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Sabres vs. Blue Jackets – 2.6.10

February 6, 2010

Random babble from tonight’s game

– Repeat after me, Sabres: “Sound defensive hockey is fundamental.” Learn it. Love it. Be it.

– A goal from center ice? Just kill me now. The goal going off the glass and off Lalime’s feet just reminds me of those old Michael Jordan commercials where they try to ricochet shots off various objects.

– A fight! A fight! How long has it been since a Sabre has fought?

– Why do Lindy Ruff’s ties always look like they could be turned into Vera Bradley purse patterns? That said, I’d love a purse in the purple swirly pattern of tonight’s tie.

– Lindy’s hair looks exceptionally bright on this camera feed, like a cross between day-glo yellow and hay.

– I feel like the Sabres and I need a break. It’s not me, it’s them.

It’s also really bad form to injure your own teammates, Sabres. I don’t care if it’s only a tiny cut on Grier’s schnozz, it’s still bad form!

– This intermission feature on the Buffalo Sabres sled hockey team and it’s athletes heading to the Paralympic games is really cool. Sled hockey looks like it would be a ton of fun to play and these guys have to have some massive upper body strength.

– If they’re not going to care, I’m not going to care either. Friday’s General Hospital is awfully tempting on the DVR.

– And just when I say that, Stafford goes and fights Umberger. It’s like he knew that one of my weaknesses is seeing players that aren’t fighters go and drop the gloves. I can’t believe that one punch made Umberger’s ear bleed.

– I really feel bad for the people that drove hours to see this dreck of a game.

– I know that the broadcasters are contractually obligated to do the sponsored game recaps, but do we really have to recap the suck?

– At least the Sabres getting shut out means Mason finally pulled his weight for the Pea Brains.

– Tuesday’s game against Boston has the potential to be the Battle of the Suck. I love games that are full of suck! [/sarcasm]