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USA vs. Finland – 2.26.10

February 26, 2010


– To recap the past days events: Ryan Miller is a media darling. Pat Kane and Phil Kessel need to start scoring. The Canadian women sullied the good name of Canadian women and brought beer and cigars onto the ice at Canada Hockey Place after winning the gold. (Hockey players – even those underage and of the female gender – enjoying a beverage or two? I’m shocked. Really, I am. Pearls are clutched and everything. /sarcasm)

First Period

– Al Michaels has a voice made for hockey. It’s such a shame that he’s stuck with the sideshow that is Roenick and Milbury. And what on earth did we do to deserve Pierre McGuire on this broadcast? Can I say it now and get it over with: SHUT UP PIERRE! I feel better now.

– Kipprusoff comes waaaay out of the net to play the puck and because of some great pressure applied by Kesssel, Kipper gives the puck away to Ryan Malone who fires the puck into a wide open net. 1-0, USA.

– The shiny puffy vest is not a flattering look on you, Pierre.

– It looks like there’s plenty of good seats still available in the lower bowl of Canada Hockey Place. But then again, with all the Canadian red sweaters in the crowd, it kind of blends in and doesn’t look too bad on the TV.

– Zach Parise continues to be adorable as he scores just under the crossbar to make it 2-0, USA. On the replay, it looks like Parise’s shot may have gone in off of Kipper’s stick as he slid across to try and make the save.

– WHOOO! Kipper is not doing well, as he mishandles the puck. USA wins the puckhandling battle and Eric Johnson rips the puck past him. 3-0, USA.

– DOUBLE WHOO! Pat Kane scores to make it 4-0, USA. And Kipper takes this opportunity to remove himself from the Finnish crease. He then stomps down the hall to the locker room to feel shame. He’s replaced by Niklas Backstrom.

– Newsflash: Ryan Miller went to Michigan State.

– I’m watching the garbage men argue with a dog and his owner on my street and Kane scores again. 5-0, USA.

– I have no idea what happened, but Stasny scores so it’s now 6-0, USA.

– Are we sure Miller is still awake at the other end of the ice? Throw a beach ball at him and see what happens.

– I wonder if Ron Wilson will say eff the shutout and get Tim Thomas in net for the rest of the game? Get him some playing time and give Miller a rest. I’m sure Miller won’t initially take too kindly to being pulled, but in the big picture, it might be good for him.

Second Period

– I had to fetch the garbage can from outside. The score there was Garbage Can 1, Amy 0. It’s hard to drive one of those cans in the snow.

– Really, NBC? The sordid saga of Paterson dropping his re-election campaign is worthy of a news break during the hockey game?

– Nice promo job by Versus reminding fans that the season starts again in March.

– Dear USA – don’t turn off the jets just because you’re up by 6. Play hard, play well, play your game.

– Newsflash: Brooks Orpik was named after Herb Brooks.

– Toni Lydman gets an up-close-and-personal shot on Miller, but Miller makes the stop.

– Jarkko Ruutu ends up on top of Ryan Miller in the crease. As a result, Ruutu gets 2 minutes for roughing and a 10 minute misconduct. Bad Finn. Is very bad to sit on US goalie.

– Edzo brought up a good point. Since there us no fighting during Olympic games, the way the US gets back at Finland for roughing up Miller is to continue to run up the score. It’s using the philosophy of “since we can’t literally hit you, we’ll hit you where hurts.”

– I wonder how much pressure is going to be put on Drury to keep up his Olympic level of performance once he is back with the Rangers?

– Newsflash: Ryan Miller plays for the Buffalo Sabres.

– Ryan Malone is so badass that he doesn’t wear a shirt under his jersey. I can see hints of his shoulder ink peering out at me.

– The link between the Wounded Warriors organization and the US Hockey Team has to be one of Burke’s better ideas. It gives the players a personal link to a soldier and serves to remind everyone that there are bigger things outside of hockey. From what I have read, each of the players have seemed genuinely appreciative of the gifts that the wounded soldiers have sent them.

– Backes sends a shot towards the net which is blocked away, but the Finnish player ends up in the net. Can that count?

– Aww, the story about David Backes and the animals is just too cute. Long story short, Backes and his wife had a stray boxer show up on their doorstep, about to give birth. Between the Backes family and the humane society, 12 puppies and one mama dog were all adopted.

Third Period

– Shut up, Gary Bettman. The league coming back to the Olympics in 2014 is not the same thing as NBC deciding whether to broadcast the 2014 Games.

–  Why is it that at every other Olympic event we see the shots of [Athlete X’s] mom/dad in the crowd, but we don’t see that for hockey games? It can’t be that they can’t find the families in the cavernous crowd of the hockey arena, because NBC was able to find that Turkish figure skater’s dad in the upper bowl of the arena last night.

– Backstrom gets called for an interference penalty after clearing Pat Kane’s discarded glove away from his crease area. Doc and Edzo are having fun comparing this letter-of-the-law call to getting pulled over for speeding when you’re the only car on the road early in the morning.

– With slightly over 11 minutes left in the game, Wilson pulls Miller and the entire team stands up to give him an ovation.

– Oh dear sweet lord, now Doc is explaining to us that the Vezina is the trophy given to the best goaltender as voted on by the general managers. That’s like borderline hockey for dummies here. I know the game is live across the country on NBC, but we don’t need to treat the viewers like they’re idiots.

– I don’t think I’ve ever seen Miller look this smiley and relaxed on the bench before. Pierre reported that Bobby Ryan snuck off to get a puck and they’re going to give it to Miller as a surprise commemoration of his shutout tonight. Edzo starts freaking out that Pierre said the S word. You never say the S word in hockey!

– Bobby Ryan is sitting on the bench with a bag of ice on his head as he took a puck off his ear. That had to hurt.

– So it’s not technically a “Ryan Miller Shutout”  if Tim Thomas gives up the goal, but Finland scores to make it 6-1, USA.

– Miller and Ron Wilson are having quite a lengthy chitty-chat at the end of the bench. Pierre reports that they’re discussing the end boards and the wacky bounces that come off of them.

– I love the end of game handshakes and the big hug and grin between Lydman and Miller. Again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger grin on Ryan Miller at any point during the Sabres season.

– Good job, USA! Now onto the Canada/Slovakia winner on Sunday.