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Sabres vs. Canadiens – 4.3.10

April 3, 2010

– With a win tonight, the Sabres can clinch the Northeast Division title. Let’s go Sabres!

– K-Syl asks Rivet in the pregame if he knew about Lindy’s heinous “let’s go for a walk plan” on Friday. Rivet responded that Lindy did warn him about the impending walk (which I hear was done barefoot, in the snow and uphill…both ways). I wonder if Lindy gave him the heads up so as to have some help in making sure that all bodies that got off the bus got back on the bus at the end of the day? You know, like on school field trips. (But what do I know of school field trips? I went to a Catholic school. We only got schlepped to retreats where we all had to pretend that we liked each other and then sing along to “Angels Among Us” by Alabama.)

– Yes, that is a chalk outline of Lindy in the middle of the road. Afinogenov threw him under the bus…but then promptly turned the bus over to another driver.

– The wind here in the Buff tonight is simply insane. I hope I can keep power throughout the game…or at the very least don’t end up being blown to Oz.

– Inquiring minds want to know: now that Bucky is back from Vancouver, is the great Bucky Gleason Twitter Experiment over?

– Miller has been “on” so far tonight. I can’t say the same for Harry Neale, who has mixed up penalty kills and power plays and the first period isn’t over yet.

– O’Byrne manages to only complete 2/3 of the “oopsie” hat trick. He fell down, knocked over his goalie, knocked the net off the moorings, but managed to avoid knocking the puck into the net.

– O’Byrne scores on a long shot that gets through Miller’s five hole. 1-0, Canadiens.

– K-Syl interviews Brian Gionta during the first intermission and FINALLY K-Syl is taller than the player he is interviewing!

– Miller gives up a rebound and Tom Pyatt beats Myers to it and puts it again through Miller’s five hole. 2-0, Canadiens.

– My head itches and my eye is still kind of wonky. Shingles blows. Don’t get ’em if you can avoid ’em.

– How can I tell it’s the night before Easter? The 10 Commandments is on. Unfortunately, none of the Sabres are worthy of being called splendid adorable fools tonight.

– Is it wrong that I went to the Habs website to check if Tom Pyatt has the same amazing eyes as his brother Taylor when K-Syl mentioned that they are related? (I will admit to being slightly confused when I saw the Montreal splash page reading “Je Suis [Player Name]” and wondered when the heck Jesus starting playing for the Habs.) My research did conclude that the younger Pyatt definitely has nice eyes.

– Miller gets smushed (technical term) by a flying Rivet and gets up kind of gingerly. He looks to be shaking either his hand or his thighs. Is he checking to make sure that all bits and pieces are properly placed where said bits and pieces should be? If I were Lindy, I’d be knocking some sense into Rivet for that one.

– Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, the Sabres give the puck away in their own end and one of the Tits brothers puts in past a down Miller. 3-0, Habs.

– That’s it. No Easter candy for the Sabres. The rabbit doesn’t reward games like this.

– With about 2 minutes left in the game, all blessed hell breaks loose as Goose gets involved with Moen and Gill and his teammates come running in to offer support (Gerbe and Mair, although what the heck the Tiny Tot is going to do is a mystery) and Montador and Lapierre go at it at center ice. What’s especially entertaining about this whole thing is that Montador was at the end of a very long shift and was at the complete opposite end of the ice from where all of this was breaking out. When all is said and done, Goose and Montador are chucked from the game.

– The Montreal fans start singing “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.” All they’ve done is win a hockey game that is just one of 82. It’s not like they’ve won a series or the conference finals or even the blessed Cup. One game. Not worth it.

– Dear RJ: Stop using the word diddle. IT’S NOT A GOOD OUT LOUD WORD. Thank you.

– May I have those 2.5 hours of my life back, please?