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Sabres vs. Devils – The Last One

April 11, 2010

Dear Marty Brodeur,

It’s very impolite to punch Paul Gaustad in the head. What has he ever done to you? I never want to see that look of absolute WTF-ery on Goose’s face ever again, so please try and be nicer next time.

Dear Roy-Z

There are better ways to get sent to the locker room than pretending to be hurt. Don’t give the fanbase unnecessary heart attacks, please.

Dear Dixie Carter,

Thank you for your excellent portrayal of a kickass, strong female character. You will be missed.

Dear Flyers,

I rooted for you today, since rooting for the Rangers goes against all that is good and holy. Now that you’re in the playoffs, I’m going to go back to rooting against you. No hard feelings and such.

Dear Rangers,

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Please tell me what time the pity party starts at MSG tomorrow.

Dear Boston,

Good to see you again, my friend. Here’s to a good clean playoff series, where hopefully Tyler Ennis or Nathan Gerbe can skate through Chara’s legs for a goal.

Dear Devils,

Enjoy the Flyers.


This blog entry was about as inspiring as this Sabres/Devils game was. A rock, paper, scissors match at center ice would have been more entertaining. Catch me later in the week for some playoff breakdowns.