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The Night Before

June 30, 2010

– So tomorrow is either the happiest day in all the land or the most frustrating day in all the land (depending on your point of view, whether you have any free agents to deal with or have a comically frustrating general manager). That’s right, it’s UFA Day! WHOOO! (Or not). So there are some things we know: someone will leave the Sabres, someone will join the Sabres, and Darcy Regier will be damned no matter what he does. The day is predictable in its unpredictability. We’re just all destined to sit back and enjoy the ride. We will welcome the new guy(s) to the team with open arms, and we will bid those that leave a fond farewell, wishing them well in their new endeavors. We will also sit back and exclaim “WTF is Team X doing” when the inevitable 15 year, bazillion dollar deal is signed. We will also breathe a deep sigh of relief over the fact that we will not have to freak out over a Ryan Miller UFA deal this year, since the powers that be got that out of the way last year.

And that’s my hard hitting analysis of UFA Day.

– I tweeted the link to this article yesterday, but Ad Age discussed how blog conglomerate sites like Bleacher Report and Huffington Post generate so much content from an unpaid staff of writers, and how such content has even made its way into the MSM (mainstream media) through assorted partnerships. From the MSM side, it’s good that they can potentially get access to free content for probably much less than it would cost to pay a writer or two, and from the readers side, the “voice of the people” is heard. Whatever. However, an MSM site relies on its credibility to draw traffic. People visit an MSM site to read professional writing, done by those with access, knowledge, and sometimes, even a little thing called fact checking (Exhibit A being BR’s recent kerfluffle over a post that said Gonchar was traded to San Jose). If there’s too much rumor mongering, incorrect reporting or bloviating, then both the content provider, MSM vehicle and audience all suffer.

– I wonder how I’m going to make it through the next couple episodes of Deadliest Catch. We all know how Captain Phil’s story ends, but my god, getting to the end is going to be hard as hell. I do have to give Discovery a ton of credit for how tastefully they have handled this entire story. They could have sensationalized the hell out of it, but instead are treating Captain Phil and his sons with dignity & respect.