Sabres vs. Bolts – 3.27.10

March 27, 2010

– So the Sabres apparently cannot beat Ottawa, but seem to have little trouble with Tampa, getting out to a 3-0 lead before the first period is over. Goose scored his 10th and 11th of the season and Roy-Z got his 20th. Goose’s second goal was initially credited to Hecht, which would have been his 20th, had that stood.

– Tampa’s cause isn’t helped by LeCavalier getting thrown out of the game for spearing Timmy Kennedy in the babymaker. That’s just bad leadership and bad manners. Bad Vinny!

– Reading between the lines, I think Marc Savard’s comments towards Matt Cooke could best be summed up as “Eat s*%t and die.”

– RJ kvetching that he won’t be home to help Cupcake with the spring gardening, planting and pool opening  because of the playoffs was kind of adorable.

– BFD alert: James Woods is in the house. He’s scouting out movie locations in Buffalo.

– So the Sabres start the second period with a decidedly mellower playing style. Of course Tampa takes advantage of this attitude and the vast majority of play in the beginning of the period is spent in the Buffalo end.

– That quickly changes as the population of Pominville grows to 23 as he deflects a shot from the point past Mike Smith. 4-0, Sabres.

Smith is just laying in the crease like a dead fish, with a loose puck, and five teammates standing around, when here comes Roy-Z to pick up the loose puck and go high on the prone goalie. 5-0, Sabres.

– I finish my ice cream just as Ennis finds Mair with a beautiful pass to make it 6-0, Sabres.

Are these the same guys that played Ottawa last night? Or is Tampa just that bad?

Dear Darcy, Can we please keep Tennis the Menace? We all promise to love him, hug him, and call him George (which, you have to admit might be one of the nicer things that Sabres fans have called players in the day). Pleeeeeeeese can we keep him?

– Boo-urns. Downie gets one past Lalime on the short side. 6-1, Sabres.

– WHOOOOOO! Roy-Z gets his fourth career hat trick. 7-1, Sabres.

And not that the fans are bored or anything, but a massive wave has broken out at HSBC. It’s kind of hilarious that it keeps going for as long as it did, but the cameramen are having to dodge the flying hands and arms.

– I’m getting a case of the warm and fuzzies watching the players celebrating with Lalime at the end of the game. They finally gave him that good game that they promised him. And the s*%t eating grin and bear hug that Miller gave Lalime made me full on smile. I fully expect those two to tackle each other at the end of a game one of these days. You can tell that these two genuinely like each other and have a great relationship. Goalies are awesome.

I know it’s a Boston video, but really, happy dances are universal, are they not? We’re going to the playoffs, we’re going to the playoffs! Commence happy dancing! Commence pommerdoodling!

– K-Syl reports that playoff tickets go on sale at 9am on Dyngus Day. Who else thinks that a Dyngus Day celebration will break out in the line outside HSBC Arena?

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