It’s a point, I guess

February 9, 2010

And that sums up my analysis of the Sabres/Bruins game.

Though I do have to give the little effers credit for coming back from two goals down. I left the office late, and when I flipped on WGR on the ride home and heard it was 2-0 in the first intermission, I was not looking forwards to watching the game.

Can someone please give Tyler Myers a cookie or something for playing over 28 minutes AND taking a shot to the neck?

The second period whip discussing the trade deadline was relatively interesting. Ray said that three quarters of NHL players are mentally unstable and can’t handle the trade rumors. Apparently, NHL players gossip like a bunch of high school girls. I think Ray’s percentage is a bit high. And I get what he’s trying to say, but mentally unstable was probably a poor choice of words. But as I think about it, we as fans sometimes forget that these guys just aren’t names on a roster, they’re actual people with emotions. It’s got to be tough to for them to hear that the fans and/or management want them run out of town on a rail.

They also discussed whether general managers look to the internet for trade suggestions. I’m sorry, that may be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard on a Sabres broadcast. If that were the case, the Sabres would have received thirteen players in exchange for Toni Lydman (per Eklund’s collection of rumors) or Darcy would have traded half the team (but not Roy-Z) in exchange for a Zamboni battery and a case of Labatts. Darcy has a brain in his head (and feet in his shoes). He doesn’t need us telling him how to do his job.

But this is the internet, so we’re going to keep doing it anyways.

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