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Sabres vs. Bruins – 3.29.10

March 29, 2010

-I think I learned way too much from the internets today:

  • I now know what “vadazzling” is. I still don’t know why anyone would want to do that, but I digress.
  • I now know that Derek Roy is an epic fail at Getting Behind #9 (search Twitter for that one. I’m not linking it here)
  • Ryan Miller had better be careful. Those stretches with Tubey could result in him getting chased with a shotgun by Tubey’s papa.

So I’ve been in an incredibly goofy mood today. Can you blame me?

– Gerbe is starting the game playing with Goose and Grier. Do they have to tell Gerbe to slow it down so he won’t be at one end of the ice while Goose and Grier are still huffing and puffing it down towards  him? Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Goose and Grier, and they’re all heart, but they’re not exactly known for their speed.

– After watching the first couple minutes of tonight’s game, I’d like to suggest that the Sabres invest in one of these for Miller. They could just attach it to the crossbar so that he would remain in the crease. And I’m sure the monkey would make a fetching addition to the Sabres uniform. If he doesn’t want to wear the monkey, then I suggest that he stay in his damn crease!

– Gaustad scores a goal, but makes it incredibly stylish in both the execution (backhand between his legs) and personal appearance (the trial runs of a playoff beard, perhaps?).

– OH MY GOD. I did not need to see Sammy the Seal get clubbed to death in this Humane Society Commercial. I know it’s a hockey game and there’s violence galore, but that’s just too much.

– Could no one get Charissa Simpson a box for her interview with Gaustad? He’s all tall and dripping and she’s all short and overly bleached blond and it just looked awkward.

– Just from watching Tim Thomas tonight, he is crashing back to earth – and hard – after his Vezina winning season last year. The goals he gave up tonight were very soft ones, and the Goose one was off a pretty big rebound. Mercifully, Julien pulls Thomas for Rask after the third Sabres goal.

– Mother of pearl, someone tell Joe B. that TIM Kennedy plays for the Sabres, not Tyler.

– Breaking news: Ryan Miller must be the last player off the ice and meditates before each game.

– Pominville gets a nice breakaway on Rask and ends up getting tackled and slapped by Marco Sturm after poking at Rask. How can someone tackle and beat up on Pommers? It’s like kicking a puppy!

– The Bruins second goal is kind of fluky, as bodies are flying, pucks are flying, Crunchy’s falling and next thing you know, the puck is in the net.

– Towards the end of the game I noticed Stafford had red splotches on the shoulder of his sweater. Were he or his teammates bleeding at some point during the night or did the manicure party during the intermission go horribly wrong?