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One Week Away!

October 1, 2010

Happy Hocktober, my friends! The Sabres season opener is just one week away! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The crisp, clean fall air is filled with the sounds of skates & sticks. The smell of clean ice mingles with the smells of fall, like pumpkins, apples & squash.

– The NHL debuted it’s new “Questions Will Become Answers” individual player ads today. Surprisingly, Ryan Miller is included, as the NHL finally bought a clue and included a well respected, thoughtful, eloquent athlete not named Sidney or Alex and one not playing for a team in a major market. I love the concept of Miller testing his reflexes with the tennis balls, as it shows just how good he is. (I would have clocked myself in the head several times over if I had to peform the tennis ball trick.) The whipping of the tennis ball at the camera indicates a subtle “eff you” towards all the haters and doubters out there. It’s a nice touch to close the ad. Kudos to the NHL and their agency for creating some very nice spots.

– Bucky chimes in with a “Drew Stafford has had a come to Jesus moment and promises to remove his head from his sphincter and play hockey this year.” All I can say is that the Staffy-phiphany had better stick or there will be a lot of fans ready to put him on the first bus to anywhere but here.

– SI looks at the league’s sudden wave of wee little baby defensemen. The author provides a particularly memorable image of the younger defensemen being likely to remember lyrics to the Barney theme song if sufficiently bribed or threatened. Why does that sound like something out of a team hazing activity, that a rookie has to sing childhood songs like ones from Barney, Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. (Oh wait, that was my childhood. Minus the Barney. Barney was after my time.) C’mon, can’t you imagine Tyler Ennis or another Sabres rookie having to put on a locker room performance of “The Ladybugs Picnic” or “Dance Myself to Sleep“?

But I digress. The article is full of praise for Myers, including a comment from Harry Sinden about how Myers always gets back to the defensive zone in time, just like Bobby Orr. To be compared to one of the greatest – if not the greatest – defensemen in the game is very high praise indeed, and just shows how well thought of Myers is around the league.

– On an unrelated note, does anyone else want to just give a great big hug to Mondo from Project Runway? Holy moses, he’s growing on me more and more. I’m not going to spoil this week’s episode, but dude, what a guy. I may not be able to wear his clothes and may not always “get” his designs, but there’s no doubt that the man is talented. He is my pick to win it all.

– I’m glad to see that MLB bought a clue (with the help of Chevrolet) and will be starting Game 3 of the World Series before 7pm. Starting the game early is a great way to increase the audience for the game, however, if there was a game where starting early would make the least sense, Saturday would be it. Why not make it a weeknight, where little Johnny or little Susie can watch a couple innings before they have to go to bed in order to be alert for school the next day? That’s how you grow audiences and fans. My dad waxes poetic about the days where he would come home from school and be able to watch the baseball playoffs. Kids today miss out on that. The games start late and with a lot of kids having to be on the bus so early, there’s a missed opportunity to grow the fanbase.

– Finally, why are these people beating on poor Sabretooth? What has he done to deserve such treatment? We also should use this photo as an example of “Why Thundersticks Are a No Good, Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Idea.”