Miscellaneous Saturday Night Thoughts

November 27, 2010

– While driving down the 33 this morning, I noticed that a Canisius billboard appeared directly before a LeMoyne board. Is there a Jesuit college holy war about to break out over the hearts & minds of Buffalo’s college-age youth? I know Jesuit schools stick together most of the time, but this is particularly amusing to see as one drives down the 33.

– Not to continue to beat the dead horse that is Timmy Connolly facial injury situation, but I’m intrigued by the little blurb in today’s news about Timmy fleeing upon seeing the media enter the public area of the locker room. He was given a perfect opportunity to step up and give his side of the story. Why didn’t he? Was he stifled by management and told to keep his yap shut? Is TBN including this to show “hey,we tried?” My word Timmy, what happened is embarrassing, not illegal or criminal. Cowboy up and say something…if you can.

– I noticed during last night’s game that the Cellino & Barnes dasherboard changes for the third period to reveal the answer to their trivia question. That’s a pretty involved promo that C&B’s marketing folks have worked out; when you consider the cost of the tickets, the on-air promos, the dasher board changes, etc. It’s a great idea with strong implementation, even if the trivia clues are pretty easy.

– Dear MSG: you showed us the anthems tonight. Good network. “Oh Canada” is beautiful with the French interludes. Please continue to show us the anthems during broadcasts.

– Was I hallucinating during the first period or was the Montreal organist playing some version of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountains When She Comes?”

– Dear Sabres: please, please, please for the love of everything holy, clear those guys wearing the sweaters that don’t match yours out of the goal crease. Miller doesn’t look good smushed or splatted or anything like that. Same thing goes for when Lalime & Enroth are playing, too.

– Speaking of Miller, he was pretty hot tonight. This is one of those nights where his teammates let him down.

– I’m pretty sure that Sekera just wishes he could have a do-over on tonight’s game. His oopsies (puck over the glass and pinching in) both led to Habs goals. C’mon, Reggie, you’re better than this.

– RJ seems a bit snarky tonight, what with calling Subban “heroic” for knocking down Gerbe.

– Gerbe and Cammalleri scrap towards the end of the second period. It’s comical because Cammalleri isn’t exactly a hulking brute of a guy and yet Gerbe still looks like Scrappy Doo going after an opponent.

– I still cannot get over the fact that Alec Freaking Baldwin is in a Wegmans commercial.

– The Black Eyed Peas are a bunch of talented individuals, but do they really need to borrow from Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes for their newest song?

– Uninspiring game. Uninspiring post. Maybe tomorrow’s Bills game will be better?

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