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Sabres vs. Bruins, Game 1 – ITS THE PLAYOFFS, MY FRIENDS!!

April 15, 2010

– It’s playoff time! It’s playoff time! I could not wait for the workday to end and for this game to start. As Emerson, Lake & Palmer once said, “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.”

– Dad and I are playing spot the new dasher board advertisers: so far, we’ve spotted 84 Lumber and Local Edge. We both agree that “Sobotka” (the Boston player) sounds like it should be the name of a former Soviet Republic.

– The HSBC crowd is one of the loudest I’ve heard in the past couple of seasons. There’s been a couple “Let’s Go Buffalo” and “Tuuuuka” chants echoing into my living room. Who knew all it took was a playoff appearance to make the fans here in Buffalo wake up.

– WHOOO! Roy-Z makes a sweet drop pass to Vanek who whistles it past Rask. 1-0, Sabres.

– Mair heads to the dressing room after getting whomped on in the corner. Crack sideline reporter Rob Ray reports that Mair was favoring his shoulder and both the doctor and the trainer followed him down. I guess the bionic shoulder replacement went quicker than the experts thought it would, as Mair is back on the ice after a few minutes.

– Can someone get Tyler Myers a glass of warm milk or cut down on his pre-game sugar & caffeine consumption? He’s awfully jittery tonight. I know some of that is rookie nerves, and that he’ll grow out of it, but it is noticeable here in the cheap seats.

– Vanek and Chara get tangled up as they both try to leave the Buffalo zone. Vanek was in between Chara’s legs and I would have loved to have seen Vanek just flip the giant over. It totally would have been something out of the WWE and definitely would have been a penalty, but it would have been worth it.

– Oh goody, someone brought a horn into the arena. Now we can hear honk honk honkhonkhonk all night long.

– OMG. These past three minutes have been amazing. Chara crushed Kaleta off to the side and there was a delayed penalty call. Meanwhile, Lucic drops the stick and gloves and starts going after Lydman, who wants no part of it (he’s a lover, not a fighter). Somehow, everyone makes a friend to tangle up with and we get SO CLOSE to the line brawl that Miller discussed in his pregame interviews. By the time all is said and done (and four Sabres are in the penalty box), the Sabres are on the power play. The cherry on this little sundae is Sabretooth shaking his moneymaker in front of the crowded Boston penalty box.

– Someone is going to have to tell Ennis just to shoot the effing puck. He’s trying too hard to make the perfect play rather than just going for it and seeing what develops. As that old cliche says, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

– So apparently Chara escaped the penalty box too early and is escorted back. RJ and Harry say someone screwed up and let him out too early, since it’s not like he just busted the door down and said “I’m Out of Here.” Although it might have been a much better story had he busted out and we saw a little penalty box door hanging by a hinge and some poor timekeeper looking like he’s been run over by a herd of wildebeests.

– Oh poop. Recchi scores as Pommers gets tied up in front of the net and can’t clear the puck. We’re tied at 1.

Oh! Captain, My Captain! Tim Kennedy finds Rivet slipping into the Boston zone and he bounces one over Rask’s shoulder. 2-1, Sabres.

– Harry Neale keeps saying that Kaleta doesn’t want to fight because of the cast on his hand. How many times do we have to go over this? He CAN’T fight because of the cast on his hand. If he did fight, he’d have a wonderful meeting with Colie Campbell and be parked for a couple games. Are we all clear?

– This has been a great game, but it’s only 9pm and I’m already yawning. How in the bluedilly heck am I going to make it through the postgame and at least some of the Canucks game if I’m already sleepy? There needs to be a fan training camp for getting your body acclimated for the playoffs.

– Miller gets shoved into his net by Krejci and there’s a meeting of the minds behind the net, with the Sabres players expressing their displeasure at how Miller was treated. I’ve noticed tonight that the Sabres are definitely more expressive with regards to how Miller can and cannot be treated.

– RJ: “Vanek couldn’t get good wood on it…” THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID! (Oh, come on. What’s a blog entry without a litle TWSS among friends?)

– The Party in the Plaza clips that have been shown during the game are impressive. It’s great to see so many hockey crazy Sabres fans all in one space and kudos to the Sabres for setting it up and allowing as many Sabres fans as possible to participate in the game experience.

– WHEE! Buffalo wins 2-1, and takes a 1-0 lead in the series. Montador and Lalime crack me up during the postgame celebration line as they do some sort of wacky fist bump sequence.

– So that’s all for now. See you Saturday afternoon for Game 2.


Playoff Predictions and Thoughts – Round 1

April 13, 2010

If you’re looking for factual, statistical analysis, you’ve come to the wrong place. This post is going to be based on nothing but what my murky crystal ball and tralalalafeelingbits tea leaves say.

Let’s start with the East (with my east coast bias and all)

#1 Washington vs. #8 Montreal

I’d love to see Montreal upset the Caps. Seeing Ovie go home with his tail between his legs would make me so happy. I cannot stand the way the media fawns over him like he’s the second coming. And I don’t like his style of play. Sure, he’s aggressive, but at times he’s often reckless ( just ask Brian Campbell). Sure, Montreal has noted Crunchy breaker Scott Gomez, but Gomez’s transgressions do not match up to Ovechkin’s. If we look at fanbases, sure Montreal fans can be annoying (that damn “Ole” song) and have a tendency to act like they’ve never been there before (rioting after the first round a couple years ago), but it sure beats whining and calling other fanbases classless because they haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid and see your star player as the league’s lord and savior.

On the positive side of things, Montreal kicks Washington‘s ass in the mascot department. Youppi just rocks. The Habs saved Youppi from being sent to a farm in rurual Quebec, for pete’s sake! It’s a mascot rebirth and a well deserved second life for an awesome character. If you need a giggle, go to the Habs site and make Youppi dance and cheer. Hilarious.

All of that said, unless Montreal pulls off a miracle (or Washington gets too cocky), I think the Caps will win in 6.

#2 New Jersey vs. #7 Philadelphia

Judging from what I know about the Devils from reading Interchangeable Parts, I should be running far far away from picking the Devils in this series. But hello, they’re playing the Flyers. The Flyers were the ones whose management was forced to sign Chris Pronger so that a grownup would be in the room. Their captain held a media blackout because he didn’t like what the media was saying about him. And for some reason this season, they appear to be cursed by the ghost of Pelle Lindburgh, as Flyers goalies were dropping like flies in the latter portion of the season. (Admit it, you all thought the Flyers would have to put an orange construction pylon in the crease at some point.) And while Brodeur has his moments, Brodeur trumps Boucher.And if the Devils offense pulls their collective heads out of their collective arses, they could be dangerous.

In the battle of the mascots, New Jersey wins by default, since Philly doesn’t have a formal mascot. And NJ Devil still trumps Philly’s unofficial mascot of asshole fans.

Prediction: Devils in 7, but Pronger makes a stupid, useless and injurious gesture at some point.

#3 Buffalo vs. #6 Boston

This matchup seems to be the one that the professionals think has the biggest chance of garnering an upset. Goaltending in this series is a push, as Miller/Lalime cancel out Rask/Thomas, unless Thomas becomes sieve-like, then the advantage swings towards the Sabres. The Bruins were last in the league in scoring, but were deadly when it came to penalty killing (you all heard about the three shorties on one power play on Saturday). The Sabres defense is killer, when it’s not having it’s moments (Yes, Rivet and Sekera/Butler, I’m looking at you three). The Sabres have some slight injury problems, as Stafford, Hecht and Connolly all are members of the walking wounded. But the kids called up from Portland have done so much more than be a band aid over the bullet hole of their absence.

In the battle of the mascots, it’s a close battle between Sabretooth and Blades. While Blades has a kickass series of commercials, Sabretooth is on Twitter. How he manages to tweet with those large furry paws, I still do not know. I have trouble navigating Twitter on my iPod touch and I have normal sized fingers. While Sabretooth has his own house, Blades has his own biography on the Bruins website. But you know what pushed Sabretooth over the edge here? The fact that Sabretooth rumbled with the Geico gecko. I presume the tiger won. Heh.

Prediction: Sabres in 6. (Because when a sabretooth battles a bear, the ‘tooth wins every time.)

#4 Pittsburgh vs. #5 Ottawa

Is there any doubt that I’d love to see Pittsburgh win this one? Crosby and Malkin trump Alfredsson and Spezza. And Ottawa has Chris Neil, who never met a dirty hit, play or turtle that he didn’t like. Pittsburgh also gets hockey and doesn’t hokey it up too much, ahem Ottawa.

In the battle of mascots, Spartacat trumps Iceburgh…even though the cat is in good need of a mane trim.

Prediction; Pens in 5.

And now onto the Western Conference…

#1 San Jose vs. #8 Colorado

A notorious playoff choker versus an eighth seed? Push.

That said, I think San Jose is going to overwhelm the Avs. Something tells me this is the year they throw off the mantle of playoff choker.

In mascot land, Bernie the St. Bernard is much warmer and fuzzier than SJ Sharkie. If you were a kid, would you rather have a cute & cuddly St. Bernard give you a hug or a Jaws wannabe?

Prediction: Sharks in 6.

#2 Chicago vs. #7 Nashville

I’d love to see the Predators go far in the playoffs in order to see JP Dumont’s playoff beard develop into it’s full lumberjack beard. In my opinion, I feel like this series might be the one with the biggest upset potential if Nashville can find a way to manage Chicago’s offensive firepower. However, I have a soft spot for Chicago thanks to some lovely ladies on Twitter, and the Hawks addicting goal song got me to go out and buy a Fratellis CD. Also, Tommy Hawk is a much more “original” mascot than Nashville’s Sabretooth wannabe, Gnash.

Prediction: Chicago in 6

#3 Vancouver vs. #6 Los Angeles

I have a soft spot for the Canucks. It must be from watching them on HNiC and having the Sedins and Luongo on my fantasy team, not to mention that the Canucks and the Sabres are 1970 league entry twins. Henrik Sedin and his fellow Swedish Canucks have a great scoring touch and if Luongo can stop making like a cheap hooker and keep his legs closed, the Canucks can go far. And the Canucks also have Ryan Kesler, the player whom I most wish Miller would have smuggled home from Vancouver in his suitcase. His gritty determined style is exactly what is needed in the playoffs.

On the mascot side of things, Fin the Whale can’t hold a candle to Bailey the Lion. To be perfectly honest, Fin is kind of terrifying.

Prediction: Canucks in 6.

#4 Phoenix vs. #5 Detroit

Phoenix has got to be the people’s favorite going into these playoffs. The franchise has been through a ton this year with the ownership issues and the constant rumors of being moved here, there and everywhere. If Phoenix manages to knock off Detroit, someone will have to be standing behind Bettman with the paddles at the ready, considering a team that isn’t in a traditional hockey market knocked off the self-proclaimed “Hockeytown.” And really, it’s about time someone knocked off Detroit. I’m tired of them making it to the Cup Finals. As Herb Brooks would say, “screw ’em.”

Prediction: Coyotes in 7.


I wish WGRZ had put the Sabres superstition video from today’s 6pm newscast on the web. The video contained Rip Simonick explaining how previous players had their own little rituals (personal ashtrays, riding to the rink with your right winger on the passenger side of the car, etc) and the current Sabres denying that they have “superstitions,” just “habits.” Hearing about the former Sabres superstitions was neat, and I would have loved to have heard more from Simonick. However, did Channel 2 expect to have the Sabres fully explain their superstitions/habits/rituals? The Sabres know enough to not reveal information that would make them appear completely effing insane to the average person watching the 6pm news (you know, the ones that might not know that sometimes hockey players can be completely crazy about things like that).


Sabres vs. Devils – The Last One

April 11, 2010

Dear Marty Brodeur,

It’s very impolite to punch Paul Gaustad in the head. What has he ever done to you? I never want to see that look of absolute WTF-ery on Goose’s face ever again, so please try and be nicer next time.

Dear Roy-Z

There are better ways to get sent to the locker room than pretending to be hurt. Don’t give the fanbase unnecessary heart attacks, please.

Dear Dixie Carter,

Thank you for your excellent portrayal of a kickass, strong female character. You will be missed.

Dear Flyers,

I rooted for you today, since rooting for the Rangers goes against all that is good and holy. Now that you’re in the playoffs, I’m going to go back to rooting against you. No hard feelings and such.

Dear Rangers,

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Please tell me what time the pity party starts at MSG tomorrow.

Dear Boston,

Good to see you again, my friend. Here’s to a good clean playoff series, where hopefully Tyler Ennis or Nathan Gerbe can skate through Chara’s legs for a goal.

Dear Devils,

Enjoy the Flyers.


This blog entry was about as inspiring as this Sabres/Devils game was. A rock, paper, scissors match at center ice would have been more entertaining. Catch me later in the week for some playoff breakdowns.


Sabres vs. Sens – Please Let Them Win

April 10, 2010

– I’m knitting during tonight’s game, so there’s a lot of multitasking going on, especially as the blanket I am knitting is getting to the rather unwieldy in size stage.

– Puck drop is delayed as the Sens are honoring Alfredsson for playing in his 1,000th career game. The delay might actually end up being a good thing, as this MSG feed is very herky jerky, with constant stops and starts and stutters. If you can upgrade my cable guide, you can deliver me a good quality hockey feed. While this Alfie ceremony is long, his kids are completely adorable and the one is hilariously mugging for the camera.

– It’s officially springtime in Buffalo: Mr. Softee trucks are on the streets and Marineland ads are on display. (I dare you to not have the Marineland jingle stuck in your head after seeing the TV commercial.)

– I know statistics are right up there with lies and damned lies, but the Sens have won 9 in a row against the Sabres. If this was Vegas, I’d be betting on the Sabres, because at some point, the odds turn against the dominant team. Look what happened last month with the Sabres and the Leafs: the Sabres had a pretty lengthy winning streak against the Leafs and it was snapped just like that.

– Dear MSG: once you’ve fixed my feed, can you make a note for future games that showing the national anthems is a great idea? HNiC does it. Most local teams do it. Why don’t you? And have I mentioned lately that I love when the crowd sings along to “Oh Canada?”

– A quick poll on Twitter shows that the MSG feed is jittery for all, and not just those of us with TWC.

– The feed also decides to inappropriately cut out as Sutton decides to smush the hell out of Stafford, who spends a good few minutes on the ice and eventually gingerly heads off the ice. The end result is that both teams are shorthanded as Torres and Sutton are both sent to the box.

– Vanek makes it 1-0, Sabres as he taps the puck into a wide open net, as Leclaire was badly out of position.

– I really think there’s going to be bloodshed tonight, as Neil goes after Roy and Ruutu tackles a yet to-be-determined Sabre after a Leclaire save. How can you attack Roy? It’s like going after a little yappy chihuahua that’s writing checks it thinks its body can cash.

– WHOO! Vanek scores off of a gorgeous Roy pass as Vanek had wandered in all alone to the net. 2-0, Sabres.

We’re told that Stafford won’t be returning tonight as he has an upper body injury. That might just be the “no sh*t, sherlock” injury description of the year. We all saw him get knocked into next Tuesday.

– This playoff flashback or whatever they’re calling it showing Pommers hat trick from 2006 subtly points out that Pommers isn’t one of the kids any more. He looked so young then!

– Neil makes it 2-1, Sabres as he slips the puck through the half inch of space between Miller’s leg and the goalpost. Have I mentioned how much I hate Chris Neil?

– Vanek makes it 3-1, Sabres on a penalty shot after he gets chopped down on a breakaway. The chop to the ankles looks like it’s causing Vanek quite a bit of pain. Since Vanek now has a set of triplets (Manny, Moe & Jack), when is the first play date scheduled with Pominville’s triplets (Huey, Dewey & Louie)?

– So the triplets have now become quadruplets as Vanek knocks the puck out of mid-air past Leclaire. 4-1, Sabres.

Looking at the new Patrick Roy “History will be made” ad, its still shocking to see how tiny the goalie gear was even in the mid-80s. Do we think that Miller or Lalime would willingly get on the ice against today’s hard shots with such pithy gear? And I know we all mock Miller’s quirks, but at least he doesn’t talk to goalposts or hop, skip and jump over blue lines.*

* that we know of

– WHOOO! Roy breaks the Vanek stranglehold on the scoring and makes it 5-1, Sabres.

– Donovan decides to try and make things interesting, as he makes it 5-2, Sabres. Too little, too late, my friend.

– WHEEE! The Sabres finally beat Ottawa and do it with minimal bloodshed. (Well, Staffy technically wasn’t bleeding, but you know what I mean.) This was a critical win for the Sabres. They managed to get Ottawa out of their heads and do it while kicking some ass. (Did someone watch before the game the scene in The Cutting Edge where Kate announces she’s in the mood to kick a little ass? Because really, the Sabres were totally in ass kicking mode tonight. Or did Lindy somehow manage to invent a Wayback Machine and get the 2005-06 Sabres that beat Ottawa to come and pep talk these guys?)

– Sweet merciful hockey playing baby Jesus, what the eff is Don Cherry wearing tonight? It’s like an Ikea duvet cover committed suicide and the remains became a suit coat.

– So tomorrow could be a fun day of hockey. Sabres/Devils settles positions 2 and 3 in the conference while Rangers / Flyers determines who gets to sit at home and stew for the remainder of the summer.


I Hadn’t Planned on Blogging Tonight

April 6, 2010

But I didn’t feel like flooding Twitter with pointless babble, so instead I come here.

– Harry Neale is in rare form tonight. During the mixup in front of the Sabres net immediately after Myers was smushed, Neale mixed up Derek Roy, Drew Stafford and Toni Lydman in trying to describe who was involved in the scuffle. None of these players are interchangeable. Stafford and Lydman are the only two who could mistakenly pass for each other…in a dark alley and from behind, as they have similar builds, but not strikingly similar. Roy-Z is the oddball in the group.

– Then Harry mentions that the scouting on Lundqvist shows that he is rumored to be weak on the high shots. That’s one straight out of the no ish, sherlock files. Us fans were shouting that in the Rangers/Sabres series TWO years ago.

– Stafford scores. Roy-Z defended a teammate. What’s the third impending sign of the Sabrepocalypse? Miller getting into a fight with King Henrik? (BTW, I love the nickname King Henrik in that it’s a close cousin to one of the best racing nicknames out there: King Hiro. Let me explain. Hiro Matsushita was a Japanese Indy Car driver who had sponsorship checks that his driving skills couldn’t cash. One day, he was being a moving chicane in front of legendary driver Emerson Fittipaldi. Emmo calls his pits to complain about Hiro. However, as Emmo is ranting about [fuc]king Hiro, his radio cuts out and all his team hears is “King Hiro.” And thus, a legend was born…and that’s my story.)

– I know this was linked on Puck Daddy earlier today, but this NHL parody video is just hilarious, both for the tagline and the look on Ray’s face. We all know Rob Ray has quite the poker face.

– Miller stops Gaborik point blank on a sliding save in the second period. It was just a stunning save. And did I mention it was a four-on-one? Miller brought a spoon to a knife fight and came out on top.

– Seeing that this game is sponsored by Yanceys Fancy makes me want some cheese. And I do not have any cheese because when my dad went grocery shopping, he thought that my request for “cheese curds” was a silent plea for “cheese curls” and as such, he brought me Cheetos. They’re not exactly interchangeable foodstuffs.

– And The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back on May 3rd. I cannot wait!

– It’s great that Ryan Miller was nominated for the Mark Messier Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence (c’mon, it’s not like the real name of the award is that much better). He’s really come into his own this year and is one of the few players that could probably tell his teammates to go eff themselves and not have many repercussions. I just wonder when the nominees for the “Mark Messier Award for Crying Like a PMS’ing Woman Who Just Found Out She’s Out of Ice Cream” will be announced.

– For being only 23 years old, it looks like Little Timmy is developing an unfortunately positioned bald spot. Poor thing.

– Since Stafford is playing somewhat better tonight, is Lindy/Darcy/His Mommy going to let him have his Twitter again? I miss his sarcastic wit.

– According to, the Devils are playing the Trashers tonight. They must be the rec league team from the Streets & Sanitation department.

– Dudes! Derek Roy is getting feisty again. He steps in when Shelley and Miller are going at it after Shelley tumbles over the top of Miller. Miller threw a couple of good smacks before Roy-Z stepped in and gets rewarded with a roughing minor for his efforts. It’s no fight with King Henrik, but I’ll take it.

– The team salute at center ice has so much more meaning when it’s done only once or twice a season. Do you hear me, Rangers? It’s a special gesture and doing it every game cheapens it, in my opinion.

– As the wonderful Alix from Canucks Hockey Blog pointed out, the Sabres and Canucks are division champ and team birth year twinsies. I love fun stats like that!

– Mike Robitaille was the recipient of a standing ovation from the fans tonight. He looks good, but as my mother pointed out, he looks like he’s aged a ton in just a few short months. Here’s to hoping for a continued good recovery for Roby. We all miss him in the booth, and when he comes back, a K-Syl/Roby/Gare booth could be great fun to watch.

– I still want to know where the heck the powers that be found a white sportcoat that fits all of the guys on the team. What’s funny is that with the coat worn over their undershirts, they all look like they’re doing a bad Sony Crockett impression. And seeing the coat with the handwritten messages on the back reminds me of high school and signing your uniform skirts the last day of junior year to celebrate that you never had to wear them again. Whoever gets to keep the jacket at the end of the season is going to have one heck of a keepsake, albeit a somewhat smelly one. Multiple player post game hockey player funk has to be incredibly gross.

– I love Miller’s subtle plea to the coaching staff via the media for a night off before the playoffs start. I know he wants to get in some goalie practice, but he should also treat himself to that massage and a jacuzzi for his efforts.

– In closing….WHOOO! One banner down, two more to go! LET’S GO BUFFALO!


We’re #3!

April 5, 2010

Mediapost provided a nice summary of the Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Index. The NHL ranked #3 in terms of fan loyalty (with the NFL and MLB tied for 1st and the NBA running 2nd). The study measures fan loyalty based upon four criteria:

  1. entertainment/excitement level of the team
  2. how they play as a team
  3. level of bonding fans have with players (the puckbunny index?)
  4. team history and tradition

So why does the NHL rank so low on the list? I think we all can agree that the games are exciting and most teams are relatively exciting (except those playing the dreaded trap). Hockey is a total team sport that requires the cooperation of all 6 guys on the ice at the same time. While there are individual stars, no one star is responsible for the fortunes of a team (Do you hear me on that one Sabres? Step up and stop relying on Miller to carry your asses.) The NHL players and fans for all intents and purposes have a good relationship…that occasionally is not dependent upon looks, talent or the amount of alcohol consumed. And with few exceptions, NHL teams have a solid history and sense of tradition.

The president of Brand Keys offers the following hypothesis for the low popularity of the NHL:

“…it isn’t TV-friendly, and because of players’ gear, is not amenable to player-fan loyalty. “It’s very hard to set up a situation where you can bond with players. They all look the same.”

I’m sorry, what? All NHL players look the same? Is he implying that hockey is a predominately white sport – which it is, I won’t deny that – and that’s why it doesn’t appeal? Or is he saying that from the cheap seats – both those at the arena and at home – all five skaters look the same and only the goalies really stand out? I beg to differ on both arguments, as really, the first one is just a bunch of crap. And the second one is easily disproven, considering it can become fairly easy to start picking out particular hockey players once you start paying attention to the game. Using the Sabres as an example, you can start differentiating the Myers/Ennis/Gerbe/Roys of the world because of their height. Then you start weeding out the Mair/Gaustad/Ellis types: the muckers and grinders who are all heart and effort, all the time. And you keep going from there.

I’d also call bupkus on not there not being any fan/player loyalty in the NHL. How many player specific jerseys do you see at any given game? And more importantly, how many “special” player specific jerseys do you see? I’m referring here to the Michigan State Miller jerseys or the Minnesota Vanek sweaters that you see sprinkled around the arena. Also, let us not forget the fan uproar when Briere and Drury left town. Those gentlemen still get booed at the arena. Maybe Buffalo is a special case, but the NHL not being conducive to developing player/fan loyalty is bunk.

So who does this study say are the most loyal fans in the NHL?

  • Detroit
  • Philly
  • San Jose
  • New Jersey
  • Boston

I’m kind of shocked by the inclusion of San Jose and New Jersey on the list. Maybe it’s just my East Coast “old” team bias, but the Sharks are a relatively new team and yet still rank in the top five…playoff chokes and all. New Jersey is shocking because although they have a team that has won championships and has consistent management, they’re often overlooked for their regional neighbors when it comes to media coverage.

I feel like I wandered around a bit in this post, so thank you for bearing with me. What do you all think?


Sabres vs. Canadiens – 4.3.10

April 3, 2010

– With a win tonight, the Sabres can clinch the Northeast Division title. Let’s go Sabres!

– K-Syl asks Rivet in the pregame if he knew about Lindy’s heinous “let’s go for a walk plan” on Friday. Rivet responded that Lindy did warn him about the impending walk (which I hear was done barefoot, in the snow and uphill…both ways). I wonder if Lindy gave him the heads up so as to have some help in making sure that all bodies that got off the bus got back on the bus at the end of the day? You know, like on school field trips. (But what do I know of school field trips? I went to a Catholic school. We only got schlepped to retreats where we all had to pretend that we liked each other and then sing along to “Angels Among Us” by Alabama.)

– Yes, that is a chalk outline of Lindy in the middle of the road. Afinogenov threw him under the bus…but then promptly turned the bus over to another driver.

– The wind here in the Buff tonight is simply insane. I hope I can keep power throughout the game…or at the very least don’t end up being blown to Oz.

– Inquiring minds want to know: now that Bucky is back from Vancouver, is the great Bucky Gleason Twitter Experiment over?

– Miller has been “on” so far tonight. I can’t say the same for Harry Neale, who has mixed up penalty kills and power plays and the first period isn’t over yet.

– O’Byrne manages to only complete 2/3 of the “oopsie” hat trick. He fell down, knocked over his goalie, knocked the net off the moorings, but managed to avoid knocking the puck into the net.

– O’Byrne scores on a long shot that gets through Miller’s five hole. 1-0, Canadiens.

– K-Syl interviews Brian Gionta during the first intermission and FINALLY K-Syl is taller than the player he is interviewing!

– Miller gives up a rebound and Tom Pyatt beats Myers to it and puts it again through Miller’s five hole. 2-0, Canadiens.

– My head itches and my eye is still kind of wonky. Shingles blows. Don’t get ’em if you can avoid ’em.

– How can I tell it’s the night before Easter? The 10 Commandments is on. Unfortunately, none of the Sabres are worthy of being called splendid adorable fools tonight.

– Is it wrong that I went to the Habs website to check if Tom Pyatt has the same amazing eyes as his brother Taylor when K-Syl mentioned that they are related? (I will admit to being slightly confused when I saw the Montreal splash page reading “Je Suis [Player Name]” and wondered when the heck Jesus starting playing for the Habs.) My research did conclude that the younger Pyatt definitely has nice eyes.

– Miller gets smushed (technical term) by a flying Rivet and gets up kind of gingerly. He looks to be shaking either his hand or his thighs. Is he checking to make sure that all bits and pieces are properly placed where said bits and pieces should be? If I were Lindy, I’d be knocking some sense into Rivet for that one.

– Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, the Sabres give the puck away in their own end and one of the Tits brothers puts in past a down Miller. 3-0, Habs.

– That’s it. No Easter candy for the Sabres. The rabbit doesn’t reward games like this.

– With about 2 minutes left in the game, all blessed hell breaks loose as Goose gets involved with Moen and Gill and his teammates come running in to offer support (Gerbe and Mair, although what the heck the Tiny Tot is going to do is a mystery) and Montador and Lapierre go at it at center ice. What’s especially entertaining about this whole thing is that Montador was at the end of a very long shift and was at the complete opposite end of the ice from where all of this was breaking out. When all is said and done, Goose and Montador are chucked from the game.

– The Montreal fans start singing “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.” All they’ve done is win a hockey game that is just one of 82. It’s not like they’ve won a series or the conference finals or even the blessed Cup. One game. Not worth it.

– Dear RJ: Stop using the word diddle. IT’S NOT A GOOD OUT LOUD WORD. Thank you.

– May I have those 2.5 hours of my life back, please?