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Trade Deadline Game – Sabres vs. Caps

March 3, 2010

– Best wishes to Nathan Paetsch and Clarke MacArthur who were sent to various farms downstate (Columbus & Atlanta) in exchange for Raffi Torres and some draft picks. Its good to have a nice player like Torres in return, but at the same time, I’ll miss Clarke’s crazy hair and Paetsch’s ability to play both offense and defense on a non-consistent basis.

– The ceremony honoring the Sabres Olympians was pretty lame, mainly due to NBC’s massive restrictions on the use of Olympics video (seriously, they even cut highlights out of NBC News broadcasts posted on the web). However, my favorite part had to be the dorky little wave that Miller gave with his glove to acknowledge the fans lengthy standing ovation. It was this odd mix of “aw shucks” and “thanks a bunch, really”  with a side order of game face.

– Call me cynical, but if the Sabres brought Danny Gare in to run the telestrater for tonight’s game, that probably means that Roby is going to be out for awhile. I love me some Danny Gare, but I wish Roby would get well and bring his particular brand of cranky back to the broadcast.

– I had a small chuckle listening to Ryan Miller’s press conference this afternoon. I love that he’s so nonchalant about his accomplishments, that neither he nor his parents have a shrine to Ryan anywhere, that his old stuff is in boxes and his medal is sitting on his dresser. (Sidebar: do your high school and college diplomas and marcom certificate hanging on a wall count as a shrine? I vote no, since I worked damn hard for those diplomas. Not that I’m saying Crunchy hasn’t worked hard for his accomplishments…and I lost my point somewhere along the way. If you find it, please return it.)

– So, while waiting for my office computer to stop being a brick this afternoon, I started wondering how players handle the trade deadline. Do they all keep an overnight bag with a pair of slacks, a nice shirt and some underwear packed in case they find out they were traded and have to fly to places unknown? Or do they rush home and pack everything they can get their hands on in a short time before departing for parts unknown? This is the side of the business that you don’t hear about and in a sordid way, this behind-the-scenes stuff is fascinating.

– Minor complaint: I hate that the Sabres post on Twitter via their Facebook account, sending me to FB, only to have to leave FB to go to the Sabres site. I’m a lazy clicker – and I bet there are more like me out there – that would prefer just to have the link to posted right away.

– Hecht’s goal tonight is his 400th career NHL goal point. I hope someone fishes that puck out for him to keep as a souvenir (or add to the shrine in Miller speak).

Edited to correct what I heard Harry Neale say. I should have realized that was wrong last night. Yo-Yo’s good, but he’s not that good.

– As you can tell by this blog, this game was a bunch of meh, served up witha side of yawn, with some blech for dessert.