Gold Medal Time: USA vs. Canada – 2.28.10

February 28, 2010


– Check out Paul Gaustad’s interview from Friday with the boys from WGR with Paul Gaustad. Goose gives his thoughts about Miller’s breakout Olympics and assorted other topics, such as how the break was good not only for the athletes themselves, but also for the fans. I definitely agree with the latter, as the Olympics have totally rejuvenated my batteries when it comes to the Sabres. You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? I think it definitely did in this case. I needed a break from the Sabres in order to appreciate them more and gear up for the last 22+ games.

Sully’s article in today’s News mentions that the Sabres haven’t decided whether to send Miller directly to Pittsburgh for Tuesday’s game, or let him come home and get some rest. No one has asked me (and we all know Sabres management and the blogosphere are like THIS [show fingers close together]), but if I were management, I’d call up Enroth for Tuesday’s game and let Miller come home and get a good solid night and day of sleep in his own bed.

– Watching the CTV pregame show, I’m adding the following to the Hockey-Game-Drinking-Game:

  • Zach Parise is the son of JP Parise.
  • Brooks Orpik was named after Herb Brooks.
  • Truculence

These new terms join the following:

  • Ryan Miller/Michigan State
  • The Staal brothers and their parents sod farm
  • Sidney Crosby’s dryer

– We know Miller has arrived when The Onion picks up on his awesomeness. I think the shopping cart and toilet unsticking ones are my favorites. You know that those goalie sticks might come in handy when someone drops a massive deuce in the locker room.

First Period

– The crowd is chanting “Miller…Miller.” Isn’t it customary to chant when the team is ahead, and not when there’s a tie game?

– I swear, I’ve heard “Oh Bla Dee, Oh Bla Dah”by the Beatles more times in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years. Who decided that was a great song for a hockey game?

– Doc and Edzo report that Dany Heatley was assisted into the US bench and the US players did nothing to soften his fall into the bench.

– What was with the gentleman waving the Russian flag and wearing a Russian hoodie near the glass? Did he get lost? Last time I checked, there’s no Russians playing in this game.

– Toews manages to get one past Miller. 1-0, Canada.

Bobby Ryan gets called for tripping Heatley. I wouldn’t go that far to call it a trip. It was more like they got entangled together and simultaneously fell down.

– The period ends with CoreyPerry punching Jack Johnson in the back of the head. Because really, that’s what grownups and professionals do in the Olympics.

Second Period

– I know it’s a serious matter, but Khabibulin being brought up on charges of “extreme drunken driving” makes it sound like he’s prepping for an X-Games event and not committing a crime.

– Nice sell by CoreyPerry when Ryan Malone gets his gloves up around his face. Drury blocks a shot off his hand on the ensuing penalty kill. One thing I have noticed this tournament is that Drury is not afraid to fling his body in front of the puck.

– Do we have to keep reiterating that this is the home ice of the Vancouver Canucks and that [Name of Player] plays for [Name of NHL Team]? That’s getting a wee bit redundant and annoying. And I get that this game isn’t being called for hockey fans, but is instead being called for a mass audience.

– Shit. CoreyPerry pokes a bad Ryan Whitney deflection past Miller. Oh well, that silver medal will still make a nice accessory to the USA uniform. 2-0, Canada.

– So POTUS is betting a case of Yuengling on this game?

– One thing I wish the Sabres would take away from this game is that you don’t stop playing until you hear the whistle. Sometimes I feel like they give up the pressure a little bit too early. Also, the way these players are going all stabby, pokey and shovey in the crease after whistles, I half expect a rumble between the Jets and the Sharks to break out.

– You know what’s going to suck if the US loses this game? That Ryan Miller is probably going to blame himself for this loss. I don’t think I could handle that interview.

– WHOOO! Kane gets a wackydoodle shot past Luongo, which Kesler may or may not have deflected. 2-1, Canada.

– Stat box tells us that the US is losing the turnover battle, as they have given up the puck 10 times to Canada’s 5. I have a feeling that is going to be the significant stat of the day.

Third Period

– The blogging degree of difficulty this period has been increased. I am now eating a sandwich while trying to blog. This…may not end well.

– As Doc is waxing poetic about Miller’s goalie prowess, Canada rips a shot off the post.

– Why is Doc having such problems pronouncing Luongo’s name? It seems that U is bumfuzzling him.

– Miller makes a save on Heatley, which is nice to see, considering that Miller is usually Dany Heatley’s bitch.

– Comment from dad: “If you’re not really paying attention when they say ‘Getzlaf’ you might think they’re saying ‘bitchslap’ and do a double take.”

– Oh jeebus, Miller is “puck handling” behind the net. I feel the need to cover my eyes and whimper.

– At least the US is being a spunky bunch of players and not rolling over and playing dead this period.

– Doc: “Pronger bashed it in a bit further.” Is he talking about the puck or someone’s head?

– I hope Luongo realizes that his high level of play in these Olympics will continue to be expected in the NHL season (especially by those who own Mr. Luongo on their fantasy teams).

– Nice backchecking on Kane to prevent Crosby putting one in on a breakaway.

– Lindy appears to be giving Team Canada a pep talk during a timeout. I can summarize it as thus: “Don’t eff this up.”

– I was searching on MSNBC and found this article about Miller and how this is his teammates’ first real chance at getting to know him. I love how this team is so superstitious that they eat at the same restaurant in the same seats each time. Speaking of Miller and his teammates, has any article said who Miller was rooming with in the village? I had read before that Jack Johnson was crashing in a suite with Langenbrunner, but never heard who our feckless goalie was rooming with.


– So I guess the Canadians decided to be like the Sabres and NOT listen to Lindy Ruff’s pep talk. That was a fucking it up of epic proportions.


– The media geek in me wonders what the ratings are going to be for this game on both sides of the border. For all intents and purposes, Canada probably was shut down between 3 and 6. I’m predicting a 10 rating for the US, but am hoping for higher. I’ll have to wait and see what the e-newsletters say in the morning.

– Canadian racer Paul Tracy wins the best post-Parise goal Tweet competition: “Well, fuck me dead.” That about sums it up for the Canadians, doesn’t it?

– After spending way too much time in the US zone, Crosby beats Miller. 3-2, Canada.


Miller appears to be crying. Whatever Lindy says to him in the handshake line at least gets him laughing. I hope it’s some variation of “get drunk, sleep, eat, get laid and come back and see me on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

– Burke is sitting on the US bench looking like he’s going to cut a bitch.

– Miller’s eyes are killing me. They look so sorrowful and sad. But Parise’s sad expression is almost comical in that his body language is saying pouty five-year-old who didn’t get his way.

– I love that the Canadian fans are cheering Miller and Kesler. The Kesler cheer I get, but the Miller cheer is greatly appreciated.

– Lindy won something! I didn’t think Sabres or Sabre related personnel were allowed to win things.

– I really hope that the Sabres fans give Miller a great reception on Wednesday night. The man deserves it.

Well, that ends our recap of the Olympics. Now back to your regularly scheduled Sabres hockey programming.

One comment

  1. Goose is smart – and not even “pro-athlete” smart.

    The period ends with CoreyPerry punching Jack Johnson in the back of the head. Because really, that’s what grownups and professionals do in the Olympics.

    My exact words at this development: “Oh of-fucking-course.”

    – Miller appears to be crying. Whatever Lindy says to him in the handshake line at least gets him laughing. I hope it’s some variation of “get drunk, sleep, eat, get laid and come back and see me on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

    I loved that. Oh Lindy, oh Ryan.

    I think the HSBC crowd is going to lose their collective minds Wednesday night trying to figure out how to show the proper appreciation for Crunchy. I don’t think a standing O is going to cut it.

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