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A Bit Of This, A Bit of That

February 16, 2010

– These past couple weeks have been filled with blogger meetings and reunions. First there was the Sabres blogger meeting at Casa for the Sabres/Pens game, and then this past Sunday I met up with Katebits (from The Willful Caboose), Heather (from Top Shelf), Pookie & Schnookie (from Interchangeable Parts) and mcguffers (from comment sections blogosphere over) for a night of Olympics watching. Both meetings had a lot of laughs, great people and good conversation. It’s nice to be able to put names with faces.

– The USA Hockey Media Guide is a treasure trove of information. One of Ryan Miller’s hobbies is philosophy. Where was he when I was in college and needed to figure out a way to relate my professor’s beagle back to Aristotle in essay form? I also am drooling over the list of Brooks Orpik’s favorite foods: steak, strawberries, coffee ice cream and gnocchi. Yum-O. In other news,  Zach Parise is afraid of spiders and heights, and enjoys playing tennis and cribbage. Dear god, he sounds like a real-life Abercrombie or J.Crew model. Tim Thomas likes to eat a cheeseburger the night before every game. Would he gladly pay me Tuesday for a hamburger today?

– I’m not a fan of NBC requiring cable system verification before I can watch a live Olympic event online. Excuse me for not wanting to share my billing details with the network and my office IT staff. I just want to listen to the US Hockey games while I’m at the office. It avoids me having to take awkward strolls past the kitchen to check on the score of the game. There was a group of us doing that today, so I suppose it’s allowed and accepted.

– Good on the IOC for letting the tribute to Miller’s cousin remain on his mask. I do think it’s a bit of a pissy move that he had to cover up the MSU logo on the bulldog, however. Is the MSU “S” advertising or is it propaganda? Also, why is the IOC pitching a fit about personal designs, but allowing the Reebok and Bauer logos to remain on the goalies’ pads and gloves? Since Nike is the official sponsor of USA Hockey, it would seem to be a bit of a faux pas having their biggest competitor remain labeled on the goalies’ gear.

– I was watching CTV and they were heavily promoting tonight’s Canada vs. Norway game by using shots of the Canadian players looking intimidating. Someone should tell Crosby that his “intimidating” face looks more like a “constipated” face. I don’t think that’s the look he was going for.

– And David Canary is retiring from All My Children? What are they going to do on that show without Adam Chandler? That’s like dropping Victor Newman from Y&R.

– Should I be ashamed that I *like* two of Ryan Miller’s worst hockey movies ever? Those would be “The Cutting Edge” and D2. Cutting Edge is just so deliciously cheesy and quotable. And D2 was popular in my youth. And hello, Joshua Jackson?!