Sabres vs. Bruins, Game 1 – ITS THE PLAYOFFS, MY FRIENDS!!

April 15, 2010

– It’s playoff time! It’s playoff time! I could not wait for the workday to end and for this game to start. As Emerson, Lake & Palmer once said, “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.”

– Dad and I are playing spot the new dasher board advertisers: so far, we’ve spotted 84 Lumber and Local Edge. We both agree that “Sobotka” (the Boston player) sounds like it should be the name of a former Soviet Republic.

– The HSBC crowd is one of the loudest I’ve heard in the past couple of seasons. There’s been a couple “Let’s Go Buffalo” and “Tuuuuka” chants echoing into my living room. Who knew all it took was a playoff appearance to make the fans here in Buffalo wake up.

– WHOOO! Roy-Z makes a sweet drop pass to Vanek who whistles it past Rask. 1-0, Sabres.

– Mair heads to the dressing room after getting whomped on in the corner. Crack sideline reporter Rob Ray reports that Mair was favoring his shoulder and both the doctor and the trainer followed him down. I guess the bionic shoulder replacement went quicker than the experts thought it would, as Mair is back on the ice after a few minutes.

– Can someone get Tyler Myers a glass of warm milk or cut down on his pre-game sugar & caffeine consumption? He’s awfully jittery tonight. I know some of that is rookie nerves, and that he’ll grow out of it, but it is noticeable here in the cheap seats.

– Vanek and Chara get tangled up as they both try to leave the Buffalo zone. Vanek was in between Chara’s legs and I would have loved to have seen Vanek just flip the giant over. It totally would have been something out of the WWE and definitely would have been a penalty, but it would have been worth it.

– Oh goody, someone brought a horn into the arena. Now we can hear honk honk honkhonkhonk all night long.

– OMG. These past three minutes have been amazing. Chara crushed Kaleta off to the side and there was a delayed penalty call. Meanwhile, Lucic drops the stick and gloves and starts going after Lydman, who wants no part of it (he’s a lover, not a fighter). Somehow, everyone makes a friend to tangle up with and we get SO CLOSE to the line brawl that Miller discussed in his pregame interviews. By the time all is said and done (and four Sabres are in the penalty box), the Sabres are on the power play. The cherry on this little sundae is Sabretooth shaking his moneymaker in front of the crowded Boston penalty box.

– Someone is going to have to tell Ennis just to shoot the effing puck. He’s trying too hard to make the perfect play rather than just going for it and seeing what develops. As that old cliche says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

– So apparently Chara escaped the penalty box too early and is escorted back. RJ and Harry say someone screwed up and let him out too early, since it’s not like he just busted the door down and said “I’m Out of Here.” Although it might have been a much better story had he busted out and we saw a little penalty box door hanging by a hinge and some poor timekeeper looking like he’s been run over by a herd of wildebeests.

– Oh poop. Recchi scores as Pommers gets tied up in front of the net and can’t clear the puck. We’re tied at 1.

Oh! Captain, My Captain! Tim Kennedy finds Rivet slipping into the Boston zone and he bounces one over Rask’s shoulder. 2-1, Sabres.

– Harry Neale keeps saying that Kaleta doesn’t want to fight because of the cast on his hand. How many times do we have to go over this? He CAN’T fight because of the cast on his hand. If he did fight, he’d have a wonderful meeting with Colie Campbell and be parked for a couple games. Are we all clear?

– This has been a great game, but it’s only 9pm and I’m already yawning. How in the bluedilly heck am I going to make it through the postgame and at least some of the Canucks game if I’m already sleepy? There needs to be a fan training camp for getting your body acclimated for the playoffs.

– Miller gets shoved into his net by Krejci and there’s a meeting of the minds behind the net, with the Sabres players expressing their displeasure at how Miller was treated. I’ve noticed tonight that the Sabres are definitely more expressive with regards to how Miller can and cannot be treated.

– RJ: “Vanek couldn’t get good wood on it…” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! (Oh, come on. What’s a blog entry without a litle TWSS among friends?)

– The Party in the Plaza clips that have been shown during the game are impressive. It’s great to see so many hockey crazy Sabres fans all in one space and kudos to the Sabres for setting it up and allowing as many Sabres fans as possible to participate in the game experience.

– WHEE! Buffalo wins 2-1, and takes a 1-0 lead in the series. Montador and Lalime crack me up during the postgame celebration line as they do some sort of wacky fist bump sequence.

– So that’s all for now. See you Saturday afternoon for Game 2.

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  1. What happened to Stafford’s twitter account?

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