Who Would Have Thought Entertainment Weekly Would Talk Hockey?

May 29, 2010

So I’m perusing Entertainment Weekly for my daily dose of reputable celebrity gossip, when I stumble across this article. The site interviewed Mike Bolt, the Cup’s official wrangler/BFF about some of the wackiest celebrity encounters he’s had with the Cup. After reading his list, I really wish I could interview Chris Chelios. Dude has had a hell of a career and could probably share some killer stories.

So I hope we all enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals, and Ryan Miller’s special guest star performance as an analyst opposite Pierre & Milbury. What has a greater chance of happening: Miller in a crazy suit, Miller raising a wonky brow in confusion after something one of the ACME Brain trust says, or Miller snapping and going all “bitch, please” on one of them?

Prediction: Hawks in 6.



  1. What has a greater chance of happening:

    Definitely B & C

  2. I’m thinking the eyebrow might get heavy use tonight.

  3. Poor Crunchy held up admirably. All those times when Pierre & Milbury were babbling at once and drowning him out would’ve done in a lesser man. (Pierre’s finger-guns made me shriek with laughter though, so it was worth it.)

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