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Sabres vs. Thrashers 2: Electric Bugaloo

October 29, 2010

– So word broke today that Jason Pominville failed his second neuropsych test today. Ruff & Pommers claim that the failures are due to Pommer setting the bar so high when he was a rookie, that perhaps there really is no way for him to match his score. Assuming you believe what Ruff and Pommers are trying to sell, the key phrase of their argument is  “when he was a rookie.” If we look at Pommer’s stats, his rookie season was 2005-06. I’m not a neurologist (nor do I play one on TV or the internet), but I would think that a person’s memory & skills do slightly change as time passes. Now, I don’t know how far off Pommers was from the pass/fail point, but it does bring up an important question. Why are players not given these neuropsych tests at the start of every training camp? It would provide the most current and up-to-date statistical measurement for each player, not to mention show if there were any trends in player decreases in scores as their careers continued. I know, I know. Who is going to foot the cost for this additional testing? The team? The player himself? The union? Your guess is as good as mine, but you would think that the league would want to make sure that they were dealing with the most accurate and up-to-date information while dealing with head injuries.

– With Rivet’s benching tonight, is it a desperate move to light a fire under the team, or a dastardly plot dreamed up by Ruff & Co to light a fire under the team?

– Any ideas on what poor unfortunate Sabre needed an emergency trip to Walgreens for a clipper to rectify a bad haircut? (Small note to the Sabres: double check Niedermayer’s first name in the opening paragraph.)

– It sounds like a very pro-Buffalo crowd in Atlanta tonight.

– Speaking of Atlanta, does anyone else watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta? If so, what did you think of this week’s baby shower episode? I’ve never seen a baby shower before that featured a ballet performance and a waltz by the mother of the baby and her BFF. As the one housewife remarked, what’s wrong with just sitting in a rocking chair, eating some cake and opening some presents?

– I do like Craig Ramsay’s attempt to festively celebrate Halloween by wearing the pumpkin colored shirt & tangerine colored tie combo. And as a bonus, it does follow a similar color theme to the sweater that Atlanta is wearing tonight.

– As the first period progresses, the Sabres have hit the net twice, but with the remainder of their shots, have managed to hit everything but the beer vendor in the section behind Mason. They’ve had shots wide, shots short, shots blocked and even just some dumb luck shots.

– I thought tonight’s intermission feature with Clint Malarchuk was well done. Kudos to the broadcast crew for straddling that fine line between emphasizing the horror of the event and showing gratuitous gore for the sake of showing see. (See: Anatomy, Greys for examples of gratuitous gore.) I did like the inclusion of Ledyard, Tucker & Andreychuk in the interview. It makes me wish that we would see players talking about happier memories of their time with the Sabres. We know Sabres alumni are usually engaging guys, the kind you’d want to sit and have a drink with and listen to. Why not let them have at it; a roundtable of 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s alumni could be a heck of a good show to watch. And on a final note, it was great to hear Ted Darling’s soothing tones on the air again. The man had class and could call a game, that’s for sure.

– Miller gets bumped by Ladd’s stick in the crease. He immediately takes off after Ladd to get a few whaps in. The ref pulls Miller away from the fray and with some stern finger pointing remininscent of a parent scolding a recalcitrant five-year-old. Because it happens fairly infrequently on the ice, fired-up angry, violent Miller is entertaining to watch. (This is a different Miller than the unhappy, protesting Miller we saw the other night.)

– While we’re speaking of angry and cranky, you’ve no doubt noticed the glut of political ads on TV lately. And most of them do have a negative tone. However, I did stumble across this link on EW to a mockup of political TV ads from the Presidential Election of 1800. (Assuming of course that TV existed in 1800, which it clearly did not.) The best part about the whole thing is that all of the “attacks”  in the ad were based off of things that they candidates actually said about their opponent. They kind of make todays ads appear tame by comparison, right?

– I’m beginning to think that “Gaustad couldn’t connect / Gautad shoots it wide” needs to be added to the Sabres drinking game. Seriously, he’s missed about 95% of the pucks that have come his way tonight. Including the one that led to the Thrashers third goal.

– I’ve never seen a player take a shot to the head like Gerbe did and bound up so quickly. I hope it’s just a small stinger and nothing too serious. It is kind of strange that the tallest person on the team was responsible for the shot that took out the smallest person on the team.

– I noticed that the wheels started to come off the Sabres wagon when Miller flipped his lid. I wonder why it is that the Sabres can’t keep their calm & composure once Miller loses his. I don’t understand it. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with trying to find the reason behind it.

– So Roy-Z’s last second goal in the third period brought me back to the days when goals like that were the norm. Remember those days? Where every odd bounce, wacky shot, sneeze, fart and deflection was in the Sabres favor? Yea, me too. Le sigh.

– I’m not quite hopping on the ‘Fire Them All’ bandwagon quite yet, but it’s getting to the point where watching Sabres games is downright painful. As someone wise once said, that shit ain’t right.