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Happy Anniversary, Sabres!

October 15, 2010

Love the Flintstones.  They don’t make cartoons like that anymore.

– There’s a slight delay in getting the sound to work on the HD channel for tonight’s game. I do not understand why there is such difficulty every night in getting the sound to sync up. It’s not like they don’t know that the game is happening.

– I love, love, LOVE that we get to see the anthems tonight. I wish we would get see them every night. cough THAT’S A HINT, SABRES! cough. I know the only reason that we’re seeing them is because of the special nature of the night, but really, if HNiC can show the anthems, why can’t MSG. I’ll gladly give up K-Syl’s pregame blather if it means we can at least get a brief moment of showing respect for our country.

– One more rant…those pregame ceremonies were such a letdown. It’s the 40th anniversary of the franchise and all we do is recreate a face off and have one more to celebrate the next 40 years. Where’s the parade of Sabres alumni? Where’s a discussion of the greatest team moments? Why trot out Rick Azar if he’s not going to do anything? C’mon, that was pathetic. As Mike Harrington pointed out on Twitter the other day, The Buffalo News has done more to commemorate the anniversary than the Sabres have done. It’s almost a joke at this point.

– Why did no one think of giving Montador a box to stand on while filming the Green Team ads? When the camera pulls back for a long shot of Gaustad & Montador, it is notable how much shorter Montador is than the Goose. I’m just saying…

– I have to stop myself from listening to the leaked footage of The Rocky Horror Glee Show. I want to be surprised when the episode comes on in two weeks.

– While returning from a break, the broadcast shares with us Milt Ellis announcing a penalty on Gaustad. Ellis’ voice sounds a bit gravelly, but it still has that gravitas that a PA announcer voice must maintain.

– After the end of the first, neither the Habs nor the Sabres have scored. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. But at least they’re trying.

– I can tell that it’s going to be that kind of season when the first Montreal goal rolls off Butler’s foot into the net. If it weren’t for bad luck, the Sabres would have no luck at all.

– Am I missing something or is their currently no way to comment on TBN blogs? I see I can “like” them, I can “tweet” them, but I cannot comment on them. (Of course, I wouldn’t be able to comment since I haven’t registered, but it’s still fun to read others comments.) If I’m late to the party on noticing this, just embrace the fact that I showed up at all.

– Since the Sabres are less than inspiring tonight, I have moved on to browsing Cake Wrecks. Now I want cake. I have no cake. I get cake at the office this week, but that doesn’t help me now.

– RJ shares (almost overshares) that he was so happy that Dave Hannan ended the game against the Devils in 1994 because he had to go to the bathroom really, really badly. This is what the game has come to at this point: potty stories.

– I have to wonder if the reason the Sabres are so woeful lately is because they lost Pominville, who apparently might just be the entire key to The System. Better yet, what if Jason Pominville is The System. Think about it. Have you ever seen Pominville and The System in the same place at the same time? Hmmm? Yes, that’s what this game has done to my brain. It’s driven it around the bend and off the cliff.

– After Roy scores the Sabres first goal, Ray says that if Roy hadn’t scored on his second attempt at the net, he might have curled up on the ice and cried. There are so many directions I can go with this statement that I don’t even know where to begin.

– The fact that the picture froze in the final seconds of the Sabres game is a nice bookend to this game. The steaming pile of ish that was this game is sandwiched between audio & video difficulties. Awesome Sabres. Way to go. Way to honor 40 years of history tonight.



October 14, 2010

I know after last night’s drabalicious Sabres game, we can all use a little fun in our lives. So I come bearing fun. At least momentary fun.

You guys remember Burger King’s subservient chicken campaign? Well, another company is trying a similar concept, but this time, with vignettes. Go ahead, make the bear and hunter do whatever you want them to do. Try and stump it, it’s worth it only for the error message you get.

Linky thingy to YouTube.

I think “plays” is my favorite. “Drinks” might be a close second if only because it’s so completely random.

There will be hockey content soon, I promise.


Some Things

October 13, 2010

– Watching paint dry might have been slightly more entertaining than this game. A 1-0 game is the worst bit of soul killing hockey, especially when one team does not get a lot of shots off to start the game.

I’m looking at you there, Sabres. There’s this thing called a puck, and you use that long thing with the blade on the end called a stick, to shoot the puck past that large overly padded man standing in front of that mesh net. It’s not as hard as I’m making it seem. Remember that old adage that shots create scoring chances? If not, stitch it on a sampler and hang it in the locker room.

There. I’ve said my almost snarky piece.

– The team owes Miller for even keeping them in the game. The Devils had some good chances, but if not for Miller in the net, the score would have been higher than 1-0.

– Work has been insane lately and I needed a good game to get my mind off the mishegas that is my desk and my to-do list. This game did not deliver. Can I get a refund on my time spent watching this?

– Someone really needs to tell Kaleta that headbutting will get him nowhere. It just pisses off fans and players. Act like the grown up, agitating, respectful hockey player I know you are.


Wheel of Justice, Turn Turn Turn

October 12, 2010

– For those of you playing along at home, mimicking fellatio during an NHL game is the equivalent of a nasty hit from behind that renders another player unconscious. It makes no freaking sense, but ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the NHL wheel of justice, brought to you by Colin Campbell and your friends at the home office in Toronto.

I know that Wisniewski had to be suspended or punished in some form because a non-family friendly gesture is not appreciated in sports (as hilarious as it was at the time). But I’m surprised that Hjalmarsson was only given two games. He should have been given at least three or four. I do have a feeling that if (god forbid) Pommers had been hurt worse, that the suspension would have increased exponentially. However, by stepping up to the plate and suspending Hjalmarsson, I think the NHL has attempted to avoid some of the wild, wild west mentality that might have popped up during Saturday night’s Sabres/Blackhawks rematch.

– Speaking of wild west, did anyone else notice that Kane and Kaleta were particularly snarly towards each other last night? There has to be a story there.

– Was anyone else surprised that Connolly was the first Sabre to rush to Pominville’s defense? Yeah, me too.

– I know there’s a Bucky boycott in some parts of the blogosphere, so I know not everyone is aware of his latest writings. After reading his last two columns, I have a feeling that Bucky has a satellite office in South Buffalo. Sunday rehashed the Kennedy saga for the umpteenth bajillion time. Yesterday chronicled how Kane is dealing with fame. Judging by patterns and the way things are going, his next column should focus on how the Sabres suck and they all need to be ridden out of town on a rail. Predictability, thy name is Bucky.

– Non-hockey related, but Chris March from Project Runway is getting his own reality show. I hope it’s half as entertaining as the Austin & Santino show on Lifetime. Which, by the way, if you are not watching “On the Road with Austin & Santino,” you are missing quite the adventure. These two polar opposites design an incredible outfit for an incredibly deserving lady (usually residing in the middle of nowhere America) and are exposed to the local culture. They’re just so sincere and earnest in what they do. It’s a half an hour of the warm and fuzzies. That’s really the best way to describe it.

– Anyone want to start a pool on the number of skaters that New Jersey dresses tomorrow night? Do they break the magical 15 skater mark?


First Home Game and First Blog of the Season

October 9, 2010

So after being under the weather for yesterday’s Sabres/Sens game (nasty, nasty sinus headache that knocked me on my arse for most of the day), I decided to save game blogging for today, when I am slightly more coherent.

– After Katebits and Heather B’s discussion regarding the use of “Climb Every Mountain” as the new Sabres goal song, I have another idea that might be just as bizarre (and with a very high annoyance potential as well). Why not use Maxwell the Geico Pig’s WHEEEEE! as the post-goal celebration? I’m sure we’d all be volunteering to stab ourselves in the eardrums after 41 games of it, but for a game or two, it would be pretty cool.

– Moving on to another YouTube find, I’ve fallen in love with this Sesame Street parody of the Old Spice commercials. I think it’s the “moo” at the end that makes it art. Kudos to Sesame Street for stepping up and making a nice parody.

– While driving in to the office on Thursday, I caught most of Tyler Myers interview with Janet and Nick on Kiss. I commend Tyler for not giving in to Janet’s whining and hopping into the heart shaped hot tub in the studio for a photo op. If I had to make a bet, I’m sure Mike Gilbert was probably in the background emphatically shaking his head “no” as Janet was making her request.

Myers also discussed his current living situation. Right now, the two Tylers are currently rooming together, but Ennis constantly needs to be reminded to turn the lights off as they leave Chez Tyler. Myers grandparents will also be attending the first four home games, and Janet & Nick made sure to remind Myers to pick up a copy of Thursday’s paper so that she could have a copy of the Sabres preview section with the very nice write up about her grandson.

– Roby looks fantastic! Good to see him back on the broadcast tonight! I’ve missed his snarky battles with Rob Ray.

– My office is having a Halloween costume contest. I’m debating whether to dress up, and if I do, would a puckbunny outfit be made into something office appropriate? I was thinking that a jersey, leggings, short skirt and uggs would do the job nicely, with a sign saying “smile for me [Player Name].” I would go with “meet me behind the zamboni, [Player Name],” but that’s not office appropriate.

– The pregame video looks nice, and someone clearly spent a lot of time integrating hockey and pop culture for each era, but why was the broadcast not given a copy of the video so the fans at home could watch it without the sound & picture being filtered through an arena camera? That’s all sorts of cheesy.

– During player introductions, Chris Butler has a look on his face that could best be labeled as “Sabretooth ran over my dog in the lobby.” I love that the biggest rounds of applause were for Myers, Miller and Lindy. And if some poor soul that didn’t know the Sabres had turned on the game, they would probably wonder why poor sweet little Goose was getting booed.

– And speaking of Goose, is it me, or does he appear on the verge of laughter during the new Green Team video?

– This has not been a good night for Tyler Myers. First, the first Rangers goal goes off his foot. Then, he falls down behind the Sabres net, which leads to the Rangers second goal. This is not a good start to the game.

– I feel like I’m preaching to the choir here, but there’s something about tonight’s HD broadcast that feels a bit off. The sound on the HD channel is quieter than the sound on the regular HD channel, and the picture has a bit of that “dirty fishbowl” vibe to it. It’s not as crisp and clear of a picture as we’re used to seeing on HD broadcasts.

– Marc Staal is interviewed by Rob Ray at the end of the first period. Staal’s hair is two shades of brown and it’s not an attractive look on him. It makes him look patchy.

– Tonight’s FAIL is brought to you by the worldwide leader. Take a look at the playoff matchup stats on the header of the page.

Last time I checked, neither of those two teams were leading their series by the margin listed. Nice work, ESPN!

– After Leopold scores the first Sabres goal, a quick shot of the Rangers bench shows Torts looking less than amused like he wants to eat babies. Then again, I’ve never seen Torts as the warm and fuzzy type.

– Can someone please give Myers a beer or six during the intermission to calm him down and remove his jitters? Dude has been BRUTAL tonight.

– Scratch that, the ENTIRE fricking team has been brutal tonight. Stepan has a hat trick and the game isn’t even through the second period when it happens. Did the entire Sabres team leave their talent behind on a jetway in Ottawa?

– It’s always good to hear the team booed at the first home game of the season.

– In unrelated news, Royal Pains is back on Thursdays in January. Just what my DVR needs, another show on Thursdays. I’m sure by then Project Runway will be back on with a new season and then there’s Greys Anatomy. Not to mention hockey. That sound you’ll be hearing will be my DVR going blooey.

– The MSG commercial for Boomer and whatever the other guy’s name is with the air horn is getting my vote for the most annoying commercial in the history of bad sports commercials. If Sabres fans have to deal with 82 games of that, people will get twitchy.

– I can’t even tell what Sabres are giving an eff tonight. There seems to be a general apathy, malaise, lack of legs, too much cheese from the spaghetti parm in their bellies, whatever you want to call it, amongst the boys. If they’re like this on game two, then what will they be like at game fifty-three?

– Hmm. The third Sabres goal has got me thinking about goal songs again. What about “Bust a Move”? Most of the Sabres are children of the 80s; I’m sure they’d appreciate the classic rap song. (But please, no “Baby Got Back.” We must remain classy at the game. Blast that in the locker room if you must.)

– Two questions that I’ve always wanted to know the answers to:

  • If Miller and Lalime were to both get hit by a bus in the same game, who is the Sabres emergency goaltender? Does someone have to strap on the pads or would the Sabres have to forfeit?
  • What is James Patrick wired in to?

– Oh good, Goose puts the cherry on this ice cream sundae of a game by getting thrown out for unsportmanlike conduct after the Rangers sixth goal. The TV broadcast never showed us what he did. I’m assuming he cracked a stick somewhere he shouldn’t have? I hate when penalties are announced for things that we never see.


One Week Away!

October 1, 2010

Happy Hocktober, my friends! The Sabres season opener is just one week away! Can you feel the excitement in the air? The crisp, clean fall air is filled with the sounds of skates & sticks. The smell of clean ice mingles with the smells of fall, like pumpkins, apples & squash.

– The NHL debuted it’s new “Questions Will Become Answers” individual player ads today. Surprisingly, Ryan Miller is included, as the NHL finally bought a clue and included a well respected, thoughtful, eloquent athlete not named Sidney or Alex and one not playing for a team in a major market. I love the concept of Miller testing his reflexes with the tennis balls, as it shows just how good he is. (I would have clocked myself in the head several times over if I had to peform the tennis ball trick.) The whipping of the tennis ball at the camera indicates a subtle “eff you” towards all the haters and doubters out there. It’s a nice touch to close the ad. Kudos to the NHL and their agency for creating some very nice spots.

– Bucky chimes in with a “Drew Stafford has had a come to Jesus moment and promises to remove his head from his sphincter and play hockey this year.” All I can say is that the Staffy-phiphany had better stick or there will be a lot of fans ready to put him on the first bus to anywhere but here.

– SI looks at the league’s sudden wave of wee little baby defensemen. The author provides a particularly memorable image of the younger defensemen being likely to remember lyrics to the Barney theme song if sufficiently bribed or threatened. Why does that sound like something out of a team hazing activity, that a rookie has to sing childhood songs like ones from Barney, Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. (Oh wait, that was my childhood. Minus the Barney. Barney was after my time.) C’mon, can’t you imagine Tyler Ennis or another Sabres rookie having to put on a locker room performance of “The Ladybugs Picnic” or “Dance Myself to Sleep“?

But I digress. The article is full of praise for Myers, including a comment from Harry Sinden about how Myers always gets back to the defensive zone in time, just like Bobby Orr. To be compared to one of the greatest – if not the greatest – defensemen in the game is very high praise indeed, and just shows how well thought of Myers is around the league.

– On an unrelated note, does anyone else want to just give a great big hug to Mondo from Project Runway? Holy moses, he’s growing on me more and more. I’m not going to spoil this week’s episode, but dude, what a guy. I may not be able to wear his clothes and may not always “get” his designs, but there’s no doubt that the man is talented. He is my pick to win it all.

– I’m glad to see that MLB bought a clue (with the help of Chevrolet) and will be starting Game 3 of the World Series before 7pm. Starting the game early is a great way to increase the audience for the game, however, if there was a game where starting early would make the least sense, Saturday would be it. Why not make it a weeknight, where little Johnny or little Susie can watch a couple innings before they have to go to bed in order to be alert for school the next day? That’s how you grow audiences and fans. My dad waxes poetic about the days where he would come home from school and be able to watch the baseball playoffs. Kids today miss out on that. The games start late and with a lot of kids having to be on the bus so early, there’s a missed opportunity to grow the fanbase.

– Finally, why are these people beating on poor Sabretooth? What has he done to deserve such treatment? We also should use this photo as an example of “Why Thundersticks Are a No Good, Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Idea.”