Sabres vs. Islanders: A Story in Pictures

January 16, 2011

There were some really good photos taken at last night’s Sabres/Isles game. Please click on the captioned link to go and see the photo in question on ESPN.com.

Won’t someone be Lalime’s friend and save him from the oompa-loompa-y looking lady standing next to him?

Oh F*$#! I just killed Miller. Now they’re going to send me back to Portland. I’ll never see the NHL again.

Instead of a teddy bear, Miller sleeps with a goal stick. I wonder if he was actually knocked out or was he just taking a moment to catch his breathe and re-orient himself again?

Please tell me someone else sees the humor behind a flight of stairs being labeled “No Exit.” Where else would a staircase lead you?

No Tyler, I don’t think holding your breath until the Sabres win is a viable strategy.

Sweet Jesus at the craft store, how difficult is it to spell Niedermayer correctly? This is the second game that the spell check has failed for Rob. If I were him, I’d be worried that this was a sign that I would be shipped out of town soon for a manatee that could play the third line.


  1. The oompa loompa is a bit scary, isn’t she?

    The “No Exit” is quite amusing.. where do those stairs lead, I wonder? TO the stars? Oh wait, we’re at Nassau Coliseum- that place is a DUMP. It’s really old and dingy and ghetto looking- which is absurd because it’s on frickin Long Island- where you can practically smell the money. (one plus to going to a game there- tix are pretty cheap, and parking is just $7- AT the arena.)

    Poor Niedermayer, he really isn’t getting it done.

    That pic of Myers is funny- reminds me of the game on Tuesday against the Flyers- we had a collision right in front of where I sit (2 rows behind the glass)- I can’t remember who it was but I wish I had been able to capture their faces because they made the funniest expressions!

  2. I like the pic of Miller and his stick. At that point he seems to be seriously contemplating a career change.

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