Well, Finally

October 21, 2010

I knew those little stinkers would finally win a game. Despite the excitement of a winning hockey game, I fell asleep shortly after Vanek’s goal. Did I miss much? Yeah, didn’t think so. Now here’s a couple quick thoughts:

– You must look at the photo accompanying the game story in the hard copy of today’s TBN. Staffy looks like you just told him that he won the Stanley Cup and a Grammy on the same day, while Vanek appears to be passing a kidney stone.  It’s quite the ridiculous photo, but it’s making me smile.

– The empty seats in Atlanta were quite disheartening to see as a hockey fan. I’d still bet that the only reason the team is still around is because the league makes money off all the “Yankee” transplants coming to see their hometown team.

– I was quite saddened to see the Yankees win yesterday. I am not a Yankees fan (that’s what having a Mets fan for a father does to you) by any means, so I do delight in seeing them struggle. The ad geek in me knows that media buyers & advertisers would salivate over a Yanks/Giants World Series just because of the size of the media markets involved (not to mention the notoriety of the aforementioned Yankees), but I always root for the underdogs. So go Rangers! And that shall be the last time those words are even written on this blog.

– And I’m betting 5 games in the “how long will Rypien be suspended for” pool. Manhandling a fan – a paying customer – must rank slightly higher on Colie Campbell’s Wheel O’Justice that mimicked fellatio and head injuries, right?


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