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February 23, 2010

A couple random tidbits

– Ryan Miller is a bad ass motha who is now coming to the attention of the mainstream media. You know you’ve arrived when you’ve been interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. Was I hearing things or was Miller accusing a Buffalo reporter of blowing his mask situation out of proportion? A Buffalo reporter blowing something out of proportion? Hard to believe.

On the plus side, at least Seacrest is more intelligent sounding than certain twitbrains at certain local radio stations.

– Can someone tell me why I am getting so many results in my traffic report for “Alexander Ovechkin?” Have I really talked about Ovie that much? More importantly, have I referred to him that much as “Alexander Ovechkin?” I seem to recall calling him Great8, Ovie or GrapeApe a heck of a lot more.

– Is it more shocking that Ryan Miller (Hollywood girlfriend) or Mike Comrie (Hollywood fiancee and alleged recipient of a bj on a hotel balcony) have made the tabloids in recent days? I didn’t link the Comrie story because you’re all big boys and girls and can find that story via Google or Twitter if you’re so inclined. But Congratulations, Crunchy. You’ve finally arrived on the big stage. You’re an international sports darling and now you’ve made the tabs. I just hope you’re still allowed to shop at Wegmans in peace.

– This Miller article from the town where he went to high school is kind of sweet.

– Tomorrow’s US game is on again at 3pm. I have a webex scheduled to end at that time tomorrow, just in time for a stop in the kitchen to refill my water bottle, grab a snack and catch a little bit of the game before returning to the insanity that is my desk.

– I’d love to see Germany knock off Canada tonight, but I work with a Canadian, and it will be unbearable tomorrow if they lose. At least let them make it to the quarterfinals to lose against Russia. On the other hand, Russia going down would be entertaining as well. I’m so torn!

– And the Sabres start practicing tomorrow. WHOO! I’ve almost forgotten about the ones not named Ryan Miller.