I’m Back!

November 13, 2010

– Blahblahblah work is picking up, on the road for a couple days, lost my blogging mojo blahblahblahblah. But I’m back!

– I was reading some of the coverage this week regarding the anniversary of Pelle Lindbergh’s death. I found it interesting not only that the team had a bar over its practice facility, but also that one of Lindbergh’s teammates is now a minister at a church in Clarence. It really is a small world.

While we’re talking about drunk driving, a racing forum I frequent mentioned that NFL players have access to a designated driver & car fetch service at all times, with no questions asked by either the team/league. Does the NHL have something like that available for its players, or are they all responsible for finding their own DD’s/calling a cab/booking a hotel room once they are too inebriated to drive?

– The pregame ceremony honoring Mike Grier was a nice way to start the game. I loved the nice little video the Sabres put together with words of congrats from former & current teammates. I did think it was adorable that Pommers chose to address him as “Michael,” while the rest of the gang (Miller, Goose & Rivet) chose to address him as “Griersy.” And his kids are quite precious.

– Good to finally see Thomas Vanek back and scoring goals. And beautiful, beautiful goals at that. The pure joy on his face – and his teammates faces – when the puck went in was so nice to see. I feel like that for as much as we the fans are hard on Vanek, that he’s 1,000 times harder on himself. Now he should just relax and rest up and enjoy things before the birth of his twins (which, if his website is anything to go by, are scheduled to arrive on Monday.)

– Before the game, I purchased my tickets to my annual bit of culture – going to see the BPO’s Holiday Pops show. There is a time and a place for holiday fun and frolic, and December is just that time. (Do you hear me, Wegmans? I should not be hearing Christmas carols while I’m waiting in line at the deli. Not that that happened to me today or anything.)

– How can you live in Western New York and NOT know that the red flowers that the broadcast crew is sporting are poppies and signify remembrance? That makes me sad. Look up “In Flanders Fields” on Wiki for further details.

– One last thought, what is with those huge rope/plastic/bead necklaces that some of the players are wearing? I noticed Roy’s tonight during his postgame interview. Are they supermagical healing necklaces or the next fashion trend?

One comment

  1. I didn’t notice Roy-Z’s but a lot of baseball players were wearing plastic or braided rope necklaces in the World Series this year so I looked them up. They’re have titanium in them and they’re allegedly good for energy levels, fatigue, muscle stress etc. No idea if there’s any merit to them but they seem pretty popular.


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