the arena. To paraphrase Glee’s Puck, that and a can of soup will get us the postseason.

– Aaron Ward scores to make it 1-0 Hurricanes. Harry Neale tells us that the shot was from about 19-feet out, though I’m not sure how he came up with that precise number.

– For the love of everything holy, the Sabres are a hot mess right now. The vast majority of the game is being spent in the Buffalo end.

– Hecht deflects a shot by Sekera to tie the game at one. Like Ward on the Carolina goal, Hecht had no one around him. Both teams need to speak with Count Von Count about remembering to count to five to make sure everyone on the other team is covered. (“Five! Five! Five hockey players on the ice!”)

Second Period

– Sunday is the Puppy Bowl (now with the kitty halftime show, bunny cheerleaders and the hamster blimp). I fully admit that if the Super Bowl gets boring, I will be flipping over to the puppies. I can’t believe this show has been on for six years already, and that it’s one of Animal Planet’s highest rated programs.

– And again with the dual penaties. Shortly after Carolina gets called for too many men, Myers gets called for cross checking. And then Stafford gets called for slashing. If there were ever a time to slap your Staffy, it would be now.

– Twitter tells us that the audio HD problems cannot be fixed tonight. So standard def it is then. At least we’re seeing something, I suppose.

– The Hurricanes are called for hooking. Any bet that the Sabres will get a penalty called on them in the next 30 seconds?

– What do I win? Myers gets called for interference shortly thereafter. This retaliatory penalty nonsense is a bit over the top.

– Yo-Yo tries an around the world maneuver to attempt to put the puck in a wide open Carolina net. Luckily, the Hurricanes skaters are adept at covering for their down goalie, so the puck does not go in.

– There is a child waving a hot magenta sign to the right of Legace. If it’s this distracting and bothersome to me here on my sofa, just how annoying is it to the players?

Third Period

– Nice job on that Carolina goal, boys. Rob Ray is pissed at you. Stop relying on the ends of your sticks and move your feet, or so he says.

– WHOO! Stafford ricochets a shot off Roy’s ass and into the net. This goal just proves that junk in the trunk is a good thing. We’re now tied at two.

– Continuing the junk in the trunk theme, Stafford’s point shot rebounds up in the air and comes down inside the net thanks to a beautiful bounce of Legace’s tushie. 3-2, Sabres.

– Boo-urns. Kostopolous scores to tie it at 3. The goal was just a result of an epic miscommunication fail between Gaustad, Butler, Sekera and Lil Timmy.

– There’s a moment on the bench where Sekera is playing with his mouthguard, but the way he has it puckered in his lips make it look like he’s gone all Goth on us and is sporting black lipstick.

– Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, Miller completely whiffs on a Jokinen shot, giving Carolina a 4-3 lead.

– Looking at the stat sheet, Miller, Goose, Grier, Kennedy and Myers are fired.

– Huzzah! The crowd actually booed. I feel like booing, but it loses its effect when I do it on my own in the living room.


– The Sabres have lost seven of their last nine. That’s encouraging as they head into the Olympic break. Real effing encouraging. I want Miller to sit for a game or two before Vancouver. We know that it’s highly probably that Miller is getting a night off tomorrow against the Blue Jackets. I also want to see some of the other guys take a seat in the press box. Kennedy and Montador have been brutal these past couple of games. Sekera has had the odd mistake or two, but he’s been a lot better than Montador. And it may be the purple elephant in the middle of the locker room, but maybe Butler needs to take a seat for a game? Can Paetsch really be worse than either Butler or Montador? And that’s the end of my armchair player management.

– What the hell happened during Hank’s interview that caused him to burst out laughing?

– Miller says his whiff on the Jokinen goal was not a good example of hand-eye coordination. That’s the deadpan understatement of the year. Miller looks like he wants to scream, cry or tell a reporter to shove that microphone somewhere. And he also looks like he needs a good nap and a home cooked meal.

– And really, all of the outrage and frustration that we as Sabres fans feel tonight is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Thoughts and prayers go out to Brian Burke and his family on the loss of Brendan. Eternal rest, grant unto him oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.