I Came. I Saw. I Blogged

June 9, 2010

– Is it hypocritical of me to be offended by last week’s Daily Beast article but not be offended by the ‘shop job of Pronger in an ice skating dress? Should I be offended? I know female hockey players are nineteen kinds of kickass, but I can see how they would be demeaned by it. How is it any different than any of the editorial cartoons or satire that any newspapers produces on a daily basis? Is it because the Pronger photo appeared on the front page instead of buried deep in a black-and-white page in Section C? Is it because the Tribune is a “legit” news source and not a tabloid, like the NY Post? Who knows. Maybe the Tribune was just suggesting Pronger reprise the Kate role in a remake of The Cutting Edge.

Byfuglien, you are stem. Pronger, you are petal. Together, we make flower.

Brain bleach is available in the lobby on your way out.

– After watching Glee, I really wish Sue Sylvester’s book “I’m a Winner and You’re Fat” was in production. I’m going to miss my weekly dose of Sue Sylvester during the summer.

– While looking through the Getty archives to see what exactly set Mark Salling’s Twitter off, I found this photo of Ryan Miller. Let’s all keep this image of happy, smiley Miller in our mental filing cabinets for when November comes around and the dude is ready to shank one of his teammates after the game.

– After reading the press release announcing the Sabres draft party, I have just one question: what exactly constitutes a hockey-themed arts & crafts project? Will we be able to knit our own stick cozy? Crochet our very own Sabretooth? Mold a mouth guard out of play-doh?

– The NHL Awards ceremony is two weeks from tonight. Will Miller & Myers bring home the hardware? Will there be out of date music and unfunny comedians? I predict the answer to both questions will be YES!

– Speaking of bringing home the hardware, go Blackhawks! Let’s bring the Cup to Buffalo for a day! (Can you imagine how insane South Buffalo is going to be if that happens?


  1. Byfuglien, you are stem. Pronger, you are petal. Together, we make flower.


    I’m with you. The article was a disgusting misrepresentation of female hockey fans (and females in general, for that matter) written by someone who knows nothing about hockey and wouldn’t give two hoots about it if not for Misses Duff and Underwood. The Pronger thing is childish but amusing – exactly like the man this postseason. And come on – he’s a 6’6 defenceman who rated a -5. If he wasn’t doing pirouettes out there then what WAS he doing?

  2. I don’t know why there was such outrage about Pronger in a skirt. He was dressed like a ballerina or an ice dancer, NOT a female hockey player. WAY not the same as that lame article.

    Thank you, Patrick Kane. You made Buffalo proud. 🙂

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