Airing My Grievances

December 23, 2010

First off, these gentlemen that dare call themselves hockey players ruined the joy that was the last day at work before a 10-day Christmas vacation. Did I mention it was also Sombrero Thursday at the office? Losing tonight ruined Sombrero Thursday. That is unacceptable. (Sombrero Thursday is the office equivalent of Rex Manning Day. You don’t ruin Rex Manning Day.)

I’m mad that these guys blew Miller’s shot at his 200th win. And winning it on home ice would have been nice. Hell, I’m mad that Miller blew his own shot at his 200th win in front of the home crowd.

If the Sabres are going to stand around and watch the Florida players outwork them in front of Miller, then they are more than willing to come to my living room and stand around and assist me in the wrapping of Christmas presents tomorrow. Better yet, they can go to Wegmans for me. Both will involve copious amounts of standing around. At least with me, they might be useful.

If Crunchy is going to whiff on a couple goals, then fine. He can whiff all he wants, but not on a night when the idiots in front of him don’t give a honk. Whiffing and indifference from the skaters cannot happen on the same night.

Non grievance: I did like the comeback tonight. Too bad it was all for naught.

I hate badly refereed games.

And cliched locker room interviews. Just speak your mind and worry about what the PR guy says later (within reason of course.)

I do not like that there are no Sabres on Twitter. This needs to be rectified immediately. Is it the fact that they have to interact with the fans and pull their heads out of their arses? Is it that they can’t handle the criticism? Is it the fans being “mean” to them? Has the team put a moratorium on usage of The Twitter? I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the witty BizNasty, Bobby Ryan and Joffrey Lupul until the Sabres decide to tweet.

I’m annoyed that ABC is re-running a General Hospital from 2007 tomorrow. Nothing says Merry Freaking Christmas like a shootout. Ho hum.

I’m irked that we’ve wasted time discussing Rex Ryan and his wife’s personal life. More power to them for having frisky time, but don’t put it on YouTube.

I hate that the late, late game (San Jose) from the upcoming road/home/road trip happens after I am back at work. Do you know how difficult it is to do a 10:30pm start when you work the next day?

I’m ticked that Dirty Jobs has been airing clip shows with a few minutes of new footage or some random Mike Rowe popups and has them labeled as “new” episodes.

I’m still angry that in this day and age CBS hasn’t figured out that when they have a 4pm football game, they should move the start of 60 Minutes to at least 7:30 so as not to mess with the DVRs of dedicated Amazing Race fans.

One comment

  1. Amy, Heather and I always hate the uncertainty with The Amazing Race during football season. You have to plan your life around checking on CBS every 15 minutes or so, or setting your watch to when the football game ends.

    Nice work on the grievances!

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