Sabres vs. Flyers – 3.5.10

March 5, 2010


– Thanks to some goofiness at the office, I now know more about Tim Hortons “Roll Up the Rim to Win” contest than I ever wanted to know. It all started as a result of trying to figure out what kind of skills question that Canadians had to answer in order to receive their prizes, which then led into figuring out that all the Timmy Hos in the US have 13.8 million cups to split out of a total pool of 279 million cups. That means 4.8% of all available cups are here in the States.  Also, it appears that the good folks at Timmy Hos have something against the residents of Vermont, Florida, Alaska and Hawaii, as they are not eligible to win. Long story short, it appears that my odds of winning a blessed cup of coffee or a donut are about one in eleventy-seven million. (I’m currently O-for-5 in RUTR attempts, for the record.)

And thus ends your Timmy Hos lesson for the day.

– Per the pregame skate report, Butler is scratched tonight.

First Period

– Torres will be wearing #17 for the Sabres, as his previous number (14) is currently hanging in the rafters at HSBC.

– After Miller mentioned in his postgame rant on Wednesday that he would be working on some attitude adjustments in the locker room, why did I get this mental image of him going all El Kabong and whacking people over the head with his silver medal in order to get his point across? (By the way, a cartoon like El Kabong would never get made today. It would be labeled as “too violent” and “not politcally correct.” My god, it’s amazing that kids of my generation who grew up with Looney Tunes and Thundercats and He-Man and Jem survived to adulthood, what with being so corrupted by this kiddie programming It’s truly, truly outrageous.)

– Harry Neale-ism of the night: “The eyes are not responsible when the mind does the seeing.” Ooookay.

– Oh, Lent. Glad to see that you’ve brought the McDonald’s Filet of Fish ad back with you. Thank you sooooooo much for that one.

– Dear Sabres: See puck. See stick. See net. Put puck in net using stick. The end. (That’s my passive agressive way of saying “score some goals, damn it.”)

Second Period

– Guys, when I said SCORE SOME GOALS, I didn’t mean LET the other team score some goals. And don’t go throwing the rookie and the goalie under the bus, that was a collective team FAIL for not putting the puck into the Philly net before that point, considering you had several opportunities earlier in the game. 1-0, Flyers.

– Stafford is reported to have a lower body injury and will not return. I have a joke ready at the tips of my fingers, but it’s too crude for a family(ish) blog like this one. So I’ll just say that I hope all is well and he returns quickly.

– Wowzers, Vanek just shot the puck from behind the net in the far corner and banked the puck of Leighton into the net. That was a pretty, pretty, but oh so fluky, goal. Game tied at 1.

– Really, Timmy? You get a beautiful breakaway coming out of the penalty box, shoot the puck and then when you miss, you stand there with your metaphorical thumb up your metaphorical butt and watch the play develop around you. That’s not good! That’s half-assed, and there’s no half-assing in hockey!

– By the way, I was incredibly amused that Eddie Harris from Major League was one of the patients of the week on last night’s Greys Anatomy. I love when “Hey! It’s That Guy!” actors appear, especially when they’re actors with two of the best lines in that entire movie. (“Are you trying to tell me that Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?” and “Up your butt, Jobu.”)

– From the “Captain Obvious” files: Harry Neale informs us that with Stafford out the Sabres are down to 11 forwards, so someone is double shifting. Really, Harry? Do you think that we the viewers can’t compute that 12 minus 1 is 11?

Third Period

– Hmm. The question during The Whip tonight is about whether it is the players or the coach’s responsibility to right a sinking ship during the season. Ray thought it was the coach’s responsibility, Neale thought it was the players. In my opinion – having never been inside a pro locker room or played organized sports outside of basketball in the eighth grade – it’s on the players. They’re ultimately the ones that are on the ice and making things happen (or not happen). While Lindy can scream and yell all he wants, unless it gets through the players thick heads, it’s not going to click and work. The players need to do the about face. For what it’s worth, I would love to see one of the Sabres give Timmy hell about checking up on that breakaway in the second period. It’s that kind of lackadaisical effort that gets everyone pissed off.

– Timmy, that’s it. You’ve moved several positions up on THE LIST*. You give away a pass to Mike Richards of all people and he gets in on a breakaway and scores to make it 2-1, Flyers.

* THE LIST is my ish list. You never really come off the list, you just move up and down as things progress. Timmy has rocketed up the standings tonight.

– On the replay of the goal, we see that Timmy apparently forgot to notice that Richards was skating directly into the path of where he wanted the puck to go.

– Why am I even getting hepped up about this? From what Rob Ray just said, the expression on the Sabres faces is bordering on WGAF.

– What the bluedilly eff was that? Adam Mair makes a nifty backhand shot off a Grier pass – that goes through two Flyers – ties this game at 2. Who knew Adam Mair had hands like that? He needs to pull those out more often. (That’s what she said.)

– Hmm. RJ made a comment during the play-by-play about how one of the Sabres couldn’t hit Vanek (with a pass). I wonder if that would make us feel better if we could hit the Sabres with some of those whack-a-mole soft mallets. Turn it into a fundraiser for charity, and it’s a win/win/win situation.

– Hey! What’s that sound I hear? It’s the crowd! The crowd pipes up for the first time tonight with an audible “Let’s Go Buff-a-lo” chant. I remember when you couldn’t hear yourself think at Sabres games because the crowd was so loud. Now, it’s library quiet.


– I wonder what Lalime and Miller talk about during their pre-overtime gossip sessions? Plans to hide the body of whatever teammate has most recently irked Miller?

– Alrighty, Timmy scoops up a rebound while falling down to his knees and banks it in off the post past Leighton. Buffalo wins, 3-2.

– That was a badly, badly needed win. But there’s no time to drink from the keg of glory and eat the finest muffins and bagels in the land. The Rangers await on Sunday.

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