The Calm Before the Storm – Sabres vs. Pens 3.2.10

March 2, 2010

So tonight is the last game before the trade deadline. Will this mark the last time that we see one of the boys in the blue and gold? Will we be bidding adieu to Clarke MacArthur or Drew Stafford, but saying hello to Biron or Ponikarovsky?

Heads up for tomorrow. The boys over at The Goose’s Roost are running what can best be described as a Buffalo Blog Block Party for tomorrow’s trade deadline day. Most of your favorite Sabres bloggers and other tweeps will show up at various points throughout the day tomorrow, so stop by. We can all commiserate together when Darcy trades Sabretooth for a case of Labatts or a Zamboni battery, or when Rip Simonick gets traded for a mystery Roll Up the Rim to Win Cup.

Here’s the link to the blog, if you’re so inclined…
Trade Deadline Mega Live Blog

ETA: If the linky no-worky for you, then head to The Goose’s Roost itself to join in on the fun.

But back to matters at hand.

I’m excited to have Sabres hockey back. I was ready for the Olympic break. The Sabres just weren’t playing to their full potential. We needed a break. It wasn’t me, it was them. But that’s over now. The boys in blue and gold are back, as are my scintillating in-game thoughts.

– Watching the pregame media scrum with Miller, he’s rocking the hell out of that tweed newsboy cap. Everytime I see him in one, I start humming either Seize the Day” or “Carrying the Banner.” (Do you know how difficult it is to find reasonably decent Newsies clips? And do you know how difficult it is to get Newsies songs out of your head? But all of that is outweighed by how quickly a Newsies – or any Disney song, really – can flip a bad mood into a good one.)

– I’m distracted from Henrik Tallinder’s bad, over-gelled comb back (it’s not really a come over) by Patrick Lalime appearing to dance to his own beat during the Star Spangled Banner. Seriously, dude was not in rhythm. Then again, Miller was standing off to the side with his hands knotted together and this look on his face like he’s the little kid standing outside the confessional for the first time. (Bless me father for I have sinned…)

– With all the trade conversations going on today, I’d be sad to see Tallinder leave. I think he’s resuscitated his career since being paired with Myers. It would be a shame to break up what is probably the Sabres best defensive pairing. And really, at the beginning of the season, did anyone expect these two to be the hot pair?

– Gonchar gets one past Lalime on the power play after the Pens put a lot of pressure on the Sabres in their own zone. I have no idea what the Sabres penalty was, but it was probably something stupid like not saying “God bless you” and handing over a tissue when Crosby sneezed. Despite giving up that one goal, Lalime has looked quite good tonight. It’s the rest of the boys that seem to be stuck in Cabo. 1-0, Pens.

– Per the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Lindy was booed pre-game and Miller was given quite the thunderous ovation.

– This waffle breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts looks gross. America runs on Dunkin, but probably not in the way they want us to.

– I did not miss the Cellino & Barnes pop-up ads. The concept of the ad is cool, but I think it’s the content of the ads that’s bothering me.

– Do we think Miller wishes he could have smuggled Parise/Kesler/Kane or anyone else on Team USA back with him for the Sabres? I’m hopeful someone’s jammed in a suitcase and is going to be released once they’re back in Buffalo later tonight.

– Dupuis gets another one past Lalime. 2-0, Pens.

– Lydman fires one from the point to make it 2-1, Pens.

– The ice mics appear to be turned up to full blast tonight. I’m hearing a lot of dialogue that I probably shouldn’t be hearing.

– TSN is reporting that Ponikarovsky is going to Pittsburgh for a prospect named Luca Caputi. This is noteworthy only because I like the name Luca. It’s one you don’t hear very often.

– Sign you watch too much HDTV: you try to type in the HD channel numbers on an SD TV and get confused why you’re watching YES when you really want ABC.

– Aww, Miller just compared his next six weeks to being that of an infant: eating, sleeping and hydrating. K-Syl gently corrects him by saying that he forgot one other thing that infants do. To his credit, Miller didn’t blanch at that statement. But could eat/sleep/hydrate become the Sabres version of the Jersey Shore’s motto of gym/tan/laundry? Miller also mentioned that he wouldn’t mind winning silver twice in one year. You go Crunchy. You just might make silver every Buffalonian’s favorite color.

– Oh lord, at the start of the third period, only Pommers and Goose have more than one shot on goal. Nothing against Goose, but he’s not exactly an offensive juggarnaut that you want as your leading (or second leading) shot taker for the night.

– These Sabres can’t hit the broad side of an effing barn tonight. They need help.

– If I promise to eat all my vegetables, clean my room, finish my homework and walk the dog will I get Olympic hockey back and/or a Sabres trade?

– Goose “fights” Rupp and goes off cradling his hand after the fight. To be fair, we can’t tell if the injury comes from the “fight” or when Goose tumbles down onto the ice and appears to jam his hand. For the love of Pete, please don’t let it be broken. Injuries to key character guys are not kosher with 20 games left…unless it’s some heinous ploy by Goose to avoid being traded to Carolina for some barbecue.

– Fedotenko scores the third Pittsburgh goal, doinking it off the water bottle on the top of the net. 3-1, Pens.

– Roy dents the twine in the back of the Pittsburgh net. However, the puck does the old speedy in & out t that the play needs to be reviewed. Upon further review, it’s a good goal. 3-2, Pens.

– Set fire to the room, Darcy. Do it now.



  1. My mom said Miller was probably pretending he was on a podium when he was listening to the national anthem hahaha. He should have made a gold medal with a chocolate coin and some string or something.

  2. Give me 20 minutes, a yogurt cup & foil lid and some ribbon and I can whip up a medal for him.

  3. Amy, I knew that I already loved you, but the Newsies reference cemented it. I ADORE Newsies.. and so many people have never heard of it! 😉

    I bet Lalime was translating the Star Spangled Banner to French in his head.. LOL

    *sigh* Same old Sabres, eh?

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