US vs. Canada – 2.21.10

February 21, 2010


– The Team USA locker room is definitely not the cushy space that Miller is used to at HSBC Arena. How can two goalies and their requisite puffy selves fit on those benches with two other teammates?

– Kadooz to Entertainment Weekly for naming The Ryans of Team USA the Olympic Studs of the Day. Double Kadooz for including the link to Ryan Whitney’s photo album for the OC Register. I really like this type of behind the scenes access.

– Patrick Kane appears to have embraced his inner Twenty-Centness and revealed a pre-game playlist consisting of a good chunk of rap songs. I can remember to singing along to “Hot in Herre” in Frisch with the Canisius Orientation Staff back when the song first came out.

First Period

– I find it amusing that the Roenick, Milbury and Other Guy are wearing suits and ties while Doc and Edzo are wearing polos and windbreakers. Did Doc and Edzo not bring enough formal wear to Vancouver or are they going with the flow of the press box?

– Rafalski lets a shot rip from the point and it gets past Marty. That took some wind out of the pro-Canada crowd, which was just winding up into the Go! Canada! Go! chant. The replay also shows that the puck went in off Sid’s stick while he was ole’ing across the ice to try and stop the puck.  1-0, USA

I’d also like to point out again that Sid’s intimidating face makes him appear constipated. Probably not the look he’s going for. And really, it’s not like Mario isn’t going to lock him out of Chez Lemieux if he doesn’t come back from Vancouver with a gold medal. Oh wait, maybe he will, since Mario has one of his own.

– Hey, did you all know that Ryan Miller went to Michigan State? /sarcasm.

– And did you know Broduer and Hasek had a dual shutout (almost wrote shitout, which would have been a whole different story) and sawed the puck in half? I love how the anecdotes and tidbits that the announcers work off of don’t ever change.

– Staal scores on a deflection of a Seabrook point shot to tie it at 1.

– Hold the phone, Parise dumps in the puck . Rafalski picks up the rebound and puts it past Marty on a screen by Langenbrunner. 2-1, USA.

Hold the phone again: Doc and Edzo have actually referred to Corey Perry as just “Perry” and not “CoreyPerry.” I thought it was a broadcaster rule that Corey Perry must be referred to as CoreyPerry at all times.

– I like seeing goalies coming out to play the puck without the restrictions of the trapezoid, but at the same time, adjusting rules to give goalies more opportunities to puck handle might not end well for the Sabres. I love Miller, but his “puck handling” skills at times can be kind of wonky.

– And now we have the obligatory “Zach Parise is the son of JP Parise” mention that seems to permeate every national game the Devils play in.

– Will Babcock ask Lindy to pull out a trademark Lindy rant during the first intermission or is it going to be a quiet and mellow pep talk?

– Why were they playing “Dueling Banjos” over the arena loudspeakers? Also, who decided that “Hava Nagila” would be a great song to play at sporting events?

Second Period

– Jim Craig (yes, that Jim Craig), reports on Twitter that he is sitting with the Miller family tonight. Aww.

– I hope the Sabres defense is paying attention to how the US defense is getting all pissy if someone so much as looks at Miller the wrong way. The thing with the Sabres defense is that they’ll get pissy for a period or two and then they retreat back into their shells for a good long while.

– Heatley scores on a wide open net to the right of Miller to tie the game at 2.

This game is slowly getting a vibe of some late Sabres games, where Miller is the last line of defense as players rely on their goalie to bail them out after spending a long shift in their own zone.

– Why are we having the Sweet Caroline sing-a-long at this point in the second period? Isn’t the tradition that it’s sung when the home team has the game clearly in hand? That ain’t happening here yet.

– Hey, the Millers all played for Michigan State? Who knew? /sarcasm.

– Brodeur takes a puck off the mask on a knuckle puck from just inside the blue line. While adjusting his mask afterward, he looks kind of pissed.Whether he’s pissed at the shot or pissed at his play tonight remains to be determined.

– CoreyPerry is shaken up as Eric Staal crashes into him. The event is compounded as Pronger trips over the two of them as they are sprawled out on the ice. Dear lord, is Pronger a big guy. And not just a big guy, but a big solid guy. Like that’s what I see Tyler Myers being in a couple of years if he can put on some serious poundage.

– Drury scores as Marty gets caught out of the net on a wackadoodle play. That goal definitely woke up the USA portion of the crowd, as you can now hear the USA chants echoing amongst the Go Canada Go chants. 3-2 USA.

– Holy mother of pearl, this game is bananas. The teams trade breakaways as Dustin Brown, Joe Thorton and Bobby Ryan all trade breakaways.

– Jack Johnson had the opportunity to shoot the puck at the end of the period and doesn’t, as the horn goes off. That’s a smart decision, a sign of respect for the goalie. However, Niedermayer gets all pissy and slams Johnson into the end boards afterward. No idea what the hell that was all about, but it was kind of douchy.

– As we head to commercial break, we see Miller and TimTom talking before heading off the ice. Miller does his loop de loop and is the last player off the ice. Do we think that he had to explain to his teammates that it’s his thing and he has to do it? And how do you even broach the topic of crazy goalie superstitions with your (temporary) teammates?

– I love the Carl Edwards and Aflac Duck commercials. I also love the P&G moms ads. It’s kind of a risk for P&G to do corporate ads instead of brand ads in such a large buy, but the ads are adorable. Also high on my list are Visa’s “Go World” ads. But with the quick turnaround on some of their ads (I’m thinking of the nordic combined ad), there must be an art directory and copywriter at their agency that are ready to pull their hair out during these two weeks.

Third Period

– Congratulations league broadcast partner on missing the first fifteen seconds of the period. Is your technical staff made up of American wimmins who are engrossed in the ice dancing?

– Rafalski rips a shot from the point on USA’s fourth power play and Langenbrunner gets the tip. 4-2, USA.

Holy hockey playing baby Jesus, Miller left a wide open net, the puck was in the crease, he flopped on it and his defense bailed him out. That was a gorgeous display of goaltending and teamwork.

– Getty Images tells me that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are at the game tonight. As is Jon Hamm from Mad Men. When you couple that with what’s on the ice, there’s a heck of a lot of pretty in the building tonight.

– Sidney Crosby goes ass end over teacup on Miller. Can we please not break the goalie? Please? Is that really asking for too much?

– LMAO at the PA playing the Beatles “Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da” while the mess in front of Miller’s crease was sorted out. Is it a subliminal message to the Canadian fans that life goes on no matter the results of a hockey game?

– Miller is playing his ass off tonight. That’s the story, my friends.

– Oh come on. This Crosby goal is the equivalent of the lone goal in a “Ryan Miller shutout.: 4-3, USA.

– And Doc, there’s no need to keep telling us that the crowd is chanting for Canada. If they randomly changed it to “Crosby Sucks,” then you can let us know.

– Edzo: “This has been tremendously tremendous.” Well said there, Edzo. Well said.

– WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kesler puts it into the empty net. 5-3, USA.

I’ve resisted writing this either on the blog or on Twitter until now, but DO YOU BELIEVE IN MILLERCLES? YES!!!!

– What an awesome game.


– Miller looks a little tired. Can he have a couple days of solid sleeping and eating to recover? He also looks completely shocked that this win actually happened.


  1. Okay, I’m fascinated by the line of identical sneakers in the photo from the first link. Do they all have to wear IOC-sanctioned shoes?

    And how do you even broach the topic of crazy goalie superstitions with your (temporary) teammates?

    Hee, I just assume that they all operate off the assumption that “goalies are always nuts, so we’ll just let them do their thing.”

    Ryan Miller is such a hero. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE’S OURS!!! Wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All right, it is ridiculous that there are SIX Ryans on Team USA. All but Miller and Malone are in my age cohort too. I don’t remember the name being that popular when I was in school.

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