“I’m Not Into Whimsy”

November 15, 2010

Tonight’s blog title courtesy of everyone’s favorite cranky curmudgeon, Mike Robitaille.

– Ryan Kesler, honey, we need to have a little chat. I know you’re on my fantasy hockey team, and you wanted to remind me of your presence on the ice tonight, but no need to give me a shoutout by bouncing your head off the crossbar. That is not a Shots Off the Crossbar approved shoutout. I don’t care that you appear to have no problem posing in just your underpants,  just please don’t bounce your head off the crossbar again. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.)

– The crowd seemed much noisier tonight than in previous games. Was it a mix of loud Canadian fans? The value ticket pricing? An energized crowd with a team that’s actually playing  like it gives a hoot? Who knows, but it’s good to be able to clearly hear the crowd in the background behind RJ & Harry. Too many times this year, HSBC has been as quiet as a tomb.

– If I were Mrs. Vanek, I’d be dangerously close to injuring Rob Ray due to tonight’s broadcast. How many comments did Ray make about her husband getting a good night sleep now that the twins arrived? Hardyhar. I know Ray has kids, so he can joke about it from a place of experience, but the woman just evacuated two tiny humans from her body and has a toddler at home. Let her and her hubby enjoy the moment before you start snarking at them. And on a related note, I love the names the Vaneks chose for their children. They’re common, but unique at the same time, if that makes any sense. There’s not a lot of kids named Luka or Kade running around on the playground these days.

– With that game winning goal, Tyler Myers officially redeems himself for all of the times he fell down earlier this season and caused opposition goals. His winning goal was just a thing of beauty, and I’m sure some poor Canuck is going to hear all about how you can’t not cover the big 6’7 guy in the middle of the ice. What a great ending to an exciting overtime period. Both teams had great chances until Tyler stepped up and said eff this and ended the game.

– During the postgame celebration, did anyone else notice Lalime jumping up and down, like he was engaging in his own version of a potty dance?

One comment

  1. the game last night was super fun. It was very loud and there were heaps of Canucks fans there. I had a wonderful time..

    the atmosphere during the OT was unreal. WOW.

    And I was cracking up at Lalime during the end-game high-fiving and such. He always does a little dance when they win, but it seemed off the hook last night. Emotions were high all around. It was a beautiful thing.

    Speaking of beautiful things, how about that photo of Mr. Kesler? Mmmmmhmmm yeah I’m down with that. He’s on my fantasy team too.. 🙂

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