Sabres vs. Rangers – 3.7.10

March 7, 2010


Sabres Edge posted some further comments from Miller regarding his Olympic experience. I think someone should tell Ralph Lauren that if he needs to include a pamphlet describing how the closing ceremony outfit goes together, then perhaps the outfit is a bit too complicated. What could possibly go on a pamphlet for what appeared to be a relatively simple outfit to the viewer at home? Did the tie need to be tied with a specific knot? The hat set at a predetermined jaunty angle? I think the US Olympic team would be smart enough to realize that you put your pants on one leg at a time and one arm in each sleeve. So why the pamphlet?

– Time to gird up your livers: Sandra Lee has provided cocktail recipes to correlate to each Best Picture Nominee at tonight’s Academy Awards. She made a cocktail to commemorate “Up,” WHICH IS A CHILDREN’S MOVIE. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

– And for what it’s worth, “What Would Brian Boitano Make” is probably the singularly most amazing show on the Food Network.

– Just read on Twitter that Ryan Miller will be on the Today show and other assorted media outlets tomorrow morning. I guess this means he’s not flying back with the team tonight. And unlike a certain member of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Miller is actually fulfilling a request to appear on a nationally broadcast show. (And I don’t doubt that the fact that the Sabres are playing in NYC tonight made fulfilling the request a heck of a lot easier.)

First Period

– The bad thing about using the Rangers feed tonight is that we’re subjected to those annoying ads on the glass behind the goalies. I do not like them (the ads, not the goalies). I think they’re incredibly distracting from the on-ice action, but at the same time, respect the broadcasters decision to take advantage of that seemingly empty space.

– Newsflash: Tyler Myers is young. So is Michael Del Zotto. In other news, water is wet.

– The Sabres still kind of looked like they were twiddling along out there. The Rangers had some solid shots and Miller stopped them all, including a couple of flurries in the crease.

– Newsflash: Chris Drury won the Little League World Series. Also, what happened to Drury’s nose? It looks really swollen and red.

Second Period

– I fully admit that I’m zoning out of this boring game to look at Getty’s red carpet gallery. Initial thoughts:

  • Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep could wear paper sacks and look elegant and amazing.
  • Hello, Mariah Carey’s boobs.
  • Not really a fan of J-lo’s dress. It looks like it’s made from my great grandmother’s dressing gown. And it calls too much attention to her rear.
  • Can someone please give Miley Cyrus a sandwich and some extra material for her top?
  • Not really a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker’s gown and the giant thingy on the front.

– The stage version of “101 Dalmatians” looks like a complete waste of money. Why do people feel the need to turn non-musicals into musicals?

– I’m beginning to forget what it’s like to see the Sabres score. I feel like they’re never going to score again, let alone score on the power play.

– So..erm…yeah. I’m beginning to wonder why I blogged this game. I’m paying attention, but not really paying attention. Well, at least the Sabres have had some solid chances this game and seem to be playing to win, rather than half-assing it out there. (A Sabres team half-assing it? Hard to believe, I know.)

Third Period

– So everyone thinks the Rangers scored, but the play was waived off on an offside call. I’m not sure why no one heard the whistle considering I heard it on the broadcast and for a brief second it looked like Miller eased up and wasn’t his usual speedy self in closing his five hole. (that’s what she said). At least everyone caught on and we were spared the indignity of Lindy blowing his top and being ignored.

– If the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, why are the inductions held in New York City? Is Cleveland not cool enough?

– Hey Callahan, could you get your crotch out of Miller’s face? There’s really no need to be that close to him on a power play. Remember, you guys were teammates a week ago!

– Whoo! Adam Mair goes to the net (novel concept for a hockey player looking to score, I know) and puts the puck past King Henrik. 1-0, Sabres.

– Who the hell lit a fire under Adam Mair these past two games? If so, can he/she/it go all pyro on the rest of the Sabres, especially those not named Ryan Miller?

– Oh eff me. The Rangers tie the game up on the power play, as Miller can’t beat Dubinsky to a rebound. Tied at 1.

– For the second time in the past three days, the Sabres are going to overtime. Oh joy, oh bliss.


– RJ tells us that the last time the Sabres played the Rangers at MSG, Dubinsky wasn’t playing and was signing autographs for the fans below where RJ was sitting. The only way RJ knows that is because he lent Dubinsky his pen. That’s all well and good, but did Dubinsky give it back?

– Roy got in all alone on King Henrik and shoots it wide. Good job with the aim there, Roy-Z.

– Alrighty Patty K! He bounces the puck off King Henrik’s thigh and the Sabres win. Not only did he score the game winning goal, but he never gave up on the play, starting from when his initial shot went wide right through to when he banked the rebound in. That dogged determination is exactly what we need to see from the rest of the team for the remainder of the season.

– I love seeing happy Sabres celebrating, especially since they all seem to be giving Kaleta a variation of a noogie. Also, I fully expect Lalime to tackle Miller one of these days with how he attacks Miller with his arms open wide and laughy grin.

– So that’s the last bit of hockey until our old friends the Stars come to town on Wednesday.


One comment

  1. She made a cocktail to commemorate “Up,” WHICH IS A CHILDREN’S MOVIE. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

    Actually, the most wrongest thing about it is that it’s a gin-based drink with BOTH(!?!) milk and half & half. I feel queasy. Shudder.

    I hope Crunchy will be so kind to share the instruction manual with the public. That is way too hilarious.

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