Sabres vs. Canes – 3.21.10

March 21, 2010

– Eric Staal has been very chippy little sumbitch tonight. What I wouldn’t give for Miller just to haul off and whomp him one with his blocker. You know, just because.

– Mr. Vogl reports on Sabres Edge that today is Stormy the Ice Hog’s birthday party, and many a mascot is in attendance to “celebrate” the occasion. Why do the Sabres not do things like this for Sabretooth? I’m not necessarily talking about a fancy party with mascots in attendance, but why do they not promote the mascot more? He’s arguably the least terrifying Buffalo sports mascot (with Billy Buffalo leading Buster by a wide margin for second place), but yet the team doesn’t promote him all that much. There’s no Sabretooth bio on the Sabres site, which leads me to wonder why,  if “Sabretooth” can tweet, why can he not write a quick profile of himself?

– And spring is officially here: I’ve flipped from my flannel Gap satchel to my Vera Bradley tote.

– You guys, I don’t mean to alarm you, but this is the third game in a row where the Sabres have showed up to play hockey in the first period. I…I…I don’t know what to say about this. I’m not used to full game efforts from this lovely bunch of coconuts. Did they finally all come to Jesus on this topic?

– Speaking of coming to Jesus, who lit a fire under Hecht these past two games? He’s been a foxy, goal scoring beast.

– I love springtime afternoon hockey games. The setting sun is streaming in through my front window and my feet are sitting in a pool of warm sunshine. I’m as happy as a clam.

– The NHL debuted their new ad campaign for this year’s playoffs. I like the Bobby Orr ad a lot more than I like the Mario Lemieux ad. Maybe it’s because the Orr ad focuses more on a “specific, iconic moment” than the Lemieux one? Maybe it’s that I have warmer fuzzies for Orr than I do for Unkie Mario? It’s just hard to explain.

– Lydman scores? Toni Lydman? Well eff me. Is it a full moon or something?

– Lil Timmy scores to complete the Timmy scoring category for the evening.

– OriginalRecipeTimmy mentions The System during his intermission interview with Kevin Sylvester. Maybe it’s because the game is going well (and I’m in a fabulous mood), but I’m not minding the obligatory mention of The System. Maybe it’s because they’re actually sticking to The System for a change, who knows.

– You know what else is good about tonight’s game? There is no Sad Trombone playing every five minutes every time a Sabre heads to the penalty box. That s*t was getting old last night.

– Dear Ryan: stop “puck handling” the puck right to the opposition. You know that rarely ends well for you.

– Boo to MSG for cutting away to commercial as Mair and LaRose were going to go at it. What happened that Mair had to go right to the dressing room and sent the Hurricanes onto a four minute power play? Why hasn’t MSG showed a replay? If heads rolled, I want to know about it.


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