Wheel of Justice, Turn Turn Turn

October 12, 2010

– For those of you playing along at home, mimicking fellatio during an NHL game is the equivalent of a nasty hit from behind that renders another player unconscious. It makes no freaking sense, but ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the NHL wheel of justice, brought to you by Colin Campbell and your friends at the home office in Toronto.

I know that Wisniewski had to be suspended or punished in some form because a non-family friendly gesture is not appreciated in sports (as hilarious as it was at the time). But I’m surprised that Hjalmarsson was only given two games. He should have been given at least three or four. I do have a feeling that if (god forbid) Pommers had been hurt worse, that the suspension would have increased exponentially. However, by stepping up to the plate and suspending Hjalmarsson, I think the NHL has attempted to avoid some of the wild, wild west mentality that might have popped up during Saturday night’s Sabres/Blackhawks rematch.

– Speaking of wild west, did anyone else notice that Kane and Kaleta were particularly snarly towards each other last night? There has to be a story there.

– Was anyone else surprised that Connolly was the first Sabre to rush to Pominville’s defense? Yeah, me too.

– I know there’s a Bucky boycott in some parts of the blogosphere, so I know not everyone is aware of his latest writings. After reading his last two columns, I have a feeling that Bucky has a satellite office in South Buffalo. Sunday rehashed the Kennedy saga for the umpteenth bajillion time. Yesterday chronicled how Kane is dealing with fame. Judging by patterns and the way things are going, his next column should focus on how the Sabres suck and they all need to be ridden out of town on a rail. Predictability, thy name is Bucky.

– Non-hockey related, but Chris March from Project Runway is getting his own reality show. I hope it’s half as entertaining as the Austin & Santino show on Lifetime. Which, by the way, if you are not watching “On the Road with Austin & Santino,” you are missing quite the adventure. These two polar opposites design an incredible outfit for an incredibly deserving lady (usually residing in the middle of nowhere America) and are exposed to the local culture. They’re just so sincere and earnest in what they do. It’s a half an hour of the warm and fuzzies. That’s really the best way to describe it.

– Anyone want to start a pool on the number of skaters that New Jersey dresses tomorrow night? Do they break the magical 15 skater mark?


One comment

  1. Sort of makes you scratch your head eh? The message I’m getting is that either Wisniewski gives a nasty BJ or the league just doesn’t care about the safety of the players. What absolutely sickens me about the whole ordeal is that all the people celebrating the one year anniversary of the day they became fans over on the Hawk’s facebook page were swearing on their mother’s grave that it was a legal hit. These are the same fans, granted, that were on their knees begging for a suspension when Kronwall destroyed Havlat with a legal hit. The ignorance of Chicago’s fans has yet to let me down. What I would give to have Mrs. O’Leary’s cow back in that town.

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