I Hadn’t Planned on Blogging Tonight

April 6, 2010

But I didn’t feel like flooding Twitter with pointless babble, so instead I come here.

– Harry Neale is in rare form tonight. During the mixup in front of the Sabres net immediately after Myers was smushed, Neale mixed up Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Toni Lydman in trying to describe who was involved in the scuffle. None of these players are interchangeable. Stafford and Lydman are the only two who could mistakenly pass for each other…in a dark alley and from behind, as they have similar builds, but not strikingly similar. Roy-Z is the oddball in the group.

– Then Harry mentions that the scouting on Lundqvist shows that he is rumored to be weak on the high shots. That’s one straight out of the no ish, sherlock files. Us fans were shouting that in the Rangers/Sabres series TWO years ago.

– Stafford scores. Roy-Z defended a teammate. What’s the third impending sign of the Sabrepocalypse? Miller getting into a fight with King Henrik? (BTW, I love the nickname King Henrik in that it’s a close cousin to one of the best racing nicknames out there: King Hiro. Let me explain. Hiro Matsushita was a Japanese Indy Car driver who had sponsorship checks that his driving skills couldn’t cash. One day, he was being a moving chicane in front of legendary driver Emerson Fittipaldi. Emmo calls his pits to complain about Hiro. However, as Emmo is ranting about [fuc]king Hiro, his radio cuts out and all his team hears is “King Hiro.” And thus, a legend was born…and that’s my story.)

– I know this was linked on Puck Daddy earlier today, but this NHL parody video is just hilarious, both for the tagline and the look on Ray’s face. We all know Rob Ray has quite the poker face.

– Miller stops Gaborik point blank on a sliding save in the second period. It was just a stunning save. And did I mention it was a four-on-one? Miller brought a spoon to a knife fight and came out on top.

– Seeing that this game is sponsored by Yanceys Fancy makes me want some cheese. And I do not have any cheese because when my dad went grocery shopping, he thought that my request for “cheese curds” was a silent plea for “cheese curls” and as such, he brought me Cheetos. They’re not exactly interchangeable foodstuffs.

– And The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back on May 3rd. I cannot wait!

– It’s great that Ryan Miller was nominated for the Mark Messier Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (c’mon, it’s not like the real name of the award is that much better). He’s really come into his own this year and is one of the few players that could probably tell his teammates to go eff themselves and not have many repercussions. I just wonder when the nominees for the “Mark Messier Award for Crying Like a PMS’ing Woman Who Just Found Out She’s Out of Ice Cream” will be announced.

– For being only 23 years old, it looks like Little Timmy is developing an unfortunately positioned bald spot. Poor thing.

– Since Stafford is playing somewhat better tonight, is Lindy/Darcy/His Mommy going to let him have his Twitter again? I miss his sarcastic wit.

– According to NHL.com, the Devils are playing the Trashers tonight. They must be the rec league team from the Streets & Sanitation department.

– Dudes! Derek Roy is getting feisty again. He steps in when Shelley and Miller are going at it after Shelley tumbles over the top of Miller. Miller threw a couple of good smacks before Roy-Z stepped in and gets rewarded with a roughing minor for his efforts. It’s no fight with King Henrik, but I’ll take it.

– The team salute at center ice has so much more meaning when it’s done only once or twice a season. Do you hear me, Rangers? It’s a special gesture and doing it every game cheapens it, in my opinion.

– As the wonderful Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog pointed out, the Sabres and Canucks are division champ and team birth year twinsies. I love fun stats like that!

– Mike Robitaille was the recipient of a standing ovation from the fans tonight. He looks good, but as my mother pointed out, he looks like he’s aged a ton in just a few short months. Here’s to hoping for a continued good recovery for Roby. We all miss him in the booth, and when he comes back, a K-Syl/Roby/Gare booth could be great fun to watch.

– I still want to know where the heck the powers that be found a white sportcoat that fits all of the guys on the team. What’s funny is that with the coat worn over their undershirts, they all look like they’re doing a bad Sony Crockett impression. And seeing the coat with the handwritten messages on the back reminds me of high school and signing your uniform skirts the last day of junior year to celebrate that you never had to wear them again. Whoever gets to keep the jacket at the end of the season is going to have one heck of a keepsake, albeit a somewhat smelly one. Multiple player post game hockey player funk has to be incredibly gross.

– I love Miller’s subtle plea to the coaching staff via the media for a night off before the playoffs start. I know he wants to get in some goalie practice, but he should also treat himself to that massage and a jacuzzi for his efforts.

– In closing….WHOOO! One banner down, two more to go! LET’S GO BUFFALO!

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