Sabres vs. Sens

October 22, 2010

The Good

– Seeing my uncle wandering through the background of the pre-game sponsorship announcements. My family had a big LOL moment at that one.

– Goose FINALLY wearing a letter. I’m assuming that the Sabres are again implementing different letters for home and away, because the away photos from the past week do not show Goose wearing a letter. (The Sabres must own stock in Velcro letters if this is the case.)

– Timmy’s two goals. It’s good to see Timmy finally put the puck in the back of the net.

– The HSBC Arena crowd being loud and into the game (at least in the first period).

– The Hockey Fights Cancer tie. The pinky-purple color is gorgeous and is just subtle enough to speak for the cause without being all “hey, I’m a pink tie. I represent the cancer fight.” And Lindy makes it work by accessorizing the tie with a simple black coat & tie. It’s a very nice, classy look from Mr. Ruff.

The Decidedly Uncomfortable

– Danny Gare’s commercial with Cellino & Barnes. It’s just icky, uncomfortable, awkward & odd. I don’t know how else to describe it. I have a feeling though, that we’ll be seeing a lot more of that commercial before the season is out.

– Vanek’s hit from behind on Ruutu in the second period. I don’t care how much of a finger-biting snot Ruutu may be on the ice, there’s still no need for hits like that.

The Bad

– Rivet’s awkward smush into the boards during the third period. I’m beginning to think that his upper body is held together with nothing more that rubber bands and bubble gum. While he did come back to the game, his crawling around on the ice in pain was painful to watch.

– Tyler Myers. The kid has been a one man disaster since the season started. It’s not like he’s being intentionally bad or giving up, he’s just hitting a rough patch that’s getting longer and longer and rougher and rougher (kind of like the construction zone in the Wehrle Drive area). It’s almost getting to the point where “Tyler Myers gives up a turnover that leads to an opposition goal” can be added to the Sabres drinking game. (Not that such a thing exists, mind you.)

– Gretchen’s burlap ass-flap dress on last night’s Project Runway. Crunchy granola hipster aesthetic aside, was that flap there just in case you decided to stop at the grocery store on your way home and needed some place to put your purchases, having left your reusable bag at home? While that sounds implausible, what other reason could there be for building in a dangling ass-flap?

The Awesome

– This photo. I have to say that Miller doesn’t look half bad as a blonde. The photo is still hilarious and if that’s a sneak peak of what people can expect to see at the Catwalk for Charity, then the photo has definitely done its job.

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