Sabres vs. Bolts – 3.18.10

March 18, 2010

I haven’t done a letter post-it note format in a while and feel the need to ease back into blogging after my hiatus. While I no longer look as bad, my eye is still pretty wonky. But I’m cleared for the office tomorrow, so whoo?!

Dear Sabres,

See what happens when you show up to play hockey in the first period? You score goals. You make fans happy. You make it easier for people to like you. Contrary to popular belief, that first period isn’t a warmup, a stretch or a kiddie funtime. Keep it up, boys!

Dear Starbucks,

Thank you for making next Tuesday free pastry day. Now I have an “excuse” to stop in for a dark cherry mocha.

Dear Pommers,

Have a cookie. Here, have two. Erm three. Your population grew kind of quickly tonight. It takes a lot to keep that kind of momentum going.

Dear Tyler, Toni, Hank and Monty,

God love you for stepping up and playing the lions share of the first period while Rivet was in the box and Butler getting fixed in the locker room. That was a heroic, workmanlike effort out of the four of you, and you even contributed to the offense. Good job, sirs.

Dear Monty,

I apologize for forgetting about you while initially writing the last letter. I only remembered you when I went to the Sabres roster page and checked who the remaining, active, non-Butler/Rivet defenseman was. I felt a bit like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music while she’s saying her prayers the first night she’s working for Christopher Plummer and forgets Kurt’s name. It was a bit of a “god bless what’s his name” moment.

Dear Roy-Z,

Thank you for scoring that shorthanded goal. I like you and your smarm again. The 3-0n-1 while shorthanded was a nice touch.

Dear Ryan,

Excellent save on Vinny LeCavalier during the second period. That’s the Ryan Miller that we all know and love. Welcome back, sir.

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

This is amazing.

And damn, does Sly look like he could be Jeff Probst’s twin. All together now…don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up if I’m dreaming…”

Dear Shout-Song Guy,

Shut up.

Dear Lindy,

Whatever the boys did today, have them do it again before the next game. And the one after that. Tell them that being teases and playing a good game followed by a stinker or two isn’t very nice (or words to that effect).



  1. I hate shout song guy. It doesn’t even make sense. It would if it were a Bills game and/or the Bills left town, just as maybe a nostalgia thing…But now the drunken “Ay ay, ay ayyyyy!” just reminds me of a crappier team and is kind of distractingly out of place.

  2. Ahh yes, Shout Song Guy. He only shows up at road games. I completely do not understand his existence.

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