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Sabres vs. Bruins – Game 2 Thoughts

April 17, 2010

– If you haven’t already, go read Sully’s column from today’s Buffalo News. It really explains the pride in the city and pride in our hockey team that we all have. (Note:  just because we bitch about both, doesn’t mean we still don’t love both.) Also, the fact that I enjoyed both a Sully column and a Bucky column this week totally means that the apocalypse is nigh, right? Or do I have to attend Blogger Confession to confess my sin of liking something produced by the mainstream media?

– Thank you NBC for giving us that up close and personal glimpse of Ryan Miller in the Sabres locker room. I had no idea that the goalies had to kneel down to put their pads on and to get them adjusted.

– This HD feed still has that feeling of coming out of a dirty fishbowl. Or maybe Sandra Lee’s camera crew (they of the over vaselined and blurry lenses) is producing today’s game.

– Darren Pang is tasked with interviewing Myers and clearly is standing on a box while doing so, as he comes up to the numbers on Myers’ shoulder. Panger’s assist is clearly revealed when he is interviewing Rivet on the ice and is much, much shorter than the captain.While Panger is interviewing Rivet, they’re both blocking the bench door as players are trying to get onto the bench for the start of the game. I kept waiting for someone to say “move out of the way, assholes.”

– Ryan Miller…East Lansing…Drink.

– WHOOOOO! Boston completely melts down, as Milan Lucic tries to double team another Sabre, thus leaving Myers with a wide open shot at the net. Myers’ blast is deflected by Begin right into the net. That’s a WHOO! for Buffalo and an “OOOPS” for Boston. 1-0, Sabres.

– Doc: “Claude Julien realizes this is not going well.”  / Me: “Understatement of the year.”

– WHOOO! Matt Ellis scores on the backhand as Rask completely whiffs on the shot. He was too far over to the short side on the shot. 2-0, Sabres.

– Dude. Boychuk whacks the ever loving shit out of Vanek’s knee, causing Vanek to go down awkwardly and hobble towards the bench. That’s…not good. Really, not good. If this a long term injury, then I’ll just get my “fuck hell kitten mittens” out of the way now. (Thanks to Nooie at IPB for that new phrase.)

– The period ends with Chara depositing Ennis ass over tits into the Boston bench. It takes a real man to hit a wee little child like that at the end of a period while down two goals. (Disclaimer: I love Chara off the ice due to his work with Right to Play, but in this series, I think he’s a chicken shit instigator hiding behind his cage.)

– Lindy Ruff is the longest tenured head coach in the NHL….DRINK.

– Oh, poop. Boston scores as Miller’s deflection of the puck goes up and into the net. 2-1, Sabres.

– Doc: “The Sabres have got the bangers in here now.” / Me: “That’s what she said.”

– It’s a lower body injury for Vanek and he won’t be back this afternoon. That’s a “thank you, Captain Obvious” injury declaration if I ever heard one, considering WE ALL SAW THE CHOP TO THE KNEE! However, @BNHarrington has a good point on Sabres Edge: the slash is to the right leg, but Vanek left the ice favoring the left leg. So I guess my righteous indignation can be tempered slightly, since it seems like it was the fall that did the damage and not the stick whomp.

– This second period has been particularly brutal by the Sabres, and as I’m writing that, effing Chara goes and scores. The game is now tied at two.

– WHOOOO! Pommers adds another one to the brood. Lucic isn’t having a good game today as his giveaway leads to Pommers goal. 3-2, Sabres.

– Michael Ryder and Andrew Ference collide just inside the Sabres blueline. Both are alright, but they really should look where they’re going next time.

– Son of a…the Sabres miss a pass in the Boston zone leading to a four-on-two. Not only are the Sabres undermanned in the zone, but Miller is way out of the net. We’re tied at 3.

– Chara flicks a wrister from the corner of the blue line and it gets passed a screened Miller. 4-3, Boston.

I know the Sabres are 32-0 when leading after two periods, but the odds appear to have caught up with the Sabres. Or maybe the afternoon start has thrown all the Sabres off their game? Are they pissed that pizza and wings were vetoed as the dinner choice here at SOTC Estates?  Who knows, except I don’t like where this is going.

– Wait, Sean from the Real World Boston and Rachel from the Real World San Fransisco have six(!) kids together and he’s running for Congress? And now I have faith that Real World alum are actually doing something productive with their lives instead of going on their umpteenth challenge show where they proceed to do nothing but get drunk and screw.

– Greer gets in on a breakaway but misses. If he would have made that shot, I predict that there would have been a statue erected to him in the plaza by the fans.

– Panger reports that Lindy was standing on top of the bench and hollering and whistling to get Miller onto the bench. Does Lindy use something simple like “move your ass” or does he just start yelling “Miller, Miller,” or is there a super secret code (“Here Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy…”)?

– Well, poop. But at least the rest of the Eastern Conference series (with the exception of Washington/Montreal) are tied at one. I’d feel better going into Boston with a 2-0 series lead, but it is what it is. I almost wish there was a postgame show on NBC for this one, since I’d love to hear Lindy’s presser and the players comments, but I’ll read about them later.