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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

April 1, 2010

– The kids are alright. I’m really liking the poise and determination that Gerbe & Ennis are showing. They’re illustrating that they can play a consistent game of hockey in a relief role. If you would have said at the beginning of this season that the Sabres would be contending for a division title with Vanek and Connolly on the injured list, I would have laughed in your face. Well, maybe not in your face, but definitely snarked on you on the internets. Maybe Darcy was sort of right when he mentioned that the kids are the future and not a big, shiny high priced free agent from out of town.

– I mentioned this on Twitter last night, but during Pominville’s interview in the post game show, I was paying more attention to Kennedy and Gerbe going about their business in the background. Kennedy was hopping up into the top section of his locker (and by doing so answered my question about how the players do get up there) and Gerbe was presented with the White Sportscoat of Good Play. Why there is a number and the word “Will” on the back of the coat needs to be sussed out, though. All in all, I thought the locker room interviews seemed a lot looser last night, there appeared to be a different vibe in the room. And it was even nice to see the equipment guys loose and joking around with each other.

– On Tuesday, Mediapost published this fascinating commentary on the internet presence (or lack thereof) of newspaper sports sections. I skimmed it quickly on Tuesday, and something felt “off” about it. But since duty called, I couldn’t get back to read it further until today, I realized what it was. A “user-generated content network” is advising journalists about running their websites. That just seems wrong.

Do I think newspaper websites need help? Yes, but I don’t think they need to go as far as the author suggests. Some of his suggestions are like throwing the baby out with the bath water. Do I think that newspapers need to drop coverage of the minor sports in their community to add one more article about [insert professional team name here]? No! High school and college athletes and second tier sports also deserve their time in the spotlight.

Also, additional commentary is a nice idea in theory, but with shrinking newsroom staffs, becomes a problem in execution. In my little world (and we know it’s always about me)  I’ll take quality commentary and profiles over quantity any day. Well written and well researched trumps volume.  And the phrase “stimulating, debate oriented, content”  is somewhat laughable. It seems like the author might be a bit unfamiliar with newspaper website comment sections. While the comments are often hilarious to read, they’re also offensive, full of poor grammar, personal attacks and other such “niceties” that detract from the message of the story. There’s a time and a place for debate and exchange, but there still needs to be room for, oh I don’t know, actual news content. While its all about increasing the amount of page views so the advertisers will be happy, at some point, if your content suffers, your views go down and then where are you? (Having to make good to angry advertisers, but that’s another story for another time.)

– And while I’m on my soapbox, WTF is up with a certain local radio station throwing a certain local newspaper under the bus by wording a promo to imply that the public is stupid for paying for newspaper content in printed form when they can get it online for free.

I’ll just be over here dodging the rotten tomatoes.

– Thank you Muppets, for this amazingly twisted version of “Stand By Me.”